The Murderer role in action

The Murderer role is a very important Power Role used in the Ambush games. This and the Protector role are the only two roles to be used in every game so far. Only the scum have had the Murderer role so far. If you're the Murderer, your night action is to attempt to murder one loyalist every night. This could fail though, as the Protector role allows one loyalist to be protected from murder each night. If the Murderer tries to kill a protected loyalist, the murder will fail.


The Murderers so far are:

Plo Koon (CBK)- Jedi Temple

Shahan Alama (Gamma)- Hunting the Hunters

Sev (Boomer)- Haters of the Jedi

Starkiller (Ll)- Sith Temple

Crystal Diamond (Kim)- Rise of the Saboteurs

Captain Lock (CBK)- Guardians of the Republic

General Grievous (Ll)- Haters Of The Jedi II: Order 66

Macen Tribeal (PindaZwerver)- The Enemy Within

Kai Klim (Starwarrior)- Star Smugglers

Natalie Shaw (Natalie)- Rise of The Infiltrators

Plo Koon (Dark) and Obi-Wan Kenobi (Starwarrior)- The War on Middle-Earth

Dengar (Newan)- The Tale of Omega