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Newankalt better known as Newan was a member on .He first started posting on Jan 28 2012. He is now a moderator and a active member of the Ambus Games he is also a member of The Nexus Route both sites prginafedd from

The Ambush GamesEdit

The War On Middle EarthEdit

In the war on middle earth hosted Spider-Wollfe_78, Newan played the role of General Grievous he was a Isengardian Foot soldier. Grievous was revived and chosen by Saruman to join him and 16 others on a quest to find the tesseract. Early in their journey they learned there was spies within the group they starting voting people one by one who they thought were spies and most of the time the group was right. Grievous built guild relations with a ewok named Wicket and a old Sith Lord named Revan he often battled with Theoden king of Rohan who The group later found was a spy. The loyals won the game after all the scum were defeated.

  • Newan played as grievous in TWOM-E
  • Newan will play as Dengar in the tale of omega.
  • Newan will play as Boba in The rising menace
  • Newan will play as Bo Katan in Haters 3

The Tale Of OmegaEdit

During The Tale Of Omega hosted by DarthPotato77, Newan took on the role as the Bounty Hunter Dengar He was the scum murderer. Early in the game Dengar often stayed close to Jedi Master Monn this ultimately led to Dengars downfall as Monn was killed and came up scum.The others in the company thought being close to a scum member was suspicious on day 3 Dengar was voted off and also came up as scum.

The Rising MenaceEdit

Newan will play the role of Boba Fett In CBK's upcoming ambush game.


Newans first ambush game was Spider-Wolffe 78s game TWOME.

Newan first started posting on Jan 28 2012 but he actually made an account years before that

Newan left the site because of trolls back in June 2012 but returned December 2012 when he first learned of the ambush games

Newan has often had a strong alliance with DarthPotato77 in many games. The Tater/ Newan alliance is best known for ganging up on DarthNamialus many times though over half have resulted in successful alliances.

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