Darth Revan as ha appears in "The War on Middle-Earth."

Revan is the main alias of a renegade force user and son on Eomer. He was a playable character in The Sith Temple Game and The War on Middle-Earth mbush games. Revan is well known for being a redeemed sith. He is played in TSG and TWOM-E by CadBaneKiller.


The War on Middle-EarthEdit

At this point, Revan served as a mercenary for Saruman. He drove a speeder to bring Gandalf to Middle-Earth but was ambushed by Frodo Baggins. The two eventually made it to the Shire. Revan joined Gandalf and Saruman's company. Revan survived for the first three days and assissted Wicket and Grievous in killing Theoden. But Revan was wounded by Obi-Wan Kenobi and left for dead. Revan swore to kill Gandalf.

The Sith Temple GameEdit

After turning to the Death Eaters, Revan was ordered by Voldemort to kill Boba Fett and his mercenaries. Revan killed the mercenaries, but Grievous stopped him from killing Fett. Darth Sidious began a vote to find out who the traitor was. After Gandalf was voted off, Revan killed Anakin Skywalker under Voldemort's orders and left. Upon hearing of Lehnsherr's survival, Revan desperately tracked him to Hogwarts. Revan fought and killed the wizard. There he along with Sidious, realized they had to unite against Sauron.

A Common EnemyEdit

Revan joined a rebellion movement called the "Sediton" founded by Haldir. There, Radagast revealed there were scum by killing Daesha Tualin and cutting off Revan's hand. Revan was one of the few men there, along with Wicket, Grievous, Eomer, and Haldir that did not turn against Sidious. After Grievous was crucially injured by Loki, Revan and the other three members worked to start a second Rebellion.

The Desperate QuestEdit

Revan and the other rebellion members went on many adventures to recruit and fight against Sauron. During these voyages, Revan came to make an enemy in a man called Haradian.

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