• PindaZwerver's first avatar on
  • PindaZwerver's avatar right now on
  • PindaZwerver played Anakin Skywalker in the jedi temple game.
  • PindaZwerver played Cad Bane in hunting the hunters.
  • PindaZwerver played host character Pindus Zwervus in the jedi hater game.
  • PindaZwerver played count Dooku in the Sith temple game.
  • Pinda played Dall Amuro in Rise of The Saboteurs
  • PindaZwerver played Commander Fox during the Guardians of the Republic game.
  • PindaZwerver played the host characters Pindus Zwervus, Kaas Zwervus and PZ-15 during Haters of the Jedi 2: Order 66.
  • PindaZwerver played Daniel Flox in Rise of the Infiltrators
PindaZwerver played in all of the Ambush games so far. He was close to winning the Jedi temple game, he was the first person other then Potato to host a game and won the Sith temple game.


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