Phineas Webley
Vital statistics
Seasons 1
Status Unknown
Age 36
Occupation Vigilante

Bounty Hunter

Affiliation Himself

Arthur Kestrel

First Appearance Tecumseh
Last appearance Enemies

Phineas Webley is a supporting character in the series Rule of the Kestrels. He is an bounty hunter and the partner of legendary killer Arthur Kestrel.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Webley's life before the season. But at some point,At some point Webley met Arthur Kestrel and began working with him to fight Rhyolitians. Arthur stole a mysterious Rhyolitian cube from Xerxes' men and entrusted its location to Webley. Immediately before the series began, he was captured by the gangster Syfar and held for ransom. This news reached Rollins, who would later give the news to Arthur Kestrel.

Season 1 Edit

Season-1-episode-1---tecumseh 16179279109 o

Webley is freed by Arthur Kestrel.

 Webley was quickly found by Arthur in Syfar's keep and was freed by his friend. When the two were stopped by Syfar, Arthur shot the gangster and Webley took part in the ensuing gunfight. The two easily killed the guards and left the palace.
Season-1-episode-7---azarel 16551935328 o

The new Phineas Webley

Soon after, Kestrel would be killed by Rhyolitians and Webley would be sent into a deep depression. He grew out his beard and turned to alcohol. His hatred and anger towards Rhyolitians grew and he lost all pity and mercy he once had.

After accidentally messaging Arthur Kestrel, Webley came into contact with Kestrel's children Adrian and Eileen.

Relationships Edit

Arthur Kestrel - Friend

Arthur Kestrel - Friend turned Enemy

Eileen Kestrel - Acquaintance turned Enemy

Known Murders Edit

-Unknown Bartender


Personality and Traits Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Skills and Abilities Edit

Gun Use -

Hand to Hand Fighting -

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Webley's last name is taken from a type of gun.
  • Webley's role changed drastically throughout production.

Appearances Edit

Season 1 Edit


-Ruins (cameo)





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