Molten Man

Molten Man (AKA Mark Allen)

Molten Man is a playable character in "Back on the Grid". 


Mark Allen was a kid with a bad habit of gambling. Mark eventually slides into a losing streak and becomes indebted to Blackie Gaxton. He is dragged in to the Big Sky Billiard Room, where he assures Blackie that he will repay him, but Gaxton doesn't trust him. At that point, the Green Goblin barges in their meeting, announcing that he is the new Big Man. The Goblin enlists Gaxton's services, and tells him he needs a test subject. So he convinces Mark that the only way to clear his debt is volunteering to an experiment. Mark is taken to an abandoned police precinct and meets Dr. Miles Warren, who injects him with a solution. Mark becomes alarmed as his skin becomes golden. Dr. Warren tells him he can turn it off with his own mind, but in actuality he switches it on and off with a remote control, so as to trick Mark into believing he could control it. Gaxton declares that they are even, hands him 100 dollars and sends him off to bet. Looking for even more money, Molten Man became a bounty hunter. 

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