Meredith Diamond

Meredith Diamond is a Playable Character in Ivar-Jedi's epic "Rise of The Jedi Knight" She is a sister to Crystal Diamond

Role: ???


Together with he sister, Crystal Diamond, Meredith was baptismed as a Nightsister after helping the clan out. Although not born one, or even from the same planet, the Nightsisters accepted the two sisters as one of they're own. 

When Crystal went on the mission with Ravi-Idej, Meredith was heartbroken to see her sister go. As they have always been together, always. 

After hearing the news of her sister's betrayel and death, Meredith mourned greatly and decided to join the Republic Army to fight for the greater good in this galaxy. However, when Order 66 was initiated, she refused and was hailed a traitor by the Clone Troopers who, after killing Seassee Tiin, shot at her. She ran and managed to escape. 

She has now joined The Fire Skeleton's great Rebellion to fight against the evils of the Empire and restore her sister's honor. 

Rise of The Jedi KnightEdit

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