185px-Loki Avengers


"But you mean nothing to me"

-Loki to Erik Lehnsherr

Loki is part Frost Giant and servant of Sauron. He was played in The War on Middle-Earth by Ivar-Jedi.

Loki much desires to overthrow his Brother Thor and reclaim his rightful (to him) throne of Asgard and rule his world. He has a craving for the Tesseract.


The War on Middle-EarthEdit

Long after his defeat at the Hands of the Avengers, Loki joined the Army of Saruman to seek out the One Ring. During his wait for Gandalf to arrive in the Shire, Loki spend most time getting to know the company he was going to travel with. He especially had chemisty with Daesha Tualin and Haldir, and sometimes querreld with Nute Gunray and General Grievous. During the journey to the Misty Mountains, Loki very much enjoyed watching the enviroment of Middle-Earth. At the Misty Mountains, he was selected by Gandalf's Comapny to be fed to the Goblin King II. But Loki was not swallowed but left to die under a pile of wreckage. He was freed by Sauron and the two set out to kill Gandalf. Loki challenged Gandalf to a dual and won. But Gandalf ordered his men to kill Loki. Just as the Witch-King of Angmar was about to kill Loki, Sauron stabbed and killed him. Sauron and Loki then forced all companions off a cliff.

The Sith Temple Game Edit

Loki led the Chuitari to Battle at Hogwarts to find the One Ring. His final fate is not shown but he is presumed dead.

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