Milba Sansuo

Milba Sansuo was a Maverick Jedi Marshall and host character of the game Maverick Marshalls.


Early LifeEdit

Milba was not born within Union space, but actually the outer-rim planet of Bespin. Her family were part of the mining colony established on the enormous floating structure known as Cloud City. However her time there would be short, since Cloud City was a destination Maverick Jedi would discreetly acquire tibanna gas. Inevitably, she would some day meet one of these people and when she did, they discovered her unusual gift. Two Marshalls would one day notice another's mind trying to "feel" theirs. They quickly discover it to be a seven year old Milba. One of the Marshalls, Valkaris sees massive potential and eagerly asks her parents if they wish for her to develop such power. Although Milba's parents agreed, the second Marshall Calaida was less sure in developing such an unusual power, but Valkaris remained adamant at letting her become a Maverick Jedi. In time Milba would develop her unusual telepathic ability, with Valkaris and Calaida acting as her primary teachers. It took many years of her childhood, but the practice paid off. Now she was able to bring more focus to her telepathy, however when reading a living being's thoughts they would seem clouded.

Over the years Milba would be made Marshall of the Maverick Jedi, spending most of her duty on the criminal investigation department. Her team ups with Marshalls would usually include Darth Dracus and Valkaris himself. Milba was obviously the least interested in combat, preferring diplomacy then harming. However that is to say she wasn't willing to go to such lengths, even when it came to here own comrades.

Catching RadicalsEdit

Personality and TraitsEdit

Milba has a more nervous disposition when compared to the more resilient Valkaris and Drakus. She has a constant worry over her order being discovered by the galaxy at large, but it doesn't take much to take her mind off of it. Although she is more a diplomatic person and dislikes fighting, she still uses it as a last resort.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In spite of her disinterest in fighting, Milba was a highly skilled user in lightsaber combat. Her style of fighting was distinctive thanks to the teachings of Valkaris, who was highly unconventional in the field of lightsaber combat. Milba also had the gift of reading minds to a certain extent, but pushing such power would make her weakened and vulnerable.


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