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The droid company


Durring the Clone Wars, the Republic is pushed to its limits trying to protect key Republic star systems from the Separatists grasp. The Jedi Council has discovered that the coordinates to a space route that leads right into the heart of Separatists space, is hidden in an abandoned temple on the planet of Baroon 4. The Jedi dispatch a group of droids to recover it, which is led by the hired bounty hunter known as OTSIF-88. But in this company of droids, there are Separatist spies. The spies will do anything to stop the Republic from retrieving this information. Will the spies stop the loyal droids? Or will the loyals defeat the spies? Find out in "Mission of Survival"!



Host: OTSIF_88




R7-Y4 (Sparky)

F2-J4 (Bomber)

R9-O6 (Blast)

R5-M8 (Ehco)

B9-J7 (Crawler)

G9-G8 (Mouse)

D4-H6 (Spider)

J2-T5 (Barker)

U8-P9 (Sweety)

R5-V7 (Boomer)

R6-S9 (Crusher)

R9-E4 (Zoomer)

R1-B3 (Shooter)

R8-P2 (Shocker)


  • This will be Fisto's first Ambush Game that he will host
  • Fisto has no idea of when it will be hosted
  • OTSIF=FISTO (Most of you guys probably already saw that)

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