Manhunt is the fourth episode in Ivar-Jedi's "Rise of The Redemption" and is also the fourth episode of Season 1. 

It aired on June 22 alongside An Endangered Escort


After discovering the location of Count Dooku, Ravi-Idej and the Crew of The Redemption race towards him and a wild manhunt begins...

Full PlotEdit


Characters And LocationsEdit

  • Ravi-Idej
  • The Fire Skeleton
  • Cyborg
  • Darren Ratta (Wiz-Man 2.0) 
  • Cameron Darkrider
  • Avery Thornston
  • Natalie Shaw
  • Bogore Harris
  • Daniel Flox
  • Nalyal Dagget
  • Talia Tate
  • Zorrus Blake
  • Fierce
  • Evangeline Muran (Introduction)
  • Count Dooku
  • Haracus (The Loyal Gaurd)
  • Battle Droids
  • Cormellian Gaurds
  • Cormellian Bartender
  • Cormellians


  • The Redemption
  • Tatooine
  • Cormellia
  • Cormellian Cantina
  • Cormellian Palace


The Episode was well recieved with an 8/10 and Spider even calling it his favorite episode [so far] and later gaining an 8.5 from Starwarrior. 

It recieved in total an 8.3/10


  • This is the first episode to include Count Dooku and an actual Sith Lord. 
  • This is also the first episode to include seperatists on screen.
  • This will be the first episode to feature Ravi's love interest for the series, Evangeline Muran. 
  • A custom Cantina set was build by Ivar for this episode. 
  • A custom Palace set was build by Ivar for this episode and will be used in all episodes featuring Cormellia.

Episode GalleryEdit

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