Maria Vedge was a farmer, mother, and native to the outer rim world of Zarbon.

Tato (right) with his mom Maria (left)

Maria was the mother of Tato Vedge. Together, the two owned a farm and a small amount of land on Zarbon. They lived peaceful everyday lives for much of both their lives. That is until one day when a group of clones, lead by an old man, requested to stay at their farm for a day. Maria was about to say no to them, but Tato told her that they should let them stay, so she did let them. After they left the next morning, an army of Separatist battle droids lead by Vees Snappa came to the farm. Snappa asked where the clones were, but Maria said she didn't know. She then told Tato to run. She was then killed by Snappa, getting a lightsaber slash to the chest.

After DeathEdit

Snappa and the droids didn't bother dealing with Tato, they just moved on after the clones instead. Tato later joined up with the surviving clones after they fought against the droids.

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