Makk Ang

The avatar to represent Makk Ang

Makk Ang, (often miswritten as Maak Ang,) was a character in the second game played on the Ambush Guide called Hunting the Hunters.


She arrived a day late to the bounty hunters’ meeting due to trouble with Separatist patrols near Onderon, where she and her brother Jakk had just delivered illegal blasters to the local rebels. Although Makk was really a smuggler, she occasionally worked as a bounty hunter, and this gig with Spudlo was
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Makk Ang

her chance to break into the big time.

With only a tiny holdout blaster tucked into one of her boots, Makk might not have looked dangerous, however, she actually possessed several deadly abilities. Most used was her great skill as a ship’s gunner, as well as formidable science and technology knowledge paired with the ability to jury-rig practically anything. To accomplish her occasional bounty hunter type jobs, Makk would booby-trap communicators or other equipment. In her spare time she reprograms and fixes droids, her labor of love being the super battle droid that serves as her and Jakk’s butler.

However, her late arrival was a cause for suspicion from the other bounty hunters, suspicion that only grew when Embo snuck aboard her ship the Alaina May and found the murder weapon from the night before. Also, her more formal way of speaking seemed to arouse the suspicions of some of the others.

Makk knew she had been framed and made sure afterwards to always use the anti-intruder devices that she had installed on the Alaina May.

In addition to drinking many Ondo Lavas, Makk spent her time talking with the other bounty hunters and fixing her ship, along with a pair of MSE Droids named Pip and Pop.

Even though she survived to complete the mission, the experience caused her to decide to remain a smuggler with Jakk, rather than pursue a bounty hunting career.


Makk will return in Potato's next game The Tale of Omega. She will be playable and is reserved by Siblings.


Makk Ang's name comes from the television character Angus MacGyver, who was often called Mac by his friends. This also explains her affinity for fixing things.

Her MSE droids are named after the characters Pip and Pop from the show Bear in the Big Blue House.

The reprogrammed super battle droid that serves as Makk and Jakk's butler aboard the Alaina May is named Fred.