Dr. Nuvo Vindi

Nuvo Vindi was a playable character in the Haters of the Jedi game. He was played by Darth Namialus and his role was hater protector. He was killed and betrayed by Boba Fett (Potato) in the game conclusion. Nuvo Vindi might return in the second Haters of the Jedi game.

Haters of the JediEdit

Nuvo Vindi was recruited by the janitor Pindus Zwervus to join a group of jedi haters. After his blue shadow virus plan was foiled by the jedi, Vindi thought it was a great idea to join the group. The group's plan was to assault the jedi temple and attack the jedi. Unfortanetely, there were spies for the jedi within the group. In order to find the spies Pindus told the haters that they must vote one person off each day until all of the spies are dead. By the time the second day began, there was already carnage with two loyal haters dead. Eventually, Vindi helped foil two of the spies, resulting in their deaths the next day. Knowing that the spies numbers must be low now, Vindi and the survivors continued to look for the spies. But one hater after another fell as the haters made bad voting decisions. In the end, it was down to Vindi, Boba Fett, and Pre Vizsla. Vindi had trusted Boba the entire time and had believed him to be a hater, so him and Boba teamed up on Pre and voted him off. After Pre was defeated in a duel with Pindus, Vindi, Boba, and Pindus went to go attack the jedi temple. But there was still a spy among them, which was Boba. Boba had already contacted the jedi and let them know what was coming. When they were at the temple, Boba shot Vindi, killing him and ultimately betraying him.

After DeathEdit

Very Shortly after Vindi died, Boba dueled Pindus in an epic duel, but Boba won in the end and supposedly killed Pindus. But Pindus was very much alive and wanted revenge on Boba from then on.

Haters of the Jedi IIEdit

Vindi returned from the death to destroy the Jedi and get revenge on Boba. How exactly he returned will be revealed later. Again he was played be Namialus and betrayed by Tauntaun (Potato).

Haters of the Jedi IIIEdit

During Haters of the Jedi III: Rise of the Empire a Nuvo Vindi impersonator will be playable character. But there's no proof that he isn't the real Nuvo Vindi... he returned from the death once before so perhaps he did it once again.