Maverick is a player of the  The Ambush Games and the creator of the Dimension Chase. He first played IG-88 in the Haters of the Jedi game.  After that, he quit the games, but came back to Ivar's Rise of The Infiltrators as Cyborg P03-N1X and won as the Loyal Inspector and went on to win Spider's The War on Middle-Earth as Jabba the Hutt, the Loyal Suicider.  He then played  Commander Fox as the Loyal Seeker in Potato's The Tale of Omega. He  also devised a "Prototype" game which is similar to the Ambush Games, but revolves around good and bad choices instead. The prototype game was played between Ivar's and Spider's games. He was the host of the prototype, along with its sequel. Dimension Chase II: The Darkest Soul.  So far he has played almost every game succeeding Rise of the Infiltrators, including a mini game or two. He even hosted a game of his own, called Maverick Marshalls.

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Maverick joined star when season 4 started and enjoyed many months commenting, but had to stop commenting for a while because he would be on holiday.  After coming back from his holiday he found out while he was away that Potato had invented a new roleplaying game and there had been two games. Feeling interested he joined the Haters of the Jedi game the third game, playing as IG-88, but didn't have a chance to play due to timing issues.  After this he decided to not play the games anymore.  However he started to become more and more drawn to the idea of trying again, since most of his friends were enjoying them so much. He then decided to join the games once more and intends to play most of the future games, but only as long as he has the time. 

IG-88 (played by Maverick)

Haters of the Jedi - A Scrap Metal StartEdit

When Maverick heard of the Ambush Games, he signed up for the third game, PindaZwerver's Haters of the Jedi.  He played IG-88 and was a loyal hater, but due to his inactivity, he was murdered in the first night.  After this, he decided to no longer play the games.

Cyborg P03-N1X

Cyborg P03-N1X (Portrayed by Maverick


Cyborg P03-N1X attacking the fortress

Rise Of The Infiltrators - The Win Of The Cyborg SherlockEdit

After several months, Maverick was now becoming more and more interested in the games and when he discovered the wiki, it only peaked his intrigue.  When he had read about the past game, he made the decision to try again, by signing up to Ivar-Jedi's sequel Rise of The Infiltrators.  Playing as Cyborg P03-N1X Maverick was the loyal inpsector.  With some suspicion towards Darren Ratta (Wiz-man 2.0) (DarthPotato77) he inspected him in the night and found him to be loyal. 

When the day 2 came he revealed the results, thus revealling himself as the inspector.  Darren who'd taken a leadership role constantly told the protector to keep protecting the Cyborg (in reality Darren was actually the protector and was protecting himself.  Initially giving him and Cyborg protection).

The Cyborg joins the rebellion

rotection)  During this time Maverick began to trust people other than Potato.  Other chracters such as Natalie Shaw (Natalie Crescent) proved to be very loyal.  Even when she and Zorrus Blake (CadBaneKiller) were accused of being scum because they seemed very friendly woth one another Natalie asked to be inspected, seemingly proving herself to be loyal.  However  it was a massive bluff.  Natalie was actually the scum murderer, who'd recently murdered Talia Tate (Starwarrior247) in the night. 

When the second vote came nearly everyone voted for Boba Fett (DarkSideRules13) , But it was a mistake.  Boba was loyal and when night fell things went from bad to worse.  Natalie chose to murder The Fire Skeleton (Darth Namialus), going against the wishes of the other scum who'd now figured out Potato's ruse and wanted the Cyborg murdered (this proved how close Maverick came to being killed).  After a long battle Skelly revealed himself to be the loyal suisider and killed Natalie, along with himself.  In the night, Maverick inspected Zorrus who turned out loyal, adding another person to his trust list.  On day three it was Bogore Harris (Master Kenobi-Wan) who ran out of luck when he was voted off.  With the casualties mounting at three on each side the loyals were now close to winning, until they hit a snag in the game. 

A glitch on the caused players the inability to look at the comments which paused gameplay.  Thankfully for most of the players (including Maverick) they were able to talk on the wiki until the glitch ended in early January. 

When the game resumed, Cyborg (now called by a number of nicknames) was now suspicious of Avery Thorston (Sithkillagal99) and Daniel Flox (Pinda).  After a difficult last minute choice, Maverick chose to inspect Daniel who turned up loyal.  With this everyone believed Avery to be scum and voted her off. It was another mistake as she was loyal.  Seeing it had to be either Nalyal Dagget (Scruffy) or Kit Fisto (Clankerlator), Maverick inspected Nalyal, who seemed to be the most suspicious.  He came up loyal and with this evidence they voted off Kit.  To most of the players it seemed it was over, but they were all stumped (including Maverick) when he came up loyal.  The host (Ivar) had actually given some help to the scum, to give them a better chance.  After some more discussion and a re-inspection of Darren (who was loyal again) they voted off Daniel who tried to convince the others that inspection was useless.  The loyals won and after the climactic ending left the planet they were on in an escape pod.  Maverick's return to the games had been worth while.  He had won his first game and the only way for him now was up.


Jabba the Hutt portrayed by Maverick

The War on Middle-Earth - The Hutt's Time To ShineEdit

For his third game, Maverick decided to play Spider's prequel, The War on Middle-Earth.  At first he wanted to play Revan, but found out CBK had reserved him.  The he tried for Boromir, but found that Obi had reserved him as well.  With little choice, he chose Jabba the Hutt.  This time, Maverick was the loyal Suicider, which made him have little hope of surviving till the end.  To make his roleplaying more believable, Maverick used actual and made up Huttese words, this roleplay style would be found ammusing by many players to say the least. 

Throughout the game, Maverick would be very reclusive and speak of his suspicions carefully.  Because of this and the difficulty in using his Huttese he was a bit less active than he was in Rise of the Infiltrators.  He would also follow the crowd when it came to voting, such as when they voted for Plo Koon (Dark) on the first day.  Nevertheless this made him unsignificant target of the scum. 

During the game, the two biggest players were King Theoden (Namialus) and Wicket (Potato).  The two were becoming very distrusting of one another and on day three their distrust turned into one of the biggest arguments in Ambush game history.  The two were constantly showing their evidence that one of them was scum, which devided the group.  When voting opened, Maverick couldn't make up his mind and voted for The Witch-King of Angmar (Squiggy) instead.  In the end it was Theoden who lost the vote and before his death he was revealed to be scum.  The next two people to be voted off were Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star) and Shelob (Sithkillagal99), who were also scum.  With one scum to go, everyone's suspicions turned to Boromir (Obi) who proceeded to be voted off.  After the conclusion and the death of Wicket, Jabba survived the game and became the unlikely winner of the War on Middle-Earth. Maverick had done it again, he'd won his second Ambush game in a row.

Dimension ChasingEdit

As Maverick's game tenure furthered, he decided to create a small mini-game of his own, revolving around making different choices, named Dimension Chase. The game was hosted with a meager five players all portraying a character from a different franchise. From Star Wars. there was Darth Revan (Master Kenobi-Wan). From Pokémon there was Darkrai (PindaZwerver). From Sonic the Hedgehog, there was Metal Sonic (Natalie_Crescent). From Batman, there was Scarecrow (Ivar-Jedi) and from Lord of the Rings, there was the Witch-King of Angmar (Squiggy).


Commander Fox (played by Maverick and Pinda)

The Tale of Omega - Back To Square OneEdit

For Maverick's fourth game, The Tale of Omega, he played as Commander Fox, a character from Guardians of the Republic (portrayed then by Pinda).  Since he didn't do much in the last game, Maverick decided to be alot more direct and open this time, but this would cost him.  On the first day he didn't have many suspicions, but that would change when Hammer (Spider) was voted off.  Determined to avenge him, Maverick was hoping to survive the next day to use Potato'a new private conversation system and keep going till the end.  However he was now a threat in the scum team's eyes and had him murdered in the night, thus foreshadowing the events in Haters of the Jedi.  Maverick's winning streak had come to an abrupt end.


Seceise Opyter portrayed by Maverick

The Rising Menace - a Mandolorian Menace's MistakeEdit

After Maverick's deja'vu loss in the Tale of Omega, Maverick decided to go for a more follower type of playing.  However, like taking on a more direct playing style following can easily get players to lose and this was exactly the case with Maverick in his fifth game, The Rising Menace

Playing as the Mandolorian Assasin Seceise Opyter.  This time Maverick was scum for the first time, with the role of Seperatist Defender, allowing him to protect his comrades from dying in the night and from inspection.  On day one he tried to remain inconspicuous, but tried to subtlely get people to vote off Talzin (Unlimited), whom Maverick thought was a Republic Spy.  However, the tables turned drastically, when Shyggor (Darth Potato) voiced his suspicions of Seceise, which soon led to others planning on voting him off. 

In a last ditch attempt, Seceise tried to put pressure onto Talzin and make others vote for her, but this only pressured her into revealling her role as the Loyal Inspector.  With this fact, everyone voted for Seceise, leading to his execution.  This was a devastating blow to his scum team, Shimlin (Spider) and El-Les (Namialus) and would set the tone for their deafeat, which would occur later in the game.  To make matters worse, after Talzin revealed her role, Que Elo (Pinda) and Boba Fett (Newankalt) revealed their roles as Loyal Suicider and Loyal Protector.  This made things worse for the scum and led to both teams defeats.  Maverick had now gone below square one.

Stranded - The Jawa's Rough JobEdit

Maverick was entering his sixth game and this time he was playing in Killa's Stranded (it was supposed to be played after Star Smugglers, but had to be postponed).  Using drawings for characters instead of Lego or action figures, Maverick created the character of Garsus Julang, a Jawa mechanic.  Stranded was also the first game to be hosted on the new Ambush games website, since the Star Wars website had become a shadow of its former self.  This time he was the Loyal Helper once more.  Maverick was now more determined to get through day 1 than actually winning and planned on using a new play style to do so.  He decided to play Garsus as a friendly and unassuming person, so that all the loyals wouldn't consider voting him off and that scum wouldn't think of him as too much a threat.  On day one, Garsus wasn't welcomed warmly, since everyone thought he'd steal their technology, however Madscet Lodshoz (Scruffy) showed more kindness and let him tinker with his jetpack. 

It took a while, but it was Carnage (Unlimited) that ended up being voted off, who would later be revealed as loyal.  In the night, Madscet was killed and Garsus had lost his closest ally.  Meanwhile, the inspector Namialus (Namialus) had taken the mantle of leading the loyals in voting.  For day two, everyone pointed towards Rako Hardeen (Squiggy) since he'd defended Carnage, but the loyals had no idea they were voting off another loyal.  Sadly this was where the Jawa's adventure ended.  The scum (or bandits as Garsus called them) considered him a threat as well and had him murdered in the night, Garsus didn't have a chance.  Two days later, the entire scum team managed to outnumber the loyals, resulting in one of the biggest loyal defeats since the Enemy Within, which coincedentally was when the scum had won last time.  Though he was met with his third defeat in a row, Maverick was actually happy the scum won this time, better yet, he met his target and got past day one.

Haters of the Jedi III - Rise of the Empire, Hasko's Hopes Come TrueEdit

2012-11-15 19.45.29

Hasko Ters played by Maverick

Maverick had now reached his seventh game, which would be the third installment of Pinda's Haters series, Haters of the Jedi III: Rise of the Empire, playing the grumpy war hero Hasko Ters.  Maverick was eager to not be so inactive like he did in the last Haters game and was expecting to be loyal again, but was surprised to find out he was scum once more.  However, he was apart of a special scum team within the scum team.   With the help of his teammate Nuvo Vindi (Namialus) the two would deceive the scum team member Omega (Unlimited) Servus Kone (Scruffy) and Tauntaun (Potato) who was the winner of the last Haters game.   With some of the biggest players on the team, Maverick was hopeful that they could win.    

On the first day Maverick was sure not to repeat his mistake in following so much like he did in the Rising Menace and was cautious with what he said. Later on in day one, they found Lord Nornes (Spider) to be suspicious and many contemplated in voting him off.  It was almost an early victory for the scum, until the unthinkable happened.  Suspicion suddenly pointed toward Taun Taun because of Zaro Kuros (Squiggy) revealing he'd been privately contacted by him.  It was a scum tactic that would lead to Taun Taun being shockingly voted off, making it Potato's first Haters loss.  To make matters worse, he was the murderer, but thankfully he gave his powers to Maverick.  However, to even things out, he could only kill three people.  For the scum team, Potato's loss was catostrophic, for the inner scum team (Weapon Warriors) it was a victory, since Hasko recieved murdering power and they'd taken down the largest threat. 

During the night, Hasko went for Nornes, but began to think he was a suicider.  Luckily he was only the Loyal Stalker.  On day two, the scum team received another blow with Omega when the loyals noticed he wasn't very against him.  The scum retaliated and Bo-katan (Newan) was killed in the night.  At this point there were suspects all over.  There was IG-90 (Star) who'd acted strangely, Servus had also brought attention to himself, but was able to bring a good enough defence.  The scum were getting better now because Captain Domkop (Natalie) had inspected Hasko and came up loyal.  Vindi was also inspected and came up loyal as well. 

For voting, Hasko took a chance and suggested Haar Borstel (BobaFett590) who'd been highly inactive.  The risk paid off and Haar was convicted.  For his final murder Hasko went for Ttef (Malgus) who the scum thought was the protector.  However they would later find out it was IG-90 who was the protector.  Things were picking up for the scum and it only got better, when they took another chance in convicting Osi Sobeck (Fisto).  

Victory was in sight and the loyals were once again led into a vote for Henk (Bane).  After this Zaro asked to be protected even though the inspector was still alive.  The scum team took full advantage of this and planned on voting him off as soon as the next day came.  With enough votes, Zaro was convicted and the scum team won their third Haters game, which coincedentally was Maverick's third Ambush game win.  When the game ended, the players commended Maverick for his time as scum again.  Maverick was now becoming a big player in the games (almost anyway).

Rise of the Jedi Knight - Return of the Cyborg SherlockEdit

Cyborg P03-N1X (Rise III)

Maverick returned as Cyborg P03-N1X for Rise of the Jedi Knight

With a thrid victory in tow, Maverick had now set himself high standards for the next game.  Mainly because he'd be reprising his character of Cyborg P03-N1X once more in the highly anticipated finale, Rise of The Jedi Knight.  This time, instead of making his character a combination of Spock and Sherlock, he opted for roleplaying similarly to the villain from Star Trek Into Darkness. Maverick was so excited to return to the Rise franchise, that he before the game he created the Cyborg's real name 'Sarbarel Pheon.'  Before beginning, Maverick was given the role of Protector for the first time, which would serve him well.  On the first day tensions were already running high.   At first, people were looking toward Sergemont Piolis (Bane) due to his strange behaviour.  But later, Lucto Kamani (Namialus) found Meldor Cruell (Spider) to be suspicious, who seemed friendly to Viggor Webb (Unlimited). 

As time went on however, Lucto backed off, which led to Meldor to becoming suspicious of him in turn.  In the end of the day, Lucto would end up voted off, yet the Cyborg did not vote for him.  Instead he voted for Meldor, but his efforts in saving Lucto from the vote were futile.  Meanwhile Darren Ratta (Potato) had supposedly revealed his role of Suicicder, making him the most trusted within the group.  In the night, Phe decided to protect himself.  It was a choice that saved his life.  The murderer attacked the Cyborg, but his protection role helped him fend the traitor off. 

In the morning, Cyborg secretly contacted Darren and revealed his role.  Darren then told him the truth.  He was actually the Inspector, who'd privately spoken to Lucto before his death.  It was Lucto who was Suicider, yet he allowed Darren to use his role as a mask.  The two loyals concocted a plan, where Darren would reveal inspection results, but say that he was in contact with the Inspector.  Amazingly, Darren's first inspection came up with Zorrus Blake (CBK) being scum.  This was perhaps the first time an inspection came with such a result since Hunting the Hunters.  Once the result was revealed, everyone knew who to vote for.  However, Cal Amuro (Star) and Nalyal Dagget (Scruffy) were slightly distrusting of this inspection.  In the end, Zorrus was killed, and in the night Viggor was killed.  But on that day, Ravi was revealed to be alive and back to fight for the rebellion. 

The next day came and Phe was now eager to vote off Sergemont, but suspicion fell upon Cal and funnily enough like his brother from Rise of the Saboteurs, he ended up being scum and was voted off on day three.  Then night fell, and like Folus Ratta from Rise of the Sabotuers, Cyborg was attacked again, only unlike Folus, Phe survived his second attack.  During the next day, the next person to be voted off was Loc-Ri (Natalie).  Though Phe didn't have much suspicion for him, he went with the majority and voted for Loc.  Meanwhile, Durri Kruger (Newan) who'd had a shaky time on day one was let in on Darren and Cyborg's plan.  Loc would be revealed to be scum, but the loyals would have a price to pay for such success.  Though Darren wanted to be protected, fearing the scum were catching on, the Cyborg didn't want to take any chances and protected himself again.  Darren was attacked in the night, but survived, yet it didn't stop Phe from feeling like an idiot. 

During the next day, Pheon began to speak with Ravi, but there was little time for the old friends to catch up, since they were heading for a Star Destroyer factory on the Fire Skeleton's home world of Daxxus Prime.  For their fifth conviction, the Cyborg got what he wanted and Sergemont was voted off.  But he would end up with egg in his face when Sergemont was proven loyal. 

On that night, unbelievably, Phe was attacked again!  Thankfully, he was protected and the murderer failed once more.   Maverick now held the record for surviving the most murder attempts.  With help from Ravi, they managed to fend off the attacker, but not before Ravi began to lose himself again.  Next day, they all boarded their ships and headed for Daxxus Prime.  During the voyage, everyone voted for Nalyal, who would end up hiding on the ship, so he could prove his loyalty.  Nalyal was proven to be loyal later on and during the night, while Phe protected his only true ally Durri, Connor Malony (BobaFett) was killed. 

For their seventh day, the vote led to Jason Flubberslime (Pinda) to be voted off, but before he could, Meldor revealed himself to be the last scum and killed Jason and then himself.  A massive battle commenced and Skelly was almost killed by Vader himself, but was saved by Ravi, who came with Nalyal to help.  The factory began to fall apart and to make matters worse, the Falleen were being led into battle by no other than Ky'ram Verd, who'd been betrayed by the Empire.  While the Emperor and Verd battled, Phe battled a stormtrooper, who was revealed to be Fierce.  Fierce pleaded for his life, but the Cyborg had no compassion for the clone, who nearly killed his best friend in cold blood, and killed him.  While the Sith escaped, Sergemont and Darren returned for the battle and saved Durri.  But Sergemont was quickly killed by Verd's assasin Krekis.  Darren fought against Krekis and the two ended up flying into an energy beam that killed them both.  Nalyal was also killed and Verd attacked the group once more.  Wanting to finish what started on Morzux more than twenty years ago, Ravi battled Verd.  The duel was evenly matched, until Cyborg came flying in and tackled Verd.  As Sarbarel dueled him, Verd sliced his jetpack, which was about to explode.  Phe threw it at the villain, but he simply kicked it back at him.  The jetpack blew up in the Cyborg's face and he was blown back to a wall, damaging his metal back.  Ravi tried to fight back, but Verd disarmed him.  Desperate, Ravi attempted to talk Verd into redemption, but it failed to work.  It looked like Ravi's end, until Phe threw himself at Verd and blew the both of them to kingdom come by using an unstable hyper crystal lightsaber.  Verd was finally dead and Pheon only just manged to survive, thanks to Durri.  In the end, Skelly and Ravi died in the energy wave, dying in peace and rising to a higher plain of sight. 

Much later, Admiral Zybott made a speech of their heroic efforts.  The Rise series ended with Cyborg, Durri Kruger (Newan) and Susan Bravely (Squiggy) being the winners.  Maverick had won his fourth Ambush game, which was perhaps his favourite game as a whole.  Ivar's game trilogy ended with critical acclaim along with sadness for Skelly and Ravi's deaths.  Rise of the Jedi Knight would most likely become a highlight of the games.

IMG 0956

IG-86 played by Maverickjedivalen

Servants of Destruction - A Scrap Metal Last StandEdit

After his fourth victory, Maverick now looked forward to his ninth game, Spider's Servants of Destruction.  This time, Maverick played IG-86.  IG-86 was the second Asassin Droid he'd played.  Servants of Destruction was highly unique in terms of gameplay.  In many ways, the game worked the same way a normal Ambush Game would work, but there were some differences.  The players were halved into two teams.  One blue, led my commander Ros and one red, led by Captain Otison.  IG-86 was on the blue team, but with a twist.  When he received his role, IG-86 was a loyal blue member, but when Squiggy dropped out of playing the game, IG-86 became a red team spy. along with Jar Jar (Potato).  The two were also allowed to speak to the red team leader, Hondo Ohnaka (Pinda) who'd discuss with them on what to do on both sides.  The blue team had a leader as well, who was the Dark of Morgoth (Namialus).  On the first day, IG-86 seized the chance to point suspicion on Helios-3D (Bane) which caused him to be voted off.  

In the night, BX-05 (CBK) was killed by the Dark of Morgoth, who was forced into doing it.  The next day, things looked less prosperous for Maverick and Potato.  After losing two loyals, the Dark of Morgoth began to catch on, espsecially when Jar Jar tried to push for a vote against Thor (Fisto).  It eventually led to a tied vote, which gave the spies a sigh of relief.  On the second night, R2-D2 (Scruffy) was killed, which evened the loyals and spies on the blue team.  On the thrid and final day, voting on the blue team had tied again.  Though Jar Jar and IG-86 tried, the Dark of Morgoth refused to believe their lies and voted for Potato, along with Thor.  IG-86 and Jar Jar retaliated by voting for Thor, but in the end no one could be convicted. 

At the end of the final day, the surviving players on each team would fight each other, using a new combat system.  During the first round, IG-86 and Jar Jar defeated the Dark of Morgoth, but his spies Buzz Lightyear (Newan) and 2-1B (Natalie) gave the blue team the upper hand.  The first round ended with Hondo and Jar Jar getting killed and IG-86 found himself in a highly unfortunate position.  Although he manged to kill Thor, the Asassin Droid was no match for Buzz and 2-1B.  Maverick came close to victory, but in the end he was given was of his closest losses.

The Birthday Game - A Deadly CelebrationEdit

Originally, phase 3 was only supposed to consist of seven games, but when it became clear that the phase would likely not end till late June, Potato decided to include a very special game.  It was on June 13th 2012 that the Ambush Games had begun, so it was only fitting for Potato to celebrate its first aniversery with a birthday game.  The Birthday Game, as it was simply called was unique.  Almost all the players with Lego versions of themselves, so roleplay was in the least bit challenging. The game began when Potato was preparing a party and when the guests arrives, Baxter Bunny suddenly got murdered.  So, obviously Potato started an Ambush Game to find these dangerous guests.  Maverick was scum for the third time and was teamed once more with Namialus, along with scum rookies Squiggy and Fisto. 

On the first day, the team tried to remain quiet.  This tactic worked well, since loyals began to accuse eachother.  Suspicion quickly pointed toward Scruffy and Spider, when they had an argument unusually early.  This led Pinda to believe Spider was scum and pushed for a conviction on him.  Then Newan got involved and got accused as well, but everyone layed off after some strange roleplay.  Boba was also suspicious becuase he accused so many people.  Surprisingly for everyone, including the scum team, it was Obi (who'd just returned to the games again) who was convicted.  However, the scum team tried to defend him, so as to make themselves look loyal and Maverick voted for Pinda. 

In the night Pinda was murdered by Maverick, who interestingly came up third party.  Next day, Spider's luck ran out and the suspicion turned into action.  Once Spider was voted off, the scum janitored him. 

The next day Natalie was killed, in fear she would become a threat.  Star also died (but since he wasn't playing his death didn't really count).  Sadly, Newan started to become a leading figure among the loyals and voted for Namialus, since he'd started to notice he was unusually quiet and was trying to point suspicion at others.  Namialus was eventually voted off, leaving his team members no other choice than to vote for him as well.  Newan was also becoming interested in voting for Maverick, because he started to be less of a follower when Namialus was being voted. 

Day 3 was an utter disaster for the loyals.  Becuase he was unable to play, CBK was killed off and it turned out he was a Loyal Knight.  Boba broke a rule by revealling his role, thus forcing Potato to kill him off (by letting Newan eat him).  Killa was also murdered by the scum.  Later in the day it was Scruffy who got the majority.  The reason being that he defended Namialus. 

With four loyals dead in one day, Maverick became hopeful of another victory.  Next day and Maverick when he found out he was an ally of Newan.  On the final day, it was down to the wire when the scum discovered they could win if they used all their one time vote abilities.  All the loyals wanted to go for Maverick, but using his one time power, he voted twice for Ivar.  Fisto used his power to stop Malgus to vote, but one of the loyals used a power of their own and stopped Maverick's votes.  Thankfully, Squiggy came on in time and voted for Ivar and used his power to stop Newan from voting.  Though Unlimited could've voted, he'd become inacive since day one and never voted, leaving the loyals sitting ducks. 

At its end, the remaining scum murdered all the remaining loyals with Maverick blowing up Newan and revealed to Potato they only did what they did because they were bored.  The game ended with a few familiar host characters meeting up and Potato turning into a potato as the scum enjoyed the cake.  With his fifth victory, Maverick, along with Potato and Newan had the most wins of any player. 

The No No Name Game, The Professor Meets His MatchEdit

Natalie's highly anticipated The No No Name Game was probably Maverick's most challenging in terms of roleplay.  Like Spider's Legacy of Arda series, this game was a crossover; involving Star Wars and Professor Layton.  After much hope, Maverick managed to reserve Layton and decided to get roleplay perfect for the character.  Being English himself, it wasn't a massive task to play as him, but the character of Layton proved to be one of Maverick's most challenging, but also one his most fun characters to play. 

When the game began, Maverick was given the role of protector once more, but this time he wouldn't use to his advantage as he did with Rise of the Jedi Knight.  During the first day, there were plenty of suspects for Layton.  Bane Malar (Jodo) caused an uproar when he accused the Sith Lord characters.  Darth Bane (Bane) was also behaving suspiciously, but in the end, it was Dimitri Allen (Malgus) who was convicted for having little suspicions of his own and agreeing so much with Darth Bane.  Another person also aroused  suspicion.  Captain Rex (Dark) had chosen to side with Bane and Dimitri, but when he was accused, he revealed he had a role, the role of Inspector.  When Rex asked to be protected, Layton still had his doubts and the result led to him protecting himself.  This caused Rex to be taken away in the night and would lead Layton down a path that was soon irreversable. 

When day two came, Layton was now apart of a group of loyals who secretly planned against the scum.  What they didn't know however, was two of them, Anakin Skywalker (Pinda) and Luke Triton (Spider) were actually scum.  Since the scum knew Dark was the inspector, Luke pretended to be real one and would reveal his teammates as loyal and his enemies as scum.  It wasn't always in the scum's favour though.  Dimitri was scum it turned out and when Darth Bane was voted off for similar reasons, he came up scum as well. 

For the night, C-3PO (Potato) who'd taken a leadership of the loyals made it clear that the Luke, the "Inspector" should be protected.   Not wanting to mess up like he did the other night, Layton protected Luke, now his defeat was inevitable.  But when he started to think about the possibility that Luke may have lied, it was too late. 

In the night, the scum kidnapped Layton and Maverick's chances of a sixth victory were trampled.  Afterwards, the loyals would continue to fall.  Defeat for them was only being accelerated, when C-3PO, who had amnesia guessed he was scum, when he was actually loyal.  This meant, he would be apart of the scum team and with a player like Potato on board, the end was in their sights.  The scum claimed victory and the captive loyals (including an injured Layton) were sent to the Star Wars universe, implicating a sequel. 

An interesting fact about the scum, was that the winners were all the original hosts.  For one of them; Jean Descole (Ivar) it was a sweet victory.  It was his first win since Hunting the Hunters and his first scum win as well.  Maverick felt as though had he protected the right person, then he'd probably have put the loyals in a better position.  But with the games, Maverick could only move forward and improve.

A Common Enemy - A Hutt's Time To DieEdit

The saying "easy come easy go" is certainly what can be said about Maverick's performance in A Common Enemy, Spider's fourth hosted game.  Once again, he played as Jabba the Hutt, who he'd previously won as in The War On Middle-Earth.  Once again, Maverick used the difficult roleplay style of using actual Huttese, which would slow down his output of comments.  His role was for the third time the Loyal Helper, which gave Maverick little hope of winning.  Originally, A Common Enemy was going to feature many players, with many of the characters being survivors of previous games hosted by Spider.  Sadly, many had to pull out and the majority who left were loyal, giving the scum a great chance of winning.   

On day one, there was some discussion, until everyone agreed with Scruffy (Scruffy) to be convicted.  However, it was revealed the clone was in fact Deadpool, explaining how he survived The War On Middle-Earth.  Deadpool fled and in the night, Kit Fisto (Jodo) was killed.  The next day, everyone (and likely the scum as well) Deadpool turned out to be a third party, which was good for both sides.  Day 2 and things took a bit of a turn for the worse.  The other night Loki began impersonating Thor and managed to kill Darth Sidious the host.  A unique switch around happened and Loki was the host.  The scum who were dormant before this sprung into action.  The switch had made people question their judgement however and no one really could get a majority. 

In the night things were the same and no one did anything.  At this point, Jabba was getting suspicious of Savage Oppress (Dark) who had dodged people's questions, but it wasn't enough for him to get convicted.  One thing that suprised Jabba and the rest of the group was a lack of inspection results, but finally Captain America (Ivar) revealed his role, but because of his inactivity he hadn't used his night action yet.  This caused a bit of an uproar among the group and the scum took full advantage of the moment. 

Earlier on in the game, the scum had discovered the Captain to be the inspector and planned on killing him, but they found out he was protected.  Now, they could kill him through voting.  One of the scum Wicket (Potato) had been in contact with Eowyn (Namialus) and had succeeded in manipulating him, which  would only add to the loyals inevitable fall.  Wicket explained that he was in touch with the real inpector and gave fake results to complete the charade.  Many were sold on this, but it was here that Jabba saw something fishy.  This was because of a similiar scenario from the last game, but it was too late for Jabba to round up loyals to his side.  Most of them were either inactive of were already in the scum's pockets.  Like fellow loyal B2 (Obi) Jabba decided not to vote.  Nevertheless, the Captain was convicted and the scum were nearly in complete control of the game. 

During the night, Dooku (Pinda) was killed and the scum were one loyal away from winning.  Jabba now thought that there were only three scum and he had now come to believe that Wicket, Eowyn and Revan (Star) were scum, but he had little say in the next conviction.  Mace Windu (BobaFett590) had been eager to know who the secret inspector was and the scum used this as a way to vote him off.  With Windu gone, the scum equalled the loyals and they attacked.  It was revealed that to Jabba that Eowyn was loyal all along and that he was right about Wicket and Revan, but it turned out that Haldir (Squiggy) and Grievous (Newan) were scum as well.  Jabba and the remaining loyals were attacked. 

In the end, Loki fled and Jabba was killed.  It was the end of the road for the obese crimelord.  The reasons why the loyals had been so brutally defeated was probably caused by the lack of activity of those who had night actions.  The loyals had no chance, they were just too ill prepared to take any action.

The Nami - Da'lak's Unfortunate FailureEdit

With a lot of patience, Namialus finally found the time to host his very own game and of course Maverick was willing and ready to play.  Called The Nami, it centred around a group of neutral force users.  All the characters were to made up by the players (just like Stranded) and Maverick created the character of  Da'lak Gardros, a southern Mustafarian.  Once the game began, Maverick was given the role of Loyal Helper again, but a bit later was given the role of Dark Nami, however Namialus quickly decided against the idea for balancing reasons. 

Most of the first consisted of friendly banter among the group, until Varg (Star) drew attention to himself and became the first suspect.  At first Da'lak talked rationally with him, however when Varg suddenly told him that he trsuted him the most, Da'lak noticed something peculiar.  No loyal would be so trusting on the first day and Varg wasn't any exception.  Even though Baxter (Potato) defended him a bit, Varg was voted off and came up scum.  That night, no one was killed, which showed signs that the loyals were on the offensive, but it fell to pieces for them on day two.  The next person people wanted off was Baxter for siding with Varg, but Baxter revealed he was third party.  This made Da'lak more trusting towards him, but others like Soraz (Pinda) were not convinced. 

It was close, but Si-Donn (Spider) was voted off, who'd been leading the vote against Baxter and claimed to have a suicide ability.  Si-Donn turned up loyal however, but Da'lak believed it might have been a special ability the scum had been given.  He never knew how wrong he was.  To make matters worse, the twins Nalian and Zalian had been killed in the night, who Da'lak was considering to be scum.  Day 3 and Baxter was now even more of a suspect, but thanks to his evidence, there were others (Da'lak included) who were still on his side. A second suspect was also found in Jet (Bane).  The results of the votes led to both Baxter and Jet to be convicted, who were revealed to be third party and loyal. 

Once night had fallen, the inspector Whitaker (Obi) was murdered, since the protectors Nalian and Zalian had been killed.  For the final day, Cola (Malgus) decided that they should see what would happen if they accused people that hadn't been accused to see their reactions, but everyone took this in as suspicious, but in a way Cola's idea might have worked.  His suspicions towards Joto (Jodo) were correct, as he was scum, but his team hid their tracks too well to be voted off now.  Towards the end, Da'lak was in private contact with Bulla (Newan).  Bulla had done barely anything to be called scum, so Da'lak had some trust in him, which was wrongly placed.  Cola was voted off and the scum team attacked the remaining Nami, which led to the Lord Namialus (Namialus) to flee to Coruscant.  Da'lak had failed and to make it even greater, one of his longest running suspects Soraz was scum as well.  After Nami, Maverick now had a contender for his biggest failure.

The Oppression of Omega - Panaka's Poor PerformanceEdit

Maverick's next game was The Oppression of Omega, the second part in Potato's Omega trilogy.  This time, he played Captain Panaka.  Like more recent Potato games, this one featured new gameplay ideas.  Maverick was given a one time inspection, which he would use on the first night, since he wouldn't have time to play.  The Oppression of Omega's duration lasted most of Maverick's holiday, so he barely had any time to play.  During his played time however, he came across some revalations.  

The first person to be convicted was Lobot (Bane) for his unusually quick vote for Savage Oppress, (Dark) but it would be a poor vote, since he came up loyal.  While this happened Xen Far (Obi) had been attracting attention from Asajj Ventress (Namialus) for his strange drunk behaviour. 

Next day and Yargus (Squiggy) and Wald (Natalie) had been murdered (though Wald's death was only because Natalie dropped out).  With three loyals gone, the scum had quite the head start, but Panaka's inspection proved fruitful.  He inspected Tarpals (Spider) who was discovered to be third party.  However, none of the others would vote for Tarpals and instead Savage would be voted off (though he did come up as scum). 

After day two, Maverick was pretty much out of the game, with Panaka staying in the game to the very end, until getting killed by the last two scum members.

Haters of the Jedi IV - A Scrap Metal Finish (For Once)Edit

When Maverick returned to the games, he was only just able to nab a place for Haters of the Jedi IV: Civil Wars, the last game in the Haters series.  Playing as IG-91, he was scum.  Because he was a late player, most had no suspicions of him, which was lucky, since some members of the team were arousing suspicions from the loyals.  To make matters more to the scum's advantage, Paros Muna (Newan) and Vindi (Namialus) were fighting each other, while garnering some support from others.  It wasn't all happiness however.  Fellow scum memeber Hasko Ters (Star) was also arousing suspicions and was beginning to become a target in voting.  By the time the game was coming to an end, the team had managed to to remain completely unseen.  In the end, Pindus died in battle at the hands of the scum team, being led by Boba Fett (who had been disguised as the Secret Weapon).  IG-91 had succeeded where his three previous incarnations had failed and Maverick had a sixth win.

Vanished - On The EdgeEdit

Vanished was Master Kenobi-Wan's second game and prequel.  Maverick eagerly reserved the Naval Commando "Edge" and was given the role of Suicider.  At the start of the game, Edge began talking to the others about where they were and started to think it maybe Salucami.
IMG 5360

Maverick played as Naval Commando NC-2199 "Edge" in Vanished


Originally people thought of voting Cato (Scruffy) for his obvious inactivity, but Edge then came forward about something.  Edge then speaks of his suspicion that Shocks (Namialus) was following Rush (Newan) a bit too much.  However, this evidence would take a while for others to grow suspicious enough to vote for the clone as Cato was still being considered, and at one point Rush, who would turn out to be the inspector was being considered.  With Rush revealling his role, attention remained on the Cato vote, an idea from Rush that was supposed to minimise the loyal casualties for day one.  Shocks was quick to agree, which got Edge nervous.  Along with that a disagreement between Anakin (Pinda) and Saesee Tiin (Potato) was bringing tension to the group and it looked as though one of them might be voted.  It did and Anakin was voted by Tiin, but Edge remained firm with his suspicion.  Edge then voted Shocks, seeing him as scum trying to manipulate Rush and his vote would soon prove worthwhile.  Amazingly Edge's vote was almost one of few to count. 

When Obi closed voting it was Tiin who had most votes, but then Obi decided to keep voting open for other players.  The game was still on. 

Later Edge pointed out how Jag (Bane) not wanting to vote because of there being a lack of evidence might be a scum not wanting to go through with a vote on Shocks the biggest suspect.  By the time voting finally ended, Shocks was convicted, but managed to escape, but not without his affiliation revealed to be scum. 

In the night Hammer (Malgus) was killed and Cato was simply kicked out of the game.   Next morning, the others contemplated voting Jag, (possibly because of Edge's suspicion) which they ended up doing and the result was positive.  Jag was then eaten by a sarlacc.  The following night, no one was murdered, except Jag being eaten.  Later during day 4, Kit Fisto (Fisto) was now in the spotlight after he did not tell his suspicions when asked to.  In the end, Fisto was quickly voted for and convicted. 

During the night, Anakin (Pinda) was poisoned and when the others found what happened in the morning, Fisto came up loyal as well.  Later on, they encountered two force users, belonging to a small group of others that did not follow the Sith or Jedi ways.  They then revealed they were on the planet of Zycronum.   The two then offer them all shelter at their temple.  All of them agree.  When voting was opened, everyone voted Obi-wan (Boba) for strange behaviour.  Before then, they reached the temple and met the leader of this strange faction, Kenovi Ban, a Jedi that had lost his memory. 

Meanwhile, during the night, Saesee was killed and in the morning Ob-wan was proven loyal.  During the day, suspicion began to fall on Edge, however he manged to defend himself well enough for most of the remaining loyals to vote off Zip (Ivar).  It turned out Zip was the last scum left and right as he was convicted, a Republic ship landed and rescued the remaining survivors.  Kenovi also joined them, his memories fully restored.  However, Shocks was still out there with some master of some sort.  Along with Star, Newan and Wampa, Maverick had won and added it as his seventh game win.

Stranded On Trazibar - Tarkin and the Pointless BickeringEdit

After his newest victory, Maverick was now signed up as Grand Moff Tarkin in Starwarrior247's first hosted game, Stranded on Trazibar.  Given the role of Inspector, this would be Maverick's second time with such an ability.  Throughout his entire time playing, Tarkin kept a constant mindset on fidning the scum, though this would not save him from the fate that awaited him.  For day one, it was Jar Jar Binks (Boba) that received most of the attention and Tarkin's vote.  He was voted off, but nor before saying he was the inspector.  It was a close vote though, with Ahsoka (Namialus) getting two votes and Bossk (Jawa) four.  Thankfully it was suspicion that paid off.  Jar Jar was scum and no one was killed during the night. 

Next day, new suspicions were aroused.  During this time, Tarkin inspected Varg (Potato) who appeared loyal.  Ironically, Varg was now considered scum by Ahsoka and when Fili (Bane) revealed he had a one time inspection, suspicions and accusations went flying.  One of the new gameplay features was that some players had gems and when Varg reveals he has one suspicion falls on him.  At this point, Tarkin believed Fili to be loyal, Bossk more of a scum target and Varg good at defence.  When voting opened, Tarkin voted Rex (Ferus) believing him to be taking advantage of the situation Varg was in.  But with six votes three, Varg was convicted. 

In the morning, a massacre of loyals was revealed.  Varg was loyal, Fili had been murdered and Tarkin also.  Although he managed to survive and was no longer in the game.  And so that was that for Maverick.  However all was not lost for the loyal team.  It would take time, but on day seven, in a situation that mirrored Star Smugglers Obi and Namialus were the last loyals standing and voted off the last scum.

Traitors of the Republic - Secura's Inactively Secure VictoryEdit

Next game was Commander-Fisto15's first hosted game Traitors of the Republic, where Maverick played as Aayla Secura.  Given the role of two time Janitor (Role), Maverick would take a much less direct approach in gameplay.  Sadly others would follow suit and the game would have a problem with inactivity.  Some would mess around at first such as Obi-Wan (Star) becoming paranoid about being poisoned and blaming it on other players.  The other members of the scum team consisted of Cody, (Obi)  Kit Fisto (Jodo) and Plo Koon (Potato).  Secura would be rather inactive as they headed on a ship to find a mysterious Sith Lord who had killed Quinlan Vos. 

On day one, the scum team didn't have much of a plan, but circumstances would soon assist them.  Wolffe (Boba) had behaved suspiciously, but later when he revealed his role of protector, everyone relented and so when voting commenced, Boba Fett (Ferus) was convicted. 

As these events unfolded, Secura noticed that when Wolffe revealed himself as the protector brought ridicule upon himself, particularly Ventress (Namialus) who complained that inspector would have to remain anonymous.  Seeing as how much more irritated Ventress was, Secura deduced she was the inspector and so the scum team killed her in the night.  The next morning controversy erupted when Wolffe said that Ventress encouraged him to protect himself in private.  As things unfolded, some began to look at Trident (Ivar) as a suspect. 

Voting closed and Trident was convicted with a mere vote.  Once night had fallen, Secura janitored Trident and the team took out Embo (Malgus).  The aim was to incriminate Even Piell (Pinda).  The plan worked perfectly.  Though Kenobi gained a few votes as well, Even was indeed convicted and the scum were getting closer and closer to victory. And indeed victory did come. Because of his inactivity and the fact that being rookie meant unpredictability, Gree (Rogue) was convicted. The result led to the scum's win and a massive battle with the rest of the loyals, where new villain Darth Vesper rose to power. Maverick now had his eighth game win.

Dimension Chasing AgainEdit

Maverick would host a second Dimension Chase game, one far more developed and again used an experimental gameplay. This one was titled Dimension Chase II: The Darkest Soul.

Nami II, An Alliance of Light - Jalonya's Jumping For Joy (Not Really)Edit

With Ivar's game postponed, Namialus was up with his awaited sequel, The Nami II: An Alliance of Light. Namialus contacted Maverick, asking if he could create a character that was apprentice to the grand master of the Jedi. He soon came up with Jalonya Paradell, an up beat and curious Jedi. The plot revolved around several characters in different locations. Such as Si-Donn making his claim to become emperor and temple guard Amona. The story starts when Namialus comes to the Jedi temple injured, which soon leads to terrible things to happen.

When the game began, Jalonya remained upbeat in the dire situation. After talking to a couple of Jedi with species superiority complexes, Jalonya bagan to be suspicious of Rodal (Pinda) for suddenly trusting Razmus (Newan) after speaking of his distrust. This may have had something to do with Razmus revealing his role. Though she voted him, it was Soria (Star) who received the most votes. Unfortunately this would not at all benefit the loyals.

The next day, not only was Soria loyal, but Rodal as well, who'd just been murdered. During the second day, Strom (Spider) came under Jalonya's radar, when she and some others believed Strom (Spider) was following on several things, including the small amount of suspicion against Vane (Bane) and Neo (Malgus). However, in the end Strom put up a good enough defence and Vane was convicted in the end. It was a poor choice. Vane was loyal and Razmus had fled, leaving the remaining people pondering if Namialus' voting was really worth all the death. The latest deaths soon led to coming back to the suspicion against Strom, but an unusual voting change led to only a small few being able to vote. At it's end Strom and Fluorine (Jodo) were convicted.

The following day, Jalonya and the loyals received a small victory when Strom was indeed scum, but Fluorine was loyal. So with caution, Kota (RSM) was chosen to be voted off, due to his switching of suspicions. Before the day ended, Jalonya noticed Loppak (Boba) being the only one who didn't vote, leading to some suspicion. In the morning, no murder had taken place, but Kota was loyal, leaving the loyals at breaking point. Although Loppak and Alistair had gotten voted, it was no use. The scum Ba Xeter (Potato) Neo and as Jalonya suspected Loppak were indeed scum and had won. However they would soon die and Alistair and Jalonya helped in the temple's attack from the new Sith Emperor. They would soon escape, but not before the Grandmaster had been killed. Technically from a story stand point Maverick had won, but it was the scum that had won again.

The Blade of Darth Revan - From Gnost-Dural to Ghost-Dural(?)Edit

For the next game was the penultimate story in the Legacy of Arda series by Spider. He asked players to think of characters they wanted to play and they would then appear in his series The Desperate Quest. Once the series was completed and the players characters had been introduced, the game began. Dural would begin with having amnesia, meaning his affiliation would be decided later. During the discussion, Wicket II (Potato) had a bad feeling about Haradian (Jodo) which Merry (Namialus) agreed with. Later on Grievous (Newan) revealed his role as Inspector and suspicion had come upon Wicket II. While some like Dural were suspicious of Merry possibly following Wicket II was voted off, with Dural not voting at all.

Thankfully there wasn't any murder that night, as Grievous had thwarted an attempt on his life, but as it turned out Wicket II was loyal. During the discussion, it was Pindus (Pinda) who was under scrutiny, but Dural's suspicions of him, took a turn, when he contacted him about his role that would influence him on day three. With that Dural decided to go for a vote on Jace Malcom (Malgus) for following. However Merry came in, alarmed at what happened, since he was the protector. It was a massive mess up, and it only got worse particularly on Dural's part, when he was murdered in the night. It kind of set the tone for the loyals, who once again would be beaten by the scum.

The Ambush Pirates: Secrets of the Map - A Golden MomentEdit


Shisco, as played by Maverick

After another two games of losses, Maverick signed up for Ivar's fourth and final Ambush Game, The Ambush Pirates: The Secrets of The Map. Playing the character Shisco, Maverick was given the role of scum once again, with his teammates being Victor (Boba) Carl (Potato) and Brendan (Star). He was given the role of leader. To add some individuality to the character, Maverick portrayed him having a Canadian accent, and an enormous lust for gold. At the base, Carl used an idea in making fake PMs with one another, so as a way to avoid any loyals accusing them. When the game began, it was the usual silliness in roleplay, but of course that changed when voting came.

Two groups were separated, with one being allowed to vote. Shisco was part of the voting group. It was the Undead Pirate (Namialus) that was convicted, thanks to Shisco pointing towards his behavior. During the night, Marcus (Newan) was killed, and with two big players out of the way, their goal seemed easy. To add to this, the Undead Pirate was also the protector, making the small victory a bit larger.

The following day, Shisco tried to put some attention onto Gallot (Pinda) since he voted Ol' Skelly for getting things moving. Gallot countered this by using similar evidence against him. When voting came group 2 was now allowed to vote, which led to a close vote between Shisco and Gallot, but in the end the gold lover's teammates came through for him and helped in convicting Gallot. It was an even greater blow when Gallot revealed he had protection powers. During the night, their next victim was Bartholomew (Obi) who was the inspector. It was as Pinda described "The worst day for loyals ever." With their deaths, the scum had one. So when the Captain reached the island of treasure, Shisco and the mutineers battled them for it, but all of them had to make a hasty escape when the island started falling. The deed was done though. Maverick had won another game.

The Reckoning of Omega - Luke's Luck Runs OutEdit

For Potato's Omega Trilogy finale, The Reckoning of Omega, Maverick chose Luke Skywalker. To make the game interesting Potato gave everyone a quirk in roleplay (e.g. Luke keeps mentioning his home Tatooine) and night actions. Most did nothing just like Maverick's, but some had their use. The story starts before the rebellion's final attack on the Empire with Coruscant being the stage for it all. A sub plot is also introduced, involving Hammer looking for Sparker and with him tries to discover a way to save the clones.

Day one of the game turned out to be one of the most activity filled days in months. A lot of course happened, particularly the 'unique' roleplay between Sebulba (Boba) and Leia (Namialus). During the day's final stages, Tarpals (Spider) was then convicted. What happened afterwards was the death of Xen Far (Obi) and so when daybreak had come, two loyals were lost. At first, the unique character Porg (Newan) was under scrutiny from Leia, but others were under suspicion as well, due to Tarpals' scum team guess.

A little later Sebulba revealed he was the inspector and his result was a loyal Leia. Due to his behavior from yesterday, people were raising eyebrows, but Luke overall thought it was legit and decided a vote for him would be too dangerous. As this happened, Luke was contacted by Galen Marek (Pinda) privately, saying he was third party and threatened to out him as scum. It was merely a ruse however, that failed make Luke even panic. It was an interesting tactic that Marek would use again on Han Solo (Bane) which harbored an even more shocking result.

With Han as a confirmed scum, there was just no alternative with whom to convict. This would have repercussions though, with the scum killing Luke in retaliation. The good news however, was that the loyals would deal with the scum, and the rebellion continued. The trilogy's conclusion, would involve plenty of character deaths, including Pre Vizsla and Hammer, there were even massive battles, including one between a resurrected a la Gandalf Old Guy and Sidious. At last a loyal team had its victory.

Secrets of the Force - Another Scrap Metal FinishEdit

Once again Maverick reprised his role of IG-92 in Pinda's Secrets of the Force as scum with his teammates being Boba and Namialus. With Pindus dead, Lord Zarvous is trying to get artifacts of the Force, but the empowered Reval is halting his advance, so he brings in a bunch of helpers in a bid to take down the Sith. Of course no Pinda game is complete without the addition of another incarnation of IG-88.

During the early moments of the game, IG-92 was shown to be cold and sadistic and fully agreed with Corpus' (Namialus) statement in robotic superiority. Later on he tried to push subtly for a vote against the Secret Weapon (Star) since others were getting suspicious of him. Corpus tried to be bold in making himself look loyal and voted Savage (Spider) while most went with the Secret Weapon. Interestingly IG-92 chose not to vote, or rather he was out of time. In the end it was the Secret Weapon that met conviction for the day, but the scum weren't in the red yet.

On the night they decided to murder Savage Oppress (Spider) but even getting rid of a powerful member wasn't going to save them any suspicion. Over the next day one of the highlights would be when Corpus was humorously effected by a special ability. As voting began Mace Windu (Obi) was a front runner to be convicted, but in a surprise move Paros Muna (Newan) voted IG-92 as a random shot at voting a scum. However Dr. Nabik (Boba) had put scrutiny upon him for strange behavior and not explaining his suspicion of Corpus. At voting's end Nabik was indeed convicted, but the suspicion towards IG-92 wouldn't end. With a team member down, they murdered Cerebrum (Bane) in the night.

Meanwhile Corpus attempted to manipulate others by claiming a role. Narrowed eyes were now being aimed at IG-92, but a partially decent defense helped ease some of the tension. Once voting began, Tage (Wampa) was the primary suspect for his inactivity and tendencies to follow. Again Windu proved to have a stark contrast in belief, going so far as to suspect Brachius (Potato) Paros and IG-92 to be the scum team.

Day 3 ended with Tage's conviction, but it was a close vote between him and the assassin droid, with some leaving a dark reminder in voting IG-92 the next day. Day 4 and it was then that the scum team had their heaviest loss yet when Corpus tried to murder Paros, but thanks to a special role it backfired and the team has lost their murderer. When his affiliation and death were revealed it gave a shock to everyone, but it did not change the suspicion against IG-92. There was some doubt growing over the inspector Shadar (Ivar) but it was the droid that would end up with the majority. Maverick was out and denied victory again. However the scum managed to get a new teammate in Hersenloos (Malgus) and so the torch was carried on.

The Subtle Plot - A Subtle DeathEdit

A game that probably can go down as Maverick's most spectacular loss, The Subtle Plot was a game that introduced clever new ideas that could make or break anyone in the game. Once again Maverick, playing Jakt was scum along with Gatar (Namialus) and Latts Razzi (Obi). Their plan was mainly to try and stop Derrown (Newan) and Ponda (Potato) from getting too friendly, since Newan and Potato were some of the best players and made great difficulties for the scum in past games. It would be of great effort that would come crashing down at its end.

The discussion on day 1 was plentiful and a tad crazy, which spread into voting. After a couple wacky votes, those of a more serious mind looked at Evazan (Star). Soon, the doctor was receiving votes, including Jakt's, but his suspicions were more third party than scum. At the base, Latts came up with a plan to make a role claim to Ponda, which would prove tricky. As for their muder choice, they chose Embo (Bane). The next day the scum noticed a great opportunity, which had Jakt claim inspector. Of course, he dared not make a scum inspection, so he simply declared Highsinger (Malgus) loyal. Everyone cautiously believed his claim and no challenge was met from any real inspector.

Later a new twist came to the game with everyone having to vote who they thought was the most trustworthy. Whoever got the majority was allowed to kill someone they thought was scum. It was a tough choice, with Jakt coming close to killing Taklar (Pinda) but when they had a private chat n which he made a bold role claim, Jakt panicked and decided to go for Todo (Spider) instead. Coincidentally Todo too had claimed third party, but since Taklar's was a more threatening one (that would turn out to be fake except for being third party). Worried he might tell others of this development (which might of course throw doubt at his role claim) he let Taklar live, but it would prove a disastrous decision. As it turned out, he had the chance to use a sure fire inspection and when he used it on Gatar, the inevitable occurred.

When nightfall came, Gatar was desperate to kill either Derrown or Ponda, but instead the target would be Highsinger (Malgus). Naturally the next day, everyone had a particular person to vote off. With Gatar gone, careful footing would be needed even for the "inspector". However with Pinda's motive complete, he was now out of the game, narrowing the scum's enemies. Voting turned a little more in the scum's favor, with the Dug (Wampa) finally being voted off after making a lot of heads turn towards him. But it was a short victory for Jakt. Even though he 'Inspected' his teammate, Latts was still a runner for being voted. However voting was made more interesting by the fact there would be two convictions. Natalie (Legolas) was one of them, but in the end so was Latts. In a desperate move she took in a one time chance to make a random kill; an all too random kill as Jakt turned out to be the victim. It was one of Maverick's more spectacular defeats.

Maverick Marshalls - HostingEdit

Originally uninterested in hosting, Maverick eventually had an idea for a game pop into his head. Maverick Marshalls would be his first hosted game (not counting the two mini-games he'd previously hosted). For gameplay, Maverick moved away from the random choice making and decided to change the workings of the scum team by making them collect new members over time instead of killing them. When doing pictures, Maverick sought the help of fellow host, Ivar-Jedi. This would be the second time a host received the pictures from another. The other time being Siblings getting help from Potato in Star Smugglers.

Planet Protectors - Giving Up the GhostEdit

Very quickly after his own game has ended, Maverick played the minor Star Trek character, Kevin Riley in Siblings second ever game, Planet Protectors. Originally loyal at first, Maverick would soon experience an unusual bit of gameplay. Interestingly, there was use of a main day page, but also several "rooms" for groups of people. On day 1, everything starts off as fun and nutty, when Mycroft (Spider) made a claim he inspected Bones (Obi) and came up scum.

The Birthday Game II - Close, But No Birthday PieEdit

With the Ambush Games' second birthday coming up, Potato decided to create another wacky game to celebrate. Playing as Revan and given the simple role of Loyal Helper, Maverick tried to become just that little bit more active than Planet Protectors. Again there was the usual crazy roleplay, such as Revan discussing the more unheard of aspects of the Force with Pie Lord (Pinda) and speaking on a spiritual level with Supernatual characters, but soon things became more focused. For voting, suspicion was aimed at Pie Lord after making a somewhat exclusive private conversation, but in the end Doctor Fangs (Namialus) was convicted for reasons concerning the private message. Sadly, despite no murder, Fangs was revealed to be loyal. Meanwhile, the Inspector, John Winchester (Bane) looked into Revan and saw him loyal. Since there was little suspicious activity, Revan proposed a random vote which some felt uneasy about. In the end though, it was The Doctor (Obi) that was convicted. The next day, not only did he come up loyal, but Dean Winchester (Newan), another loyal, was killed.

Day 3 was far more intense. Revan, who suspected Wrym (Boba) as scum or third party that may have killed Dean, applied more pressure into making him admit it, which he actually did, but said he had now been changed to loyal. When voting came, there were two big suspects. Bobby (Legolas) had been acting very strangely and came near to practically admitting he was scum, whereas Plo Koon (DarkSideRules) had suspicions that constantly fluctuated. Revan decided to go with Plo in the end, who with a large majority, was convicted.

Day 4 arrived with bad and interesting news. Plo was loyal and John, who was killed, was third party which of course revealed he wasn't the inspector. In a surprise move, Sam Winchester (Spider) revealed that he was the inspector and revealed Wyrm and Ravi Idej (Ivar-Jedi) as scum. When voting arrived, Ravi was the next victim, who indeed turned out to be scum.

Day 5 and no murder occurred during the night. Voting was an easy affair, with Wyrm getting convicted and revealed as scum. The loyals were in a confident mood when day 6 arrived with two scum in a row and when it was announced they could convict two people, they had their best chance in catching all the scum. Sadly for Revan, the players attitude towards him had shifted to being more suspicious of him. His double vote of StarKilla (StarWarrior) and Bobby Singer (Legolas) - a player that had gained a lot of suspicion over the days, yet appeared to the others as a confused loyal - didn't ease tensions. Pie Lord was also beginning to appear on the wrong foot which ended with him and Revan getting the majority. While they lost a loyal in Revan, they found a sxum in the Pie Lord. It was close, but Maverick's last few actions cost him another win.

Epitaph - When the Pumpkin Went PopEdit

Epitaph was Spider's final game in his series, which by now had become the longest of all the hosts games. Originally, the character of The Great Pumpkin was given to Jodo, but after a secret of his was revealed, Maverick was given the character instead. Teamed with the scum, Maverick knew he wouldn't be able to win since he would be going on vacation, so the team came up with the plan to get himself voted off. Not only would he stop himself from becoming dead weight in the game, but the scum would gain more trust that way. The story starts with Eomer and Revan leading the Sedition for their final battle against Sauron. It wouldn't prove to be difficult in carrying out the plan, yet the Pumpkin stayed alive after the first day. Because of the little time Maverick had, the team made plans on leading a vote on him.

Nami III: War of the NamaruEdit

Although he had made a character for Namialus' final game in his trilogy, The Nami III: The War of the Namaru, Maverick was unable to attend, yet his previous characters, Jalonya and Da'lak did make appearances, with Jalonya managing to survive the whole story in the end.

Death Dealers - Dealing In Second ChancesEdit

Death Dealers was Newan's first game to host and would include quite a twist for its end. Playing once more as Gnost-Dural, Maverick would at last return to the games after a small hiatus with the role of Roleblocker. On day 1, besides the random madness, Maul (StarWarrior) claimed Inspector, naturally arousing suspicion. Despite this, no one voted, so the day went by uneventful.

Over the night, Cad Bane (Bane) was killed, proving himself loyal. Despite this, discussion failed to get anywhere, since they were relying on the inspector, Maul. When he finally explained, he revealed his inspection of HK-47 (Boba) had failed. Seeing how Maul was likely loyal now Dural revealed his role privately.

Meanwhile, voting opened and Dural went straight for HK-47, who was quickly convicted. During the night, Dural attempted to block Revan (CBK) but it somehow failed. This made him suspicious, but with such little evidence, he kept it to himself. When morning fell, it was revealed that HK-47 was actually third party, while Abaddon (Ewok) was killed off for inactivity. Because of HK-47's affiliation, Obi-Wan (Obi) was made suspicious due to others thinking he defended him. Kenobi was not Dural's biggest priority however. Revan revealed he had been roleblocked and said he revealed his apparent role. Meanwhile, it was announced that two groups would be made to vote. One would vote earlier, the other would vote later. Dural was put in the earlier group.

Once voting started, Kenobi came to mind, but seeing how Dural's prime suspect, Revan, was showing signs of voting Kenobi, he contacted the Jedi and revealed his role while also revealing his suspicions of both Revan and Boba Fett (Namialus) whom Dural began to think was pushing for a vote on Kenobi and seemed uninterested in looking into those who voted HK-47 as possible scum.

Voting started slowly, but with time, Anakin Skywalker (Slime) was voted off after Revan revealed how his suspicions quickly changed about Maul being the Inspector. Revan also went down on Dural's suspicion list, when Maul informed him that Revan told him he did indeed get roleblocked, due to some protection. The two also made plans on pushing against Boba the next day.

Day 4 saw a huge loss of people. There was the convicted, Anakin, who'd come up loyal, Jace Malcom (Wampa) who was killed in the night and was also loyal. Then there was Loki (Pinda) a confirmed third party and Revan, who also was third party and actually succeeded in his goal. There was good news for the loyals however. Maul inspected Rex (Skirata) and was revealed to be a scum. This made Dural even more suspicious of Boba, since he successfully roleblocked him which begged the question if he was the Scum Leader. Once voting had opened, Rex was easily convicted and the following day soon came.

When day fell again, it revealed another swath of people had gone. Along with Rex, (who turned up as unknown) Obi-Wan and Sam Winchester (DarkSide) had been killed, both of whom were third party. A fourth third party, Darth Marr (Nikkie) was revealed, but he had actually won. The abundance in third parties made Dural come to suggest that there was no scum team at all. Finally, Dural made clear his suspicions of Boba, deciding that now was the time to push for him, so when voting opened, he made the first move, although with the lack of any votes, it was quite easy to do so. Fives (Legolas) also voted for the bounty hunter and it looked as though Fett was gone, but in a stunning move, Lucifer (Spider) made a double vote against Fives, branding him a "liar". So in the end, both Fett and Fives were convicted.

Day 6 revealed Dural was absolutely right about Boba as he came up as Scum, while Fives was another third party. Dural soon asked Maul as to why Fives was voted. He explained that Fives claimed the role he truly had, but he wanted to vote Dural off, along with Talzin (Potato) who was also talking privately with them. She too claimed third party. Sadly, Fives didn't tell much of his role, so Maul was suspicious of him. Eventually it all led to Spider double voting him. Voting opened swiftly and both Maul and Dural had made their target clear. Because Talzin had claimed third party and was possibly the last enemy the loyals still had. Talzin then revealed she had to vote Dural in order to win, then Darth Malgus (Malgus) also voted for the Kel-Dor in a surprise move, but Lucifer broke the tie and Talzin was gone.

For the final day, there was surprise in seeing Talzin turn out to be scum, but the main focus was getting rid of Malgus which was done in barely anytime. At last, the game ended with Malgus being the last scum and Dural, Maul and Lucifer (the Protector as it turned out) being the winning loyals. It had taken a while, but Maverick had another victory.

Captured On Coruscant - An Early EndEdit

Wampa was next to host, with his game Captured on Coruscant, with Maverick playing Mycroft Holmes. The game however was short, due to Wampa cancelling the game. Maverick was a Loyal Helper.

Hostages of Trazibar - Spidey-Sense Failing!Edit

For the first time, playing as Spider-Man in StarWarrior's much anticipated sequel Hostages of Trazibar, Maverick was granted the role of third party with a huge arsenal of abilities. Sadly, this would not help him in the long run. Playing as Spider-Man, the story begins when most of the cast from Stranded on Trazibar are swept up in an upcoming war. After a brutal battle, Spider-Man joins a rescue mission that involves saving several hostages. The downside was that there were traitors in their party that needed to be revealed.

Day 1 began humorously, with Spidey arguing with Batman (Obi) over who was the better hero. After a long while less then serious arguments, voting opened and Frederick (Spider) claimed roleblocker. Because of this claim, votes started flying everywhere, but it soon came down to Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ferus) being convicted on account of his vote on Frederick. It turned out however that Kenobi was loyal. On top of that, Captain America (Bane) had been killed in the night. That new day looked to be slow, but interest suddenly peaked when Kit Fisto (Pinda) revealed he was third party. Seeing him as a possible teammate, Spider-Man revealed his role to Fisto, who seemed convinced enough.

Voting came, but not one person was convicted, though Pong Krell (Newan) came awfully close in convicting Saesee Tiin (CBK) with his one vote, but it was out of the time limit. It didn't matter though, since he, along with Fisto, was killed in the night. Both of them were third party. Meanwhile, Spider-Man had vote blocked Krell, seeing him as a threat. Sadly, it didn't seem to help much. He'd attracted suspicion and looked to be the next conviction, so in desperation he revealed his role. They seemed to believe him and at one point he was tied with Legolas (Legolas) thanks to his vote counting as two. It looked he might actually keep the tie for the whole day, but he didn't count on Legolas himself voting him. With majority, Spider-Man was the next to fall. Maverick was met with another loss.

This Side of the Angels - Heading Back UpstairsEdit

After a long break from the games, Spider hosted a new one with the same gameplay as the experimental Servants of Destruction. Using characters from the Supernatural series, the game would pitch two teams, one from Heaven and one from Hell, against each other. Maverick, playing Metatron, was put in the Demon team led by Lucifer (Newan) with the role of a simple helper as they worked against the Angels led by Michael (StarWarrior247).

Working from the Hell Base, discussion was little more than boasting, that was until voting opened. Beforehand, Lucifer explained he could call a blank vote in the event he was unsatisfied with the day, a power Metatron suggested they might have to use it since behaviour hadn't been shifty. Eventually Lucifer did just that and asked who to vote for tomorrow. Metatron offered the idea of Uriel (Bane) based simply on a funny feeling about a comment he made on the blank vote.

Day 2 arrived and the team began looking into the option of a random vote in the event that hardly anyone's suspicious again. Once voting opened again, Lucifer showed suspicion toward Metatron for his idea of voting Uriel (whom he actually trusted more than others). A suspicion that led the Demon to vote him. Shortly after, Metatron voted Balthazar (CBK) after he talked about voting someone based off of "feelings". Resigning himself to being convicted, he was surprised to learn only he and Balthazar would be convicted since the other team members didn't make it to voting.

When voting closed, Metatron was the one to execute Balthazar, only to be stopped when the revealed traitor killed him with a Holy Oil Lighter. Eventually the scum was killed by Lucifer, but not without Maverick gaining another loss. Meanwhile, the Angel team had reached their third day and caught their own scum. After that, the battle began. Lucifer had the advantage of more people than rival Michael's (caused partially by Michael himself). The fight was long and hard, but eventually Lucifer's team conquered Michael's. In a huge twist, the two leaders showed sign of reconciliation thanks to both sharing a love of Breaking Bad, only for Lucifer to kill Michael when he tells him his favourite character dies.

Time Crash - Man of RustEdit

Next game was Obi's Time Crash, a crossover game revolving mostly around Doctor Who characters and had a new gameplay idea of a 'Shop' that people could purchase abilities from with how many posts they made. Maverick played as Superman and was, quite fittingly for his character, given the role of Loyal Protector.

The game started off with more of the usual fun antics. Apply that to the fact it was only day 1 and the result was a lack of suspicion. Things changed though when Obi-Wan Kenobi (PindaZwerver) claimed to be the Inspector. Although dubious, Superman came to believe his claim. The day ended with no conviction and so Superman was left with a choice of whom to protect. He went with Obi-Wan, but it soon proved a vital mistake. The scum, believing Walter White (DarthPotato77) as the Protector murdered Superman and Maverick wound up with a very swift loss.

Blade Runners - The Return of Ghost-DuralEdit

Newan was up for hosting again, this time with his Death Dealers sequel Blade Runners. Given the role of Helper, Maverick replayed as Gnost-Dural for the third time running. With a total of ten players, Blade Runners marked another dry period in Ambush Gaming, nevertheless the game went ahead.

Day 1 began with a lot of auspicious humor, which didn't help with driving home a suspect. It didn't help when voting started either. However, Qui-Gon (Spider) did reveal his role of Inspector. This led to Jango Fett (Legolas) to be interested in if he'd spoken to the Protector which made Gnost question his affiliation. Another interesting moment was when Cardinal (Obi) randomly voted Darth Bane (Bane) without any forewarning. Cardinal's odd behavior would continue to arouse suspicion.

Voting closed and Bane was convicted, while in the night Darth Maul (StarWarrior) was killed.

Day 2 made for an eventful one, when Qui-Gon at first revealed he inspected someone loyal, but that changed when he revealed it was actually Jango that came up Scum. Jnago went on to behave very strangely from then on, including Whitaker (Obi) whose reasons for joining in was because he was "Bored". Despite this, it didn't stop most of the others to believe he was the next Scum to vote off. Voting ended, rather obviously, with Jango's conviction.

Day 3 and Jango was indeed revealed to be Scum, but there was a cost. Gnost had been killed in the night and so Maverick was left with another loss.

Ludum Mortis - Corrina CaboomEdit

The next game came without a story and was hosted by first timers Bane and Padmenic. Players were told to create a character, so Maverick made up Corrina Caloom, a quircky pyrotechnic.

The Birthday Game III - Third Time's The Unlucky CharmEdit

With the Ambush Game's third anniversary around the corner, another Birthday Game was being planned, only this time by Spider, since Potato didn't have the time. Again, most players, like Maverick, roleplayed as themselves. The story would take place at a party hosted by Shadow (an old character created for a discontinued series). Everything went well, until a man named the Scum King revealed he had poisoned some into being his minions. So the game the began and with little to suspect. Things changed though when it was revealed Bane had enacted a strange plan.

Merciless Mercenaries - A Mercilessly Poor ChoiceEdit

After some time off the games, Namialus returned to hosting with a new game, called Merciless Mercenaries. The story went that a Hutt crimelord's second in command intends to kill him with a group of dangerous bounty hunters, but the Hutt, Newan, had managed to sneak in a few traitors. One of them was Maverick himself, the other Tyron (Newan).

Traitors to the Empty Lord - The Emptiness of LossEdit

Pinda's turn next and his game idea went away with the theme of Star Wars. Instead it was based in the world of Runescape, a fantasy MMO full of powerful gods.

Honur Among ThievesEdit

List of Played CharactersEdit

IG-88 - Haters of the Jedi - Loyal Helper.

Cyborg P03-N1X - Rise of the Infiltrators - Loyal Inspector.

Jabba the Hutt - The War On Middle-Earth - Loyal Suicider.

Commander Fox - The Tale of Omega - Loyal Seeker.

Seceise Opyter - The Rising Menace - Seperatist Defender.

Garsus Julang - Stranded - Loyal Helper.

Hasko Ters - Haters of the Jedi III: Rise of the Empire - Weapon Warrior.

Cyborg P03-N1X - Rise of the Jedi Knight - Loyal Protector.

IG-86 - Servants of Destruction - Loyal Blue Member.

Himself - The Birthday Game - Scum Murderer.

Professor Layton - The No No Name Game - Loyal Protector.

Jabba the Hutt - A Common Enemy - Loyal Helper.

Da'lak Gardros - The Nami - Loyal Helper.

Captain Panaka - The Oppression of Omega - Loyal Helper (with one night inspection).

IG-91 - Haters of the Jedi IV: Civil Wars - Scum Henchman.

Naval Command NC-2199 "Edge" - Vanished - Loyal Suicider.

Grand Moff Tarkin - Stranded on Trazibar - Loyal Inspector.

Aayla Secura - Traitors of the Republic - Scum Janitor.

Jalonya Paradell - The Nami II: An Alliance of Light - Loyal Helper.

Gnost-Dural - The Blade of Darth Revan - Amnesia.

Shisco - The Ambush Pirates: Secrets of the Map - Scum Leader.

Luke Skywalker - The Reckoning of Omega - Loyal Overseer.

IG-92 - Secrets of the Force - Scum Leader.

Jakt Talko - The Subtle Death - Scum Mercenary.

Kevin Riley - Planet Protectors - Loyal Friend (later turned to Scum Crony).

Revan - The Birthday Game II - Loyal Helper.

The Great Pumpkin - Epitaph - Scum Murderer.

Gnost-Dural - Death Dealers - Loyal Roleblocker.

Mycroft Holmes - Captured on Coruscant - Loyal Helper.

Spider-Man - Hostages of Trazibar - Goliath (Third Party).

Metatron - This Side of the Angels - Loyal Helper.

Superman - Time Crash - Loyal Protector.

Gnost-Dural - Blade Runners - Loyal Helper.

Corrina Caloom - Ludum Mortis - ???

Himself (again) - The Birthday Game III - Loyal Helper.

Maverick (Bounty Hunter) - Merciless Mercenaries - Scum Leader.

Lucien - Traitor to the Empty Lord - Loyal Inspector.

Castas - Honour Among Thieves -

Total wins: 10

Total losses: 24

Total non finishes from cancelled games: 3


  • Although he didn't play it, his favourite game is Rise of the Saboteurs, mainly because of the film like story and pictures.  Another favourite is Rise of the Jedi Knight, for its plot, setting and wondrous end.
  • He holds the record for taking the longest break from the ambush games.
  • Maverick maybe the second or third person to host a spin-off game.
  • Along with Potato and Newan, Maverick has the most wins.
  • Maverick additionally holds the record of surviving the most murder attempts.
  • Maverick and Ivar are working on an idea of interlocking storylines and universes that will be shown in the future.