Rise of The Infiltrators Official Poster

Rise of The Infiltrators Official Poster

Rise of The Infiltrators



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Loyal Soldiers




DarthPotato77, JediMaverickValen, CBK, Scruffy


DarthNamialus, DarthPotato77, PindaZwerver, SithKillagal99, Natalie Crescent, DarkSideRules13, CBK, MaverickJediValen, Scruffy, StarWarrior247, Master Kenobi-Wan, Clankerlator145





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Rise of The InfiltratorsRise II or Rise Episode II: The Infiltrators, is the 10th Ambush Game and a sequel to "Rise of The Saboteurs" It was hosted by Ivar-Jedi (host of the Trilogy) using his host character Ravi-idej, who is now a Jedi, again. Another recurring character is The Fire Skeleton with Darth Namialus reprising his role while DarthPotato77 plays as another Wiz-Man.

This game marked the return of Maverickjedivalen to the Ambush Games and the coming of two new players to the games: Echofisto and Scruffy, respectively. It had 13 players and was the first game to have more then 12 players. When EchoFisto didn't show up, the role of Kit Fisto was giving to Clankerlator145, who was also new.

The Playable Release was released on December 8, 2012, with the Extended Edition released throughout several occasions. 

The game unexpectedly went on hold during a glitch and/or maintanence at wich disabled the ability to comment and/or see other comments. The glitch ended on January 8, 2013 and the game resumed on January 13, 2013.

However, when the Game resumed, the players Scruffy and Clanklator145 didn't return and new players for the characters that they previously played had to be found. With no succes. 

The game ended on January 26, 2013 with the Loyals winning. The Conclusion was released on Janaury 28, 2013, officially ending the game.

Written and Directed by Ivar-Jedi.

For all the pictures with dialogue you can check these links out below and watch the entire game!

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Or you could check out the "Ultimate Rise of The Infiltrators Gallery" at the bottom of this page. 


A new Elite Force, led by Jedi Ravi-idej, attacks a Seperatist Fortress on the remote planet of Batinee to uncover secret plans hidden within the base. After defeating the droid army and taking over the fortress, Ravi discovered that there are Infiltrators amongst his Elite Group, ready to stop them at all cost from getting off the planet alive. Ravi is forced to move back to his old ways of voting people off one by one. In the meantime he is trying to crack the code that will reveal the plans to him. Can he and the Loyal Soldiers pull it off in time? Or will the Infiltrators kill them all...


Playable CharactersEdit

  1. Darth Namialus as The Fire Skeleton
  2. DarthPotato77 as Darren Ratta (Wiz-man 2.0)
  3. DarkSideRules13 as Boba Fett
  4. PindaZwerver as Daniel Flox
  5. Spider-Wolffe 78 as Cameron Darkrider
  6. Scruffy as Nalyal Dagget
  7. CadBaneKiller as Zorrus Blake
  8. Natalie Crescent as Natalie Shaw 
  9. Sithkillagal99 as Avery Thorston (Ravi's Padawan)
  10. Starwarrior247 as Talia Tate
  11. Master Kenobi-Wan as Bogore Harris 
  12. Maverickjedivalen as Cyborg P03-N1X 
  13. Clankerlattor145 as Kit Fisto

The role of Kit Fisto was first supposed to go to EchoFisto by reqeust of the player himself. In the end Echo never appeared and the role was given to Clankerlator who was eager to play as his second favorite Jedi. 

Unplayable Characters And Cameo's Edit

All the Unplayable and Cameo chacaters will be portrayed by Ivar-Jedi.

  1. Ravi-idej (Host Character)
  2. Commander Fierce
  3. Lume-Den
  4. Fortress General
  5. Anakin Skywalker
  6. Obi-Wan Kenobi
  7. Count Dooku
  8. Yoda
  9. Mace Windu
  10. Plo Koon
  11. Darth Sidious
  12. Battle Droids
  13. Clone Troopers
  14. Rider
  15. Captain Phoenix
  16. Jedi Master Zhan Fray
  17. Jedi Younglings
  18. Jango Fett
  19. Asajj Ventress
  20. Darth Maul (Extended Edition Only)
  21. Larr Dec (Extended Edition Only)
  22. Young Cave Troll
  23. Momma Troll

Hidden CharactersEdit

These character were hidden in certain pictures for the players to find to add some lightheartness to the heavy emotional gameplay. They are placed by Ivar-Jedi. 

  1. Aragorn
  2. Frodo (Shire Outfit)
  3. Jack Sparrow (Waistcoat)
  4. King Theodon of Rohan
  5. Deathwatch Member
  6. Mad-Eye Moody
  7. Sokka
  8. Legolas
  9. Gandalf The Grey
  10. Spider-Man
  11. Han Solo (Medal) 
  12. The Riddler
  13. Gollum/Smeagol
  14. Boromir
  15. The Scarecrow (in Celebration of "The Demension Chase") 


The game takes place 2 years after the first one, in the last days of the Clone Wars. The setting of the game is a Separatist Fortress that has been taken over by Ravi and his men. Several area's of the Jedi Temple are seen. Along with several planets, Including Tatooine and the fictional Ice planet of Liffle.

The name of the fictional planet is Batinee.



Ravi gets called to a briefing room somwhere in the Jedi Temple by the Jedi Council. Here he recieves his mission of gathering his Elite Force of Friends and take over a Separatist Fortress on the planet Batinee. He accepts the mission and recieves help from Jedi Master Kit Fisto (Clankerlator145) He later runs into Commander Fierce (Ivar-Jedi) and tells him about they're groundbreaking mission that could end the war once and for all. Ravi orders Fierce to gather Ravi's friends on Liffle while Ravi himself goes to look for Boba Fett (DarkSideRules13) and his padawan Avery Thorston (Sithkillagal99) Before running off Ravi talks to Zhan's lightsaber, hoping to make his oldest friend proud.



Ravi meeting Boba

Ravi travels to Tatooine to recruit the Bounty Hunter Boba Fett but first meets up with his Padawan Avery Thorston and Darren Ratta (Wiz-man 2.0) (DarthPotato77) He informs them of the mission and they willingly agree. Meanwhile Fierce is on his way to pick up the rest of the team on the Ice planet of Liffle. But appearantly they're outpost is under a Separatist siege! The droids are easily overrunning the Republic Outpost and the Ravi Company desperately tries to defend it, even though their Jedi gaurdian is down and wounded. Things turn around however when Fierce and the Clone troopers arrive and destroy the remaining droids, saving the day (and Bogore's life who almost fell in a dark abyss) The wounded Jedi is taken to the hospital and Fierce informs the group that Ravi has a new mission for them and that they should return to Coruscant immediately. 

Back on Coruscant The Fire Skeleton (Darth Namialus) tells Ravi that Fierce and the Company should arrive any moment now in the Jedi Temple Hangar. When the group arrives Ravi thanks Fierce who then goes off to help clones in the hangar. Ravi informs his Company of the upcoming mission and the how crucial it is they succeed. After Ravi's briefin everyone runs off to grab their supplies and get ready to leave the next day. 

Day 1 - How To Take Over A FortressEdit


The Fortress Take Over Scene.

On the first day it finally happend. The Elite Force arrived on Batinee and immediately began their assault on the Separatist Fortress. Ravi-idej (Ivar-Jedi) went forth alone and suprised the Droids at the gate. Soon the rest of the Company joined the already ensueing fray. The Clone Scout Walker took out a cannon on the gate but was shot down by another one somewhere else on the wall, killing the Clone driver Hymoot. Ravi and Fisto (Clankerlator145) were against the door, Natalie Shaw (Natalie Crescent) sniping down droids and the rest hiding behind rocks and stones form the firestorm raining down upon them. Avery Thorston (Sithkillagal99) dragged  Nalyal Dagget (Scruffy) along with her and set her idea in action. Dagget throw his chain up the wall for Avery to balance on to the top. Dagget continued with his plan at the gate. Ravi and Fisto used Force Jump. The Fortress was taken and the Droid General detroyed by Natalie. The Fire Skeleton (Darth Namialus) had saved the live of Separatist Lume-Den who was about to be executed for unknown reasons. Ravi decided to keep Lume alive. 

Dooku speaking to Ravi.

Soon after checking the computers of the command centre wof the fortress a hologram of Count Dooku appeared. The Count told Ravi everything about the Infiltrators in his group, expect for the names. Ravi got furious and planted his lightsaber inside the hologram out of anger, destroying the holographic communication. Ravi now knows what he has to face and what he has to do. He ordered his men to find the Infiltrators at all cost. 

During the afternoon Ravi decided to speak to Lume-Den. Lume explained that he worked for the Separatists as a Designer for their battle crafts in trade for the safety of his family and his home-planet. Lume told he is the designer for the Mystery Weapons Ravi's mission is about but that he doesn't know the password the into the computer and that it changes every 2 minutes. Ravi makes a deal with Lume that the designer helps him decipher the password and after that he is free to go. During the afternoon Nalyal Dagget and Natalie Shaw witnessed a Giant Spiders pass by the Fortress. 


Cameron attacking Fierce

After receiving the most votes Cameron Darkrider (Spider-Wolffe 78) was arrested and taken outside by Ravi. Outside Fierce was already waiting for Ravi and Cameron. After Cameron was granted his final words Fierce got ready to shoot the man but was stopped when Cameron pulled out his sword that he had hidden underneath his cape. Fierce fell to the ground and Ravi disarmed Cameron by cutting off his hand. Cameron admitted being a Infiltrator and lost it. After screaming at Ravi that a Jedi would never kill an unarmed man Ravi walked away and Fierce shot Cameron dead. 

In the night Talia Tate (Starwarrior247) couldn't sleep and asked Ravi if she could watch the stars from outside the Fortress. Ravi granted her this wish while he and Fierce tried to decipher the password. Outside, Talia sat down against some rocks and watched the starry night. Unbeknownst to he the Infiltrator Murderer crept up behind he and decapitated her with a sword. 

Day 2 - BoneFireEdit

The next day Ravi and Fierce were still awake and trying to decipher the password. When they heard an extremely loud scream of fear Ravi and Fierce ran outside with the other that had woken up and found a shocked Natalie Shaw (Natalie Crescent) next to the decapitated Talia Tate (Starwarrior247) They realized that the Infiltrators had a murderer active. Talia wus buried an hour later by Ravi. 


Boba Fett killed by Fierce.

During the afternoon Fierce came to Ravi who was watching both the graves of Cameron and Talia. Fierce asked if it was time ot open voting. Ravi told him to go ahead as he would come soon. When Fierce left Ravi held up his lightsaber and admitted his failure as a Jedi and a friend and fell sobbing to ground. 

At the end of afternoon, when Ravi, Fierce and Lume-Den were trying to decipher the code once again, Boba Fett (DarkSideRules13) was thrown before them. Boba had been convicted. Boba fataly tried to convice everyone once more that he was Loyal but lost it when no one believed him. He made a run for it, knocking several people over. He ran to his ship, the Slave I, but was interrupted when the ship exploded. Fierce had picked up Talia Tate's bazooka at her grave and blew up the ship to stop Boba. Fierce walked up to Boba and blasted the teenager's head off. Much to Ravi's disapprevol. Boba was buried by Ravi. 


The droids and the Troll strike back.

During the evening Cyborg P03-N1X (Maverickjedivalen) and Avery Thorston (Sithkillagal99) were on watch duty up on the walls of the Fortress and noticed a small group of Separatist Battle Droids advancing towards the Fortress with a young Cave Troll (see Cave Trolls) in tow. They immediately alarmed everyone. The three Jedi and The Fire Skeleton (Darth Namialus) started the fight on the ground while the rest shot at the incoming enemy from above. The troll, enraged, knocked Ravi into the air upon his Padawan Avery knocking both out. Kit Fisto (clankerlator145) and The Fire Skeleton retreated with much dismay of leaving the two down but the Droids were to overwhelming. When the door was sealed, the Droids used to Troll to complete bust in the gate and knock everyone off their feet. The droids and the troll started to pour into the Fortress and wreck havoc amongst the company. A second troll (the mother of the young one) busted into one of the Fortress walls, destroying it and knocking out Bogore Harris (Master Kenobi-Wan

The Fire Skeleton's sacrifice

While on the wall, viewing the choas, the Infiltrator Murderer crept up behind the Fire Skeleton trying to end him once and for all. Before the murderer could kill him the Momma Troll picked the Skeleton up and took him and her son with her. Ravi gave chase after the troll but the Skeleton send him after the murderer instead who was trying to escape. Ravi was knocked out by the murderer and the Skeleton burned the troll's hand to be free and save his friend before the murderder could kill him. The Skeleton set the murderder on fire but it was of no use as the murderder's suit was fireproof. Before the murderder could kill Ravi the Skeleton jumped on it and the murderder was revealed to be Natalie Shaw when her hood fell off. The Fire Skeleton then started his suite's self-destruct sequence as it had been damaged beyond repair anyway and said goodbye to Ravi before blowing up and taking Natalie with him. 

Fierce found Ravi in his sobbing state and couldn't resist but call him a pathetic Jedi. Ravi ignited his saber and held it against Fierce's throat but didn't kill him. Ravi then walked away and buried his old friend. 

Day 3 - A Personal Darkness WithinEdit

The next day everyone had been cleaning up the Fiery Plains and inside the Fortress itself. Making it droid-free. All the droid parts and dead bodies were thrown on a pile and set on fire. Ravi joined his friend later that morning when the fire was great starting to burn the droids away. Fierce apologized to his General for his actions last night and Ravi forgave him but stayed weary. 


Ravi killing Bogore

Later that day voting was opened and in no time Bogore Harris (Master Kenobi-Wan) was arrested and brought outside where the Company surrounded him with himself and Ravi in the middle. Ravi and Bogore faced eachother and started circling around eachother while Bogore admitted of being an Infiltrator amongst the group. When Ravi said his Loyal friends were really good and picking the Scum out Bogore starting to laugh and snarl at Ravi. Calling him a bad leader and a terrible Jedi, hitting Ravi's feelings hard as the man feels this way about himself. After Bogore's true words Ravi lost it and ignited his lightsabe, stabbing Bogore to death. 

Everyone just looked at him and Ravi knew what he did was wrong. 

Day 4 - DownfallEdit

In the morning of day 4 Ravi is sitting alone on of the Fortress walls, stressing over his experiences the last few days. He is then joined by Lume-Den. Lume tells Ravi why he is really here. The Separatists invaded Lume's homeworld and destroyed it and took him away from his family and friends to be a war machine designer as he was the best in the system. Lume told Ravi that you shouldn't stay stuck in the past to much otherwise it will consume you. Ravi gained a new found courage and opened voting for his company who all cheered for him as they immediately saw his happiness. 


Avery re-assuring Ravi.

When the final vote was cast, Ravi waited outside for his company to bring the accused Scum. To his great horror, the convict was his own Padawan! Avery Thorston (Sithkillagal99) had been arrested and tried to comfort her master that she was ready. That this is the will of the Force. Ravi refused to kill her and Commander Fierce (Ivar-Jedi) asked to if he could kill her all to eagerly. Ravi decided to lock Avery up. 

Ravi killing the giant spider.

Then Nalyal Dagget (Scruffy) yelled that the Giant Spider had returned and the creature charged at the company. Bringing most down and terribly wouding Lume-Den with one of it's paws, the Spider went to find a suitable snack for the day and fixed her eight eyes on Avery who was driven into a corner. Having lost her lightsaber during the charge, Avery didn't stand a lot of chance against the giant monster. She revealed her chainsaw and managed to fight the Spider for some time and cut one of her legs off but the creature was too fast. Avery was knocked over and in no time the Spider starting feasting on her freshly caught meal. In pain and while being eaten alive Avery gave her last words to her master. When the Spider tried to leave, Ravi jumped high in the air, ignited his saber and stabbed the Spider to death when he came down. Avery was already dead and her remains buried later on the day. 

Ravi's force vision

At nightfall, Ravi, in despair and tired beyond believe went to sleep alone. During his night rest he gained a vision from the force and saw his perished friends again. Captain Phoenix and Jedi Master Zhan Fray. They told Ravi to 'rise' wich the Jedi didn't understand at first. They told Ravi that if he would be able to complete his mission he needed to rise out of his past and personal darkness before things greatly go out of hand. Ravi doesn't think he can do it. They also gave him a warning of a great evil taken control in the coming days. Then the vision ended and Ravi woke up. 

Day 5 - After The OmenEdit


Ravi joining Lume-Den and Rider outside.

This day was not that special because not a lot happened. The discussions went forwards as usual and Ravi, Lume and Fierce were still trying to decipher the password for the secret plans. 

When voting began Ravi decided to step outside for a while. He went to join Rider and Lume outside the fortress. Lume was greatly healing from his wounds inflicted by the Spider.

Without Ravi's permission Commander Fierce took over hosting and when the group reached the vote max he led the arrest on Kit Fisto (EchoFisto) The Jedi understood and accepted his fate. He was shot down. The shots were heard from outside the fortress. 

In an extended scene Ravi actually tells Fierce he's going to step outside for fresh air. Also in the extended edition Ravi rushes into the fortress after hearing the blasters to see Kit's dead body. 

Day 6 - The End of All Things Good Edit

At the beginning of the end Ravi, Fierce and Lume-Den were working on the password again and they finally had it! They opened the sceret plans and were shocked to see the blue-prints for an enormous battlestation called "The Death Star" 


Anakin appears.

After that moment of shock and glory Daniel Flox (PindaZwerver) was thrown on the floor before Ravi. He had been voted off and believed to be an Infiltrator. Before Ravi could deliver Flox's punishment a voice stopped him. Suddenly, there in the gateway, stood Anakin Skywalker (Ivar-Jedi) hooded in black. When Ravi asked Anakin what he came to do here Anakin simply ignored him and told Fierce to execute "Order 66" Fierce nodded and aimed his gun at Ravi's head, threating the group of Loyals that he would kill the Jedi if anyone did something. Anakin walked up the platform and activated a holographic transmission from Chancellor Palpatine, now looking deformed. The Chancellor revealed himself to be the 'Sith Lord they were looking for' and ordered the death of Flox when discovering the Infiltrator had failed. Fierce shot Flox in the head. Then Palpatine ordered the death of all witnesses and Ravi ignited his saber and made Fierce trip. Anakin was fast to react and clashed sabers with Ravi. 

The Loyals escaping evil

Lume-Den activated a secret passage and escaped through it together with the remaining Loyals. After a short duel over the Fortress Raviwas no match for the powers of 'The Chosen One' and also pulled back to the secret passage. Anakin was distraced by Clone Trooper Rider who sacrifieced himself for the Loyals to escape. 

In the secret passage they found a speeder bike. Ravi decided to take it and distract the enemies while the others and headed for the Separatist escape pods Lume located through a computer inside the passage. 

The Loyals made a run for it and Ravi sped forward with the Speeder. He decided to turn around and suprise Anakin and Fierce like planned but was shocked to see another speeder-bike stop infron of him. The driver made a back-flip off the vechile and Ravi crashed in head first. 


Ravi facing Siem (now called Lord Verd)

When Ravi got up he stood face to face with the believed to be dead, Siem Blackrim. In a short conversation where Siem (calling himself Lord Verd) explained about his survival and anger he charged at Ravi and the old friends dueled an intense duel on the fortress plains. Eventually Ravi was overpowered and Siem took his lightsaber away. He then proceeded to cut of Ravi's right hand. When he tried to kill Ravi entirely he was thrown to the ground by Lume-Den. Lume, knowing that he would die, sacrifieced himself so Ravi could escape. After a heartbreaking moment Ravi jumped on of the speeder bikes that still worked and sped off. Unfortunately for him, Fierce had picked up Talia Tate's (Starwarrior247) bazooka and shot the backside of speeder making it lose control. Ravi crashed in a lake and went underwater. The speeder exploded at the same spot and the three enemies believed the young Jedi had died in the blast. They left behind Ravi's saber.


The Fire Skeleton adressing the winning Loyals.

Elsewhere in the wood Darren Ratta (Wiz-man 2.0) (DarthPotato77), Cyborg P03-N1X (Maverickjedivalen), Zorrus Blake (CadBaneKiller) and Nalyal Dagget (Scruffy) had made it to the hidden Separatist escape pods and left the planet once and for all. 

After floating in space for 3 days they were found by a cruiser. They were brough on board and were woken up from their frozen cyro-sleep. They were greeted by Jedi Masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda who told them they were the only survivors of the great Jedi Purge. The two left the room and in came The Fire Skeleton (Darth Namialus) They all wanted to know about his survival but Skelly said for it to wait. He told the remaining Loyals about the death of Ravi, the rise of the Empire, the Sith Lords and his plans to start a Rebellion. They Loyals were with him and Skelly then held up Ravi's lightsaber in the air. Symbolizing that his friend did not die in vain. 

The End...

Winner(s) Edit

On January 26, 2013, Rise of The Infiltrators officially ended and the winners were annoucened! It were the Loyals! DarthPotato77 as Darren Ratta (Wiz-man 2.0) - Maverickjedivalen as Cyborg P03-N1X - CadBaneKiller as Zorrus Blake and Scruffy as Nalyal Dagget. Congratulations!

Unfortunately Scruffy didn't return to the site on time to witness his victory. 



Loyal ProtectorEdit

Protector (Role)

Description of the Loyal Protector: Your goal is to find all the Infiltrators and arrest them. The Infiltrators have a role called Infiltrator Murderder. The Infiltrators who has this role can kill players in the night, but you can stop him! You can choose a player you want to protect (you can also protect yourself) and if the Infiltrator Murderer tries to kill the protected one it won't work.

This game's Loyal Protector: DarthPotato77

Loyal InspectorEdit

Inspector (Role)

Description of the Loyal Inspector: Your goal is to find all the Infiltrators and arrest them. During the night you can inspect a player by choice and find out his or her's affiliation. You will not know their exact role. Only if they are Loyal or Infiltrator. This won't always work though, because the Infiltrator Leader can protect his fellow Infiltrators from inspection and make them come up as Loyals.

This game's Loyal Inspector: Maverickjedivalen

Loyal SuiciderEdit


Description of the Loyal Suicider: You goal is to find all the Infiltrators and arrest them. The Infiltrators have a role, The Infiltrators Murderder, wich allows them to kill people in the night. However, when the Murderer tries to kill you, you will make a sacrifice and kill yourself together with the Murderer.

This game's Suicider: Darth Namialus

Loyal HelpersEdit

Loyal Helper (Role)

Description of the Loyal Helpers: Your goal is to find all the Infiltrators and arrest them. You are a regular Loyal Soldier. You have no night role, but you do vote for who you want arrested!

This game's Loyal Helpers: DarkSideRules13, Clankerlator147, Sithkillagal99


Infiltrator LeaderEdit

Scum Leader (Role)

Description of the Infiltrator Leader: You goal is to find all the Loyal Soldiers and eliminate them! The Loyal Soldier have a role called The Loyal Inspector. This Role allows them to find out other people's affiliation, but not the roles. You as the Leader can protect yourself or one of your fellow Infiltrators from Inspection over the night.

This Game's Infiltrator Leader: Spider-Wolffe 78

Infiltrator MurdererEdit

Murderer (Role)

Description of the Infiltrator Murderer: Your goal is to find and eliminate all the Loyal Soldiers! Your role is kill Loyal Soldiers in the night, without them knowing it was you. The Loyals have a role called the Loyal Protector though, that allows them to protect other Loyal Soldiers from dying. The Loyal Proctector can even protect him/herself if he/she wants too. If you try to kill a Player that is protected, it won't work, but you won't be revealed as the Murderer.

This Game's Infiltrator Murderer: Natalie Shaw

Infiltrator HenchmanEdit

Scum Henchman (Role)

Description of the Infiltrator Henchman: You goal is to find and eliminate all the Loyal Soldiers! You are a regular Infiltrator. You have no night action but you do vote for who you want arrested.

This game's Infiltrator Henchman: PindaZwerverMaster Kenobi-Wan

Differences Between "Rise of The Saboteurs" Edit

  • This game will feature a role not used in "Rise I": The Loyal Suicider.
  • It features two playable characters that aren't made up by Ivar, but come from the real Star Wars Series.
  • The Protector can protect only 1 instead of 2.
  • The Infiltrator Leader can protect only 1 instead of 2.
  • The Setting is not as big as the previous one but comes close. It featers "about" 800/900 pieces. 
  • Hidden characters were introduced for fun.
  • Lego Lord of The Rings was used. 
  • Paint Effects were used in several pictures

Release Edit

The Game was officially released on saturday, december 8, 2012. The Prologue and the Opening were released two days in advance to spark up the enthousiasm of the players. Ivar hoped it to be a good way to make them all exited for the game. It was met with lots of positivity and the game was released just as planned. 

The Extended Edition does not have a particular release date. 


Here you can look back at all that died during the Game.

Character Affiliation Role Way of Dying
Cameron Darkrider Infiltrators Infiltrator Leader Shot In Face By Fierce
Talia Tate Loyals Helper Beheaded
Boba Fett Loyals Helper Shot By Fierce
The Fire Skeleton Loyals Suicider Sacrificed Himself
Natalie Shaw Infiltrators Murderder Killed By The Fire Skeleton
Bogore Harris Infiltrators Henchmen Stabbed By Ravi
Avery Thorston Loyal Helper Eaten by Giant Spider
Kit Fisto Loyal  Helper Shot by Everyone
Daniel Flox Infiltrators Henchmen Shot In Face By Fierce 
Lume-Den Separatists Designer Stabbed By Verd
Ravi-Idej Republic Jedi Killed In Explosion


Just like "Saboteurs" this game will feature a Fictional Soundtrack List. But also an Extended Soundtrack List. Just for fun again.

Track Name Duration
1. Rise of The Infiltrators 9:03

2. Star Wars Main Title

3. The Prologue And The Briefing Room 2:56
4. Fierce 1:35
5. The Jedi Temple Hangar 2:44
6. Battle of Liffle And Tatooine Meeting 5:09
7. Ravi's Briefing 2:00
8. The Fortress Fight And Dooku Hologram 6:51
9. Lume-Den 1:38
10. The First Day 4:02
11. Infiltrator Leader 1:12
12. The Murder of Talia Tate 2:28
13. The Arrest of Boba Fett 2:04
14. BoneFire 5:41
15. True Words 1:58
16. A New Found Courage 1:25
17. My Padawan  3:16
18. Vision of The Force 2:05
19. Fisto's Demise 1:18
20. The Last Infiltrator 4:29
21. The End of All Things Good 10:17
22. Start A Rebellion 2:35
23. End Credits 7:58

This is the soundtrack list for the Extended Cut of the Game, featuring more tracks and sometimes different track names.

Track Name Duration
1. Rise of The Infiltrators 11:12
2. Star Wars Main Title 5:25
3. Ravi The Jedi 1:35
4. Recieving The Mission 2:02
5. Seeds of Distrust (Exclusive Track)  1:37
6. Fierce 2:00
7. Padawans And Wiz-Man's 2:44
8. The Battle of Liffle (Extended)  4:03
9. Fett (Extended)  2:26
10. The Elite Force Assembles (Extended)  3:28
11. How To Take Over A Fortress (Extended)  7:00
12. The First Day (Contains Track "Lume-Den") (Extended)  5:40
13. Infiltrator Leader (Extended)  1:42
14. The Night of Day One (Exclusive Track)  2:28
15. The Arrest of Boba Fett 2:04
16. BoneFire 5:41
17. True Words 1:58
18. Ravi's Determination 1:25
19. My Padawan (Extended)  4:19
20. Omen (Extended)  3:07
21. Fisto's Demise (Extended)  1:38
22. A Puzzling Flox 4:29
23. The End of All Things Good 10:17
24. Start A Rebellion 2:35
25. Rise of The Loyals (End Credits)  7:58
26. Lament For A Jedi (Exclusive Track) 5:59

If this enormous Sequel ever had a trailer Ivar would have chosen this music to accompany it: 

"Age of Dragons" Music from the Trailer for "The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug" - audiomachine02:41

"Age of Dragons" Music from the Trailer for "The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug" - audiomachine


  • This is the first game with an Extended Edition. 
  • There is another "The Dark Knight Rises" reference in this game. In the first game being it "Bane Hardy" refering to actor Tom Hardy playing Bane in the movie. This time it's "Talia Tate" refering to the character of Miranda Tate.
  • The Pictures of the characters were taking even before the production of the set was completety finished. It can be seen in certain screenshots
  • On October 22 the name of the fictional planet where the game takes place on was reavealed to be "Batinee"
  • Ivar might have to make some extra characters if more people decide to join the game.
  • The game was originally going to be released after Sithkillagal99's game, but due to production problems Kill couldn't make the deadline and Rise II might have to takes it's place.
  • The game broke the record for most players on an Ambush Game somehere in the beginning of November.
  • The Prologue was filmed on November 6 and November 7, 2012
  • Boba's scene was filmed on November 7, 2012
  • Several extra scenes were filmed on November 8, 2012 Along with the entire opening.
  • The Prologue and Opening together had over 150 pictures in total. Ivar had to cut some things out.
  • At first Lume-Den was supposed to be the Fortress General of the Droid Army but Ivar changed him to being a prisoner. Before his actaul name was revealed he was called "Fortress General" and after the change "Prisoner" until finally being called "Lume-Den"
  • A Extended cut will be released once the game is finished. Containing more content of the game that had to be cut due to length issues. 
  • On November 19 Ivar revealed the first photo's of the main setting of the game. Even though the set was not yet finished, it was already met with positive reception.
  • On November 19 a new character entered the story. Ivar decided to put a second Fortress General in the game. In 2 days time the idea was scraped. It returned a week or two later. It was scraped for good on December 1, 2012, just before ending filming the Fortress Take Over. 
  • The infamous "Rug of Shame" (infamous amongst Ambush Game Users) might make a first game appearance. This idea was presented to Ivar by newcomer Scruffy. The "Rug of Shame" is where Users "hide under" when they are embarrased. It's appearance was scraped on December 6, 2012. 
  • Shelob, the spider from the Lord of The Rings Trilogy makes an appearance as a "Giant Spider" that resembles the wildlife of the planet "Batinee" where the game plays out on.
  • A New "Official Poster" was taken on November 20, 2012. A new poster was in need because of the last minute arrival of Echofisto playing as Kit Fisto.
  • The Setting was completed on November 20, 2012.
  • This will be the first game to use the permanent Guides for each player and graveyard.
  • Order 66 will be shown in this game.
  • Ivar uploaded the 24 picture long Prologue on November 21, 2012. It was cut short from 41 Pictures.
  • A deleted scene with Kit Fisto was filmed.
  • Filming at the Separatist Fortress set started on November 23, 2012
  • This game will feature many Lego Lord of The Rings and Monsters Fighters element pieces. 
  • Ivar uploaded the 43 picture long Opening on December 1, 2012. It was cut short from 75 Pictures. 
  • On December 3, 2012 reshoots were held due to the poor quality of the "Fortress Take Over" Scene.
  • Extra Character Pictures were taken on December 3, 2012
  • On December 3, 2012 while closing in on the deadline, a scene was abruptly deleted from both Game Versions. It features Boba releasing a ladder for other to climb up the Fortress Walls. During the reshoots this scene was replaced with Boba opening the Main Gate of the Fortress. 
  • Squiggy365 became a "Back-Up" player for the game. 
  • On December 4, 2012 The Dooku Hologram pictures were edited to they're final state of production. 
  • On December 6, 2012 The Prologue and Opening were revealed for everyone to see. It was met with positive response.
  • On December 6, 2012 Ivar got a second Back-Up Player for the game "Clankerlator" who is also new to the games. 
  • In the morning of December 7, 2012, one day before the release of the game, the "Fortress Take Over" Scene was once again reshot, now with clearer pictures. These will make the final cut.
  • The Fortress Take Over Scene that opens Day 1 was shot 3 times, 1 original and 2 reshoots. 
  • Potato gave Nalyal the nickname "Narwhal" 
  • This game shows The Fire Skeleton sacrificing himself to save Ravi-Idej from the Murderderess Natalie Shaw. But it was already confirmed the Fire Skeleton will appear in "Rise III" An explanation will be given sometime.
  • Due to a glitch on the game had to go on hold for some time.  
  • The first Extended Clip was released on December 21, 2012. 
  • The Game went on hold on December 8 until it resumed on January 13 due to a glitch on disabling commenting on the guides. 
  • The eaten by Spider Death Scene was long in development before the game's actual release. Ivar had hoped to use it when Nalyal would be voted off. But since it seemed Nalyal wouldn't be voted off, he changed it to Avery. He didn't want to exclude the scene from the game. 
  • The Game ended on January 26, 2013 and the Conclusion was released 2 days after, consisting of 63 Pictures. 

Sequel Edit

After the first "Rise" ended it's gameplay run, Ivar-Jedi annouced the possiblity of 2 more sequels, a spin-off and a Prequel game. The 2 sequels have been confirmed, Infiltrators being the first and Rise of The Jedi Knight the second. Rise III takes place during the Original Star Wars Trilogy time period and 20 years after Rise II and 23 years after Rise I. This game has another host Character.

Rise of The Jedi Knight

Ultimate "Rise of The Infiltrators" GalleryEdit

Here every picture that has to do with "Rise of The Infiltrators" will be posted! So sit back and enjoy all you're favorite moments from the game!

NOTE: Also Extended Edition Scene are in this gallery because this gallery is supposed to show you everything!

  • Rise of The Infilrators
  • Rise of The Infiltrators Chracters
  • Who Shall Rise? - Teaser Poster
  • Time To Rise - Tearser Poster 2
  • The Fire Skeleton (Rise of The Infiltrators)
  • Darren Ratta (Wiz-Man 2.0)
  • Boba Fett (Rise of The Infiltrators)
  • Daniel Flox
  • Cameron Darkrider
  • Nalyal Dagget
  • Zorrus Blake
  • Natalie Shaw
  • Avery Thorston (Ravi's Padawan)
  • Talia Tate
  • Bogore Harris
  • Cyborg P03-N1X
  • Kit Fisto
  • Clone Commnader Fierce
  • Lume-Den
  • Phase II Clone Troopers
  • Battle Droids
  • Fortress General
  • Count Dooku
  • Anakin Skywalker
  • Obi-wan Kenobi
  • Plo Koon
  • Mace Windu
  • Yoda
  • Rider
  • Jedi Master Shask
  • Asajj Ventress
  • Jedi Younglings
  • Jango Fett (Flashback)
  • Bypassers
  • Bib Fortuna And Palace Gaurds
  • Darth Maul (Extended Edition Only)
  • Larr Dec (Extended Edition Only)
  • Prologue - Pic 1
  • Prologue - Pic 2
  • Prologue - Pic 3
  • Prologue - Pic 4
  • Prolgue - Pic 5
  • Prologue - Pic 6
  • Prologue - Pic 7
  • Prologue - Pic 8
  • Prologue - Pic 9
  • Prologue - Pic 10
  • Prologue - Pic 11
  • Prologue - Pic 12
  • Prologue - Pic 13
  • Prologue - Pic 14
  • Prologue - Pic 15
  • Prologue - Pic 16
  • Prologue - Pic 17
  • Prologue - Pic 18
  • Prologue - Pic 19
  • Prologue - Pic 20
  • Prologue - Pic 21
  • Prologue - Pic 22
  • Prologue - Pic 23
  • Prologue - Pic 24
  • Prologue - Pic 25
  • Prologue - Pic 26
  • Prologue - Pic 27
  • Prologue - Pic 28
  • Prologue - Pic 29
  • Prologue - Pic 30
  • Prologue - Pic 31
  • Prologue - Pic 32
  • Prologue - Pic 33
  • Prologue - Pic 34
  • Prologue - Pic 35
  • Prologue - Pic 36
  • Opening - Pic 1
  • Opening - Pic 2
  • Opening - Pic 3
  • Opening - 4
  • Opening - Pic 5
  • Opening - Pic 6
  • Opening - Pic 7
  • Opening - Pic 8
  • Opening - Pic 9
  • Opening - Pic 10
  • Opening - Pic 11
  • Opening - Pic 12
  • Opening - Pic 13
  • Opening - Pic 14
  • Opening - Pic 15
  • Opening - Pic 16
  • Opening - Pic 17
  • Opening - Pic 18
  • Opening - Pic 19
  • Opening - Pic 20
  • Opening - Pic 21
  • Opening - Pic 22
  • Opening - Pic 23
  • Opening - Pic 24
  • Opening - Pic 25
  • Opening - Pic 26
  • Opening - Pic 26
  • Opening - Pic 27
  • Opening - Pic 28
  • Opening - Pic 29
  • Opening - Pic 30
  • Opening - Pic 31
  • Opening - Pic 32
  • Opening - Pic 32
  • Opening - Pic 33

Extended Edition/Deleted Scenes GalleryEdit

Because the Prologue and Opening together were over 150 Pictures Ivar had to cut some stuff out. Here you can watch the unaltered scenes and a list of the scenes that were cut from the Playable Release. 

  1. Prologue - A picture of Ravi deulling with a resurrected Darth Maul.
  2. Prologue - A picture of Ravi leaving the Jedi Briefing Room.
  3. Prologue - Yoda giving a mission to Obi-wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker.
  4. Prologue - Mace Windu revealing his distrust about Ravi's abilities to Yoda.
  5. Prologue - A picture of Ravi talking with Commander Fierce.
  6. Opening - Avery Bumping her head against the wing of a Jedi Starfighter she had been repairing.
  7. Opening - Avery using the force to lift her Lightsaber from the ground to her hand.
  8. Opening - Wiz-Man suiting up. 
  9. Opening - Boba talking to Larr Dec before turning to Ravi. 
  10. Opening - Fierce adressing his men on board a Republic Gunship.
  11. Opening - A prolonged conversation between Ravi and Boba on Tatooine.
  12. Opening - Jedi Master Shask taken away on a brancard by Dagget and Tate (Mentioned in Playable Release)
  13. Opening - The Elite Force wondering what they're next assignment will be before leaving Liffle. 
  14. Opening - Fierce contacting The Fire Skeleton.
  15. Opening - The Fire Skeleton walking with Ravi.
  16. Opening - Fierce leaving Ravi's briefing to do something. 
  17. Opening - Some Clones saying they are ready for the job. 
  18. Opening - Flox and Natalie both bringing something up about the mission during the briefing. 
  19. Opening - A scene of Ravi not allowing Avery to come along. 
  20. Day 1 - An Extended Scene of Fierce and Rider getting on the wall.  
  21. Day 1 - Ravi in need of help and Wiz-man aiding him. 
  22. Day 1 - One shot showing The Fire Skeleton and Lume-Den cleaning up the Droid mess. 
  23. Day 2 - A shot of Ravi fighting Natalie Shaw in disguise
  24. Day 2 - A scene of Ravi and Avery waking up and seeing the Momma Troll heading towards the base. 
  25. Day 4 - An Extended Version of Avery's Arrest
  26. Day 4 - The Fire Skeleton appearing in Ravi's omen. 
  27. Day 5 - The Aftermath of Fisto's Death. 

Deleted Scene(s): 

  • The Ladder Is Down! - During the "Fortress Take Over Scene" Boba was first supposed to release a ladder in the back of the fortress which allowed acces for Daniel Flox, Darren Ratta, Cyborg P03-N1X and Bogore Harris. During the reshoots of December 3 this scene was changed to Boba opening the main door of the Fortress as it would make more sense. 

Prologue: Extended - Part 1 (No Dialogue)

  • Prologue Extended - Pic 1
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 2
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 3
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 4
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 5
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 6
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 7
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 8
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 9
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 10
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 11
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 12
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 13
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 14
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 15
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 16
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 17
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 18
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 19
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 20
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 21
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 22
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 23
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 24
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 25
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 26

Prologue: Extended - Part 2 (No Dialogue) 

  • Prologue Extended - Pic 27
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 28
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 29
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 30
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 31
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 32
  • Prologue Extended - Pic 33

Opening: Extended: Pawadan's And Wiz-Man's (No Dialogue)

  • Padawan's And Wiz-Man's Extended - Pic 1
  • Padawan's And Wiz-Man's Extended - Pic 2
  • Padawan's And Wiz-Man's Extended - Pic 3
  • Padawan's And Wiz-Man's Extended - Pic 4
  • Padawan's And Wiz-Man's Extended - Pic 5
  • Padawan's And Wiz-Man's Extended - Pic 6
  • Padawan's And Wiz-Man's Extended - Pic 7
  • Padawan's And Wiz-Man's Extended - Pic 8
  • Padawan's And Wiz-Man's Extended - Pic 9
  • Padawan's And Wiz-Man's Extended - Pic 10

Opening: Extended: The Recruiting of Boba Fett (No Dialogue/Edited)

  • The Recruiting of Boba Fett Extended - Pic 1
  • The Recruiting of Boba Fett Extended - Pic 2
  • The Recruiting of Boba Fett Extended - Pic 3
  • The Recruiting of Boba Fett Extended - Pic 4
  • The Recruiting of Boba Fett Extended - Pic 5
  • The Recruiting of Boba Fett Extended - Pic 6

Opening: Extended: The Battle of Liffe (No Dialogue/Edited) 

Behind The ScenesEdit

Ivar plans to make photo's or a video to show how the Rise Games came to life. It will be some sort of "Behind The Scenes" Feaurette. The first picture, showing Ivar on the set of The Rise Series, was released on January 19, 2013 followed by several pictures showing what usually happens to Ivar's Legos when he is not using them. 

  • Ivar, the director of The Rises Series, on the set of the Trilogy.
  • Ivar's bird, Zazu, wrecking havoc on set - 1
  • Ivar's bird, Zazu, wrecking havoc on set - 2
  • Ivar's bird, Zazu, wrecking havoc on set - 3


Here are some notable qoutes for the game that Ivar thought were worth it to write down. 

"Join you, Master Fisto will" - Master Yoda

"I don't trust him" - Mace Windu (Extended Edition) 

"Trust more people, you don't. Trust, you should" - Yoda to Windu (Extended Edition)

"He almost ran over those younlings" - Ravi-Idej

"I wonder what Ravi has in store for us now" - Cameron Darkrider (Extended Edition) 

"I enjoy the flight, not the repairs" - Ravi-Idej

"Jango Fett was a friend of my father's" - Ravi-Idej to Boba Fett

"We are all eager to discover what doom you are sending us into now!" - Cameron Darkrider to Ravi-Idej

"Uh Oh!" - Battle Droids

"Unfortunately i must regretfully inform you that some of your so called "friends" have betrayed you and become my pawns, my servants, my Infiltrators" - Count Dooku to Ravi-Idej.

"They have a cave troll!" - Cyborg P03-N1X

"Farewell Ravi. Farewell my friend" - The Fire Skeleton

"I stopped looking at the past" - Lume-Den

"May the Force be with you" - Avery Thorston to Ravi-Idej

"Rise" - Jedi Master Zhan Fray 

"I'm not dead! I'm just a pile of bones!" - The Fire Skeleton (Extended Edition) 

"For the Jedi! For those who have fallen! For the Republic! For Ravi!" - The Fire Skeleton

Actor Fun Edit

Just for fun, and because i saw the players talk about it sometimes; Here is a table that would show wich Actor would fit the role of character the best if this game was a live-action/animated movie. You are free to edit this if you want. 

Character Actor
Ravi-Idej Ivar Witteveen
The Fire Skeleton Andy Serkis (Motion Capture and Voice)
Darren Ratta (Wiz-Man 2.0) Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Boba Fett Daniel Logan
Daniel Flox Joel Edgerton
Cameron Darkrider Tom Hiddleston
Nalyal Dagget David Tennant
Zorrus Blake Karl Urban 
Natalie Shaw Kiera Knightley
Avery Thorston Jennifer Lawrence
Talia Tate Marion Cotillard
Bogore Harris Christopher Lloyd (Motion Capture and Voice) 
Cyborg P03-N1X Benedict Cumberbatch
Kit Fisto Phil LaMarr (Motion Capture and Voice) 
Commander Fierce. Rider And Clones Dee Bradley Baker
Lume-Den Sharlto Copley (Motion Capture and Voice) 
Count Dooku Christopher Lee
Yoda Tom Kane (Voice) 
Mace Windu Samuel L. Jackson
Anakin Skywalker Hayden Christinsen
Obi-wan Kenobi Ewan Mcgregor
Plo Koon James Arnold Taylor (Motion Capture and Voice) 
Fortress General And Battle Droids Matthew Wood (Motion Capture and Voices) 
Jedi Master Zhan Fray Ian Mckellen
Darth Sidious Ian McDiarmid
Jedi Master Shask David Thewlis
Siem Blackrim/Kyr'am Verd Ben Whishaw

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