Lucto Kamani

Lucto Kamani is a playable character in Ivar-Jedi's epic "Rise of The Jedi Knight" He was portrayed by Darth Namialus


Lucto is a young pilot in the Rebel Alliance. After the death of his father during the battle of Liffle, Lucto took command of the Rebel Troopers his father was leading and drove the outnumbered Imperial Troopers away. 

After his father's funeral Lucto stayed on Liffle to try and de-code several Imperial computer before the Empire would strike back. But they were suprised when no other then Darth Sidious arrived and 'took care' of them all. Lucto and 3 of his troopers escaped on a speeder and barely survived the 3 days in the ice cold nothingness of the planet before being found by The Fire Skeleton and a pack of Snowspeeders. 

Rise of The Jedi KnightEdit

Lucto Kamani was the first person in the entire game to be voted off. He was arrested and brought to a holding cell to await further qeustion about his loyalty. Before they could question him though, he panicked and accidently broke a gas pipe in his cell and died to exposure. He was later proven Loyal. The cause of his death was confirmed two days later. 

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