The Phase 1 Games were the first Ambush games ever played. In order to make the games more organized, they have been divided into Phases. The first group, this group, is Phase 1. This includes the first five games.
Phase I
  • The First GamesGo to The Jedi Temple Game
  • The Second GamesGo to Hunting the Hunters
  • The Third GamesGo to Haters of the Jedi
  • The Fourth GamesGo to The Sith Temple Game
  • The Fifth GamesGo to Rise of The Saboteurs

List of Phase 1 GamesEdit

The Jedi Temple Game- Hosted by Potato

Hunting the Hunters- Hosted by Potato

Haters of the Jedi- Hosted by Pinda

The Sith Temple Game- Hosted by Spider

Rise of The Saboteurs - Hosted by Ivar  

Evolution of the GamesEdit

The games changed and varied greatly throught these first five games. The first game, The Jedi Temple Game, introduced five different roles. But as the games progressed, new roles were invented and used and started to become more common. As more and more games were played, the stories started to become thicker, richer, and have better plots. One important note is that videos were used to represent some events in the games, instead of usually using pictures. This first took place in the third game, Haters of the Jedi, and so far has only been used by Pinda (the host of that game and it's sequel).

Roles IntroducedEdit

Scum Murderer

Scum Leader

Scum Janitor

Scum Healer

Scum Henchman  

Loyal Protector

Loyal Inspector

Loyal Suicider

Loyal Helper

Levels of Cannon IntroducedEdit






Player The Jedi Temple Game  Hunting the Hunters Haters of the Jedi  The Sith Temple Game  Rise of the Sabetuers  Total
Boomer No Yes Yes No No 2


Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 5


No No Yes No No 1
Darksiderules13  No No No Yes Yes 2
DarthPotato77  Hosted Hosted Yes Yes Yes 5
Darth_Namialus  No No Yes Yes Yes 3
echaniwarrior  No Yes No No No 1
Gamma Siera  Yes Yes No Yes Yes 4
Ivar-Jedi No Yes Yes Yes Hosted 4
JediKim No No Yes No Yes 2
jedipanda28 Yes Yes No No No 2
Jett-Kron No No No No Yes 1
LI No No No Yes No 1
Master Kenobi-Wan Yes Yes No No No 2
maverickjedivalen No No Yes No No 2
PindaZwerver Yes Yes Hosted Yes Yes 5
Siblings Yes Yes No No Yes 3
sithkillagal99 No No No Yes Yes 2
Spider-Wolffe_78 No Yes Yes Hosted No 3
superseaturtle:) No Yes No No No 1
Zinga763 Yes Yes Yes No Yes 4
Players 7 11 10 11   
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