Plo Koon Played by CBK

Plo was one of the very first characters to be protrayed by in the Ambush Games. In the Jedi Temple Game, he was protrayed by CadBaneKiller.

The Jedi Temple GameEdit

At the beginning of the game Plo Koon was given the role as Sith murderer. He was on the opposing team along with his ally Anakin Skywalker. The two were given the title as the first opposing team members. Koon had gathered everyone to vote off either Fisto or Windu, this was taken into account with the majority voting on Windu.

From seeing the aftermath of Windu taken into interrigation, Plo was eager to kill and arrest more Jedi. At night Plo's assassination failed and so did the conjuring of a new partner. Luck was not on their side as Koon was suspected as Sith. Given another chance by luck, no one was convicted but Koon was still being pointed at by various Jedi. Seeing that the first assassination failed, Koon decided to kill Fisto who was the only one he hadn't pointed at.

In the morning Fisto was dead and Koon was convicted this however made Anakin warry to proceed the Sith movement. Though at the end Koon and Anakin were both convicted, leaving the two remaining jedi (Obi-Wan and Vos) the last Jedi standing.

Rise of The InfiltratorsEdit

Plo Koon will have a cameo appearance in the second "Rise" game hosted by Ivar-Jedi.

The War on Mddle-EarthEdit

Koon was a Death Eater in The War on Middle-Earth. For unknown reason, Plo acted completely out of character and tried to make it easiar for the others to catch and kill him. The companions were annoyed by him and decided to vote him off. Revan shot his head off with a Bazooka.