Mace Windu was a human jedi master who, so far, has only
Mace Windu

Mace Windu

appeared in one Ambush Game. Mace Windu was potrayed by Gamma in the Jedi Temple Game . Unfortanately, he didn't make it far. He made a cameo appearance in Rise of The Infiltrators.

Jedi Temple GameEdit

Mace Windu awoke to a large explosion in the jedi temple one day. Him and 6 others raced down to the main hall to find Yoda waiting for them. Yoda announced that there were sith among them and they wanted to kill off all of the jedi. Yoda then told them that they would vote one jedi off each day until all of the sith had been found. Being a jedi and the Inspector for the jedi, Mace knew that he had to do good. But heavy suspicion was formed around him and Kit Fisto on the first day. Both were actually jedi, but only the sith knew this. Mace was then voted off and sent to prison, where he was interrogated. Later, he told the jedi that he was the "edge to their sword" because of his importance as their Inspector.

Rise of The InfiltratorsEdit

Mace Windu makes a small cameo appearance during the Prologue of the second "Rise" game. Hosted by Ivar-Jedi. He's killed off screen by Anakin and Darth Sidious before the beginning of Order 66. 

Rise of The RedemptionEdit

Mace Windu appears in Ivar-Jedi's series "Rise of The Redemption" as a recurring Jedi Council Member. 

Secrets of the ForceEdit

2013-10-16 18.39.46

Mace in Secrets of the Force.

Mace Windu will be a playable character in Secrets of the Force.

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