Pre Vizsla
Pre Vizla

Pre Visla

was a playable character in the haters of the jedi game. He was played by Ivar-jedi and his role was hater. He was killed by Pindus Zwervus (PindaZwerver) in the game conclusion. Pre Visla returned in the second haters of the jedi game. He then made his next appearence in The Tale of Omega.

Haters of the JediEdit

Vizsla was recruited by Pindus Zwervus to join a group of jedi haters. There mission was to assault the jedi temple and destroy the jedi. But there were spies that worked for the jedi within that group and no one knew who they were. In order to eliminate all of the spies, Pindus ordered the Haters to vote for one person everyday until all of the spies were dead. Vizsla joined the group late on the second day, but he had nothing to hide. He was a true hater. But two other haters had already been killed and murdered by the time he arrived so things weren't looking good for the haters. But a spark of hope ignited for the group when two spies, Sev and Maul, were killed. That spark was crushed though, as hater after hater fell after that. It soon came down to him, Nuvo Vindi, and Boba Fett. Boba was the spy of the group and had manipulated Vindi to vote off Pre with him, leading to Pre's downfall. Wanting to avoid death, Pre dueled Pindus shortly before the assault on the temple. Pre lost this duel and his death followed.

After DeathEdit

After Pre's death, Pindus, Boba, and Vindi set off to assault the jedi temple. But Boba had already alerted the jedi so they were prepared for the attack. Vindi was quickly shot and killed and Pindus soon was defeated in an epic lightsaber duel by Boba. But Pindus was not yet finished.

The Tale of OmegaEdit

While Vizsla did appear in Potato's third game, Guardians of the Republic, it was still only a cameo. He will play a much larger role in Potato's next game called The Tale of Omega. Potato has just recently confirmed him as the third host character of the game. Why he's working with the good guys will be answered in the game.

Cadbanekiller's GameEdit

A possible game CBK has said was a Death Watch Game, which would feature Pre as the leader along with various characters like, Bossk, Savage, and Ventress. The game's main plot would be to have revenge of the Sith Lord Dooku but Dooku had sent in assassin to kill Pre.
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Vizsla with some Death Watch soldiers

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Vizsla Featuring in CBK's preview picture