DarthPotato77 The Phase 2 Games were the next set of Ambush games played, taking place after the Phase 1 Games. This Phase of the games was longer as they had become more popular. The Phase 2 Games began with Potato's third hosted game called Guardians of the Republic. They came to an epic conclusion with Spider's second game called The War on Middle-Earth. Potato planned to have each new phase of a game begin when he hosts again, marking the beginning of a new cycle of games.
Phase II
  • The Sixth GamesGo to Guardians of the Republic
  • The Seventh GamesGo to Haters Of The Jedi II: Order 66
  • The Eighth GamesGo to The Enemy Within
  • The Ninth GamesGo to Star Smugglers
  • The Tenth GamesGo to Rise of The Infiltrators
  • The Eleventh GamesGo to The War on Middle-Earth

Phase 2 GamesEdit

Guardians of the Republic- Hosted by Potato

Haters of the Jedi 2: Order 66- Hosted by Pinda

The Enemy Within- Hosted by Kenobi

Star Smugglers- Hosted by Siblings

Rise of The Infiltrators - Hosted by Ivar

The War on Middle-Earth- Hosted by Spider

Evolution of the GamesEdit

By the time the Phase 2 Games began, the Ambush Games had become fairly popular, attracting over 20 different players total. One notable event about this time of the games was that, for the first time ever, a third group was put into the games, instead of the usual two groups. Also, videos have been used again (by Pinda again) and may be used by other hosts during this Phase, too.

Roles IntroducedEdit

Third Side Muderer

Scum Polarizer

Loyal Reviver

Scum Terrorist

Levels of Cannon IntroducedEdit



Postponed GamesEdit

Sith Killagal was originallly planned to host a game, but could not due to school. She hosted her Game Stranded in Phase III

Spin-Off GamesEdit

The Halloween Game- Hosted by Potato

Dimension ChaseHosted by Maverick


Player Guardians of the Republic Haters of the Jedi II The Enemy Within Star Smugglers Rise of the Infiltrators The War on Middle-Eath Total


Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 6
ClankerLator No No No No Yes (sort of) No 1
CommanderFisto No No No No No Yes 1
CommanderTitan No No No No No Yes 1
Cupcake Jedi Yes No No No No No 1
Darksiderules13  No Yes No Yes Yes Yes 4
DarthPotato77  Hosted Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 6
Darth_Namialus  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 6
echaniwarrior No No No No No Yes 1
Gamma Siera  No No Yes No No No 1
Ivar-Jedi Yes Yes Yes Yes Hosted Yes 6
JediKim No No Yes No No No 1
LI Yes Yes No No No No 2
Master Kenobi-Wan Yes Yes Hosted Yes Yes Yes 6
Matt No Yes No No No No 1
maverickjedivalen No No No No Yes Yes 2
Natalie Crescent No No Yes Yes Yes Yes 4
newankalt No No No No No Yes 1
PindaZwerver Yes Hosted Yes Yes Yes Yes 6
Scruffy No No No No Yes No 1
Siblings No No No Hosted Yes Yes 3
sithkillagal99 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 6
Spider-Wolffe_78 Yes Yes Yes No Yes Hosted 5
Squiggy365 No No No Yes No Yes 2
starwarrior247 No No No Yes Yes Yes 3
Zinga763 Yes No No No No No 1
Players 10 10 9 11 14 17

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