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Rise of The Jedi Knight Poster.

Rise of The Jedi Knight



Host Character(s)

The Fire Skeleton, Ravi-Idej






Maverickjedivalen, Newankalt, Squiggy


DarthPotato77, Maverickjedivalen, CBK, Scruffy, Starwarrior247, Commander-Fisto15, Spider-Wolffe 78, Pindazwerver, Darth Namialus, Darth Bane, Squiggy, bobafett590, SWU, Natalie Crescent, Newankalt





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Haters of The Jedi III: Rise of The Empire

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The Legacy of Arda: Servants of Destruction

Rise of The Jedi Knight, Rise III or Rise Episode III: The Jedi Knight is the final installment in The Rise Universe. It is set 20 years after Infiltrators and 23 years after Saboteurs

It was hosted in the 3rd Phase of The Ambush Games. It was met with extremely positive reception after its finale. Overall credits went to the story and the conclusion itself. 

To stay fresh the time period had very much changed from the earlier two installment, now being in the Rebel age. Also the sub-plot has returned involving Verd and Krekis getting betrayed and wanting revenge.

The four victor's from last game all returned and all reprised their previous characters with the backing of 11 new original characters, Imperial and Rebel. 

It began on May 5, 2013 and ended on May 25, 2013 where it not only ended the game itself but also the entire series itself and was met with praise and favorable reception.

Written and directed by Ivar-Jedi. 

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Playable CharactersEdit

  1. Darren Ratta (Wiz-man 2.0) portrayed by DarthPotato77
  2. Cyborg P03-N1X portrayed by Maverickjedivalen
  3. Zorrus Blake portrayed by CadBaneKiller
  4. Nalyal Dagget portrayed by Scruffy
  5. Cal Amuro portrayed by Starwarrior247
  6. Meredith Diamond portrayed by Commander-Fisto15
  7. Sonohara Fi (not chosen) 
  8. Meldor Cruell portrayed by Spider-Wolffe 78
  9. Jason Flubberslime portrayed by PindaZwerver
  10. Lucto Kamani portrayed by Darth Namialus
  11. Sergemont Piolis portrayed by Darth Bane
  12. Susan Bravely portrayed by Squiggy
  13. Connor Malony portrayed by Bobafett590
  14. Viggor Webb portrayed by SWU
  15. Julia Duval (not chosen) 
  16. Loc-Ri portrayed by Natalie Crescent
  17. Durri Kruger portrayed by Newankalt

Unplayable Characters Edit

All Unplayable Characters and Cameo's are portrayed by Ivar-Jedi.

  1. Ravi-Idej
  2. The Fire Skeleton
  3. Siem Blackrim
  4. Admiral Zybott
  5. Harlin Krekis
  6. Emperor Palpatine /Darth Sidious
  7. Darth Vader
  8. Goremoth
  9. Commander Fierce
  10. Rebels
  11. Stormtroopers
  12. Imperial Officers
  13. Faleen Soldiers
  14. Faleen King
  15. Lobot 
  16. R2-D2 and C-3PO

Hidden CharactersEdit

  1. Spider-Man
  2. Remus Lupin
  3. Wicket
  4. Gandalf The Grey 
  5. Lord Voldemort
  6. Dumbledore
  7. Jar Jar Binks
  8. The Riddler
  9. Gilderoy Lockhart
  10. Batman
  11. Gimli


The Rebels are at war with the almighty Empire! When The Fire Skeleton sees he can't lead his rebellion to victory, he decides to go look for an old friend that has been lost for many years.

In the meantime, the villian Lord Verd sets his master plan against the Emperor in motion.


The Game will be feauterd amongst several Locations. 

  • Rebel Base on Skitor (Main Setting)
  • Rebel Base on Terramere 
  • Lord Verd's Mountain Base
  • Morzux
  • Imperial Cruiser(s)
  • Faleen Throne Room 
  • Daxxus Prime (A planet where the Imperial Cruisers are build)



The Story begins with a narration from The Fire Skeleton (Ivar-Jedi) to a mysterious person off-screen. The Skeleton mostly tells how Darth Sidious took over the Galaxy and made it miserable place after the Great Jedi Purge. Believing all Jedi to be dead, Skelly started a Rebellion to fight against the evils of Sidious's first galactic Empire. 



Sidious using Force lightning on Verd.

Siem Blackrim (Ivar-Jedi), now mostly commonly known as Lord Verd, is called to the Emperor's throne room. He told his master that his Imperial spies within the Rebellion had given him the location of a Rebel base on the planet of Terramere. Sidious himself came with troubling news. He had heard rumours that Verd was plotting against him. He used Force lightning on his pawn who denied any involvement in a plan such as this. Sidious told Verd to go to Terramere and bring him the Skull of the Fire Skeleton to make it up to him. But Verd was not allowed to fail his mission...

On Veribann Verd was greeted by his sidekick Harlin Krekis (Ivar-Jedi) in their mountain base. Verd told him what happened during the conversation and Harlin said that they should put their plan in motion and kill the Emperor off. Verd was very relucant at first but due to some encouraging words by Harlin he agreed. But first they were to go to Terramere and destroy the Rebel Base and the Fire Skeleton with it. 

In the Rebel base The Fire Skeleton had just shut off a transmission with Blue Leader who told him that another planet was lost. Admiral Zybott (Ivar-Jedi) entered the room and confronted Skelly about the Rebellion's distarous losses the last few weeks. Skelly told him it was no big deal. They still had enough allies. Zybott didn't agree and thinks the troopers are too young to fight this all out war. Then an alarm went off. Imperials had ambushed the base. 


The battle in the hangar.

During an all out destruction in the Rebel Hangar by the Imperial troopers The Fire Skeleton was joined by his group of rebels and went to hide behind a broken X-Wing nose with Cyborg P03-N1X (Maverickjedivalen) and Darren Ratta (Wiz-man 2.0) (DarthPotato77) to discuss the situation. Darren warned that he spotted Verd and Krekis and Skelly immediately gave up. Cyborg got frustrated by the gibberish the two were throwing at each other and wanted them to make a decision as soon as possible while he shot down several Stormtroopers. Skelly eventually decided to evacuate and out of nowhere Darren was attacked by Verd and started a lightsaber duel with the villian while Zorrus Blake (CadBaneKiller) activated the evacuation alarm. Darren managed to overthrow Verd (who was saved from fire by Krekis) who then confronted the Fire Skeleton before the man could leave the scene. He told Skelly that his group of Rebels had been infiltrated by Imperials. Susan Bravely (Squiggy) shot down the door and barricated it. Verd had failed his mission while the Rebels managed to escape with several escape pods hidden in the woods. 

After their ordeal the Rebels went to the planet of Skitor where they were welcomed by their fellow Rebels. The Fire Skeleton ordered a board meeting with all the Rebels and told them all what happened on Terramere and how his plans have become inaffective against the Empire. Cyborg brought up the need of a Jedi Knight to solve the matter and Skelly immediately dismissed the entire meeting and told his friends he was going to Morzux. 

Day 1 - Return To The PastEdit

As morning dawned all the Rebels were gathered in the Skitor hangar. Most of them were wondering what was going on and why they had to assemble here. Most were present at the meeting. Then Admiral Zybott (Ivar-Jedi) entered the room and told them about the Imperial threat amongst them. Most were bewildered by this evidence and started throwing around swears and screams in anger and disbelieve. Jason Flubberslime (PindaZwerver) asked where The Fire Skeleton was. Zybott told them he had gone off on a personal journey for the today. 


Ravi is alive!

When afternoon entered the day, The Fire Skeleton finally arrived at Morzux. After telling R2 to watch the ship he went to search the area known as the 'Saboteurs Crater' where he and many other had suffered the ordeals of the first game. Skelly found a small spaceship hidden underneath several kinds of plants and leaves. He revisited the crash site before, to his suprise, finding a small swamp cabin some feet away from him. When Skelly tried to close in on it he was halted by a voice. The voice of Ravi-idej. Skelly couldn't believe what he was seeing and immediately hugged his, now elder, friend of whom the galaxy believed to be long dead during the events of the second game. Ravi invited Skelly over to his swamp house.

Inside the cabin Ravi told Skelly how he survived the explosion and why he evaded Skelly's rescue parties that night 20 years ago. Skelly tells Ravi all about the new Empire and Emperor and how it is slowly corrupting and destroying the galaxy. Skelly tells Ravi that his own leadership is not good enough more for his Rebels and they need the help of a Jedi Knight for this matter. Ravi refuses at first, believing himself to be weak and unstable due to himself constantely blaming himself of his failures from the past. Skelly and Ravi have an argument and eventually Ravi decides he will think about the offer. An extremely happy Fire Skeleton places a homing device on Ravi's table for contanct and leaves. But not before telling Ravi that he is "The Jedi Knight they need right now" Skelly returns to Skitor and doesn't tell yet that he found Ravi, but opens voting instead. 


Lucto's Arrest.

The first arrest then came not much later as Lucto Kamani (Darth Namialus) was voted off. Skelly found the man at the main gate of the base and told him to follow him to the gathering hall. In the hall Lucto was informed of his arrest and taken away. Much to his disapproved. Skelly then recieved a beep from an unknown source and smiled. 

That night the Imperials struck back (pun?) and attempted to murder the trustworthy Cyborg P03-N1X (Maverickjedivalen) Unfortunately for the murderder, The Cyborg was protected and managed to scare the murderder away. (This scene was not in the pics nor mentioned) Cyborg woke up Skelly and informed him of the Murderer. Skelly immediately watched the security tapes with Cyborg and Zybott but they couldn't point out who the murderer was. 

Day 2 - Troublesome RebelsEdit


Verd telling Sidious about his failure.

The next day Lord Verd (Ivar-Jedi) returned to the throne of room of The Emperor (Ivar-Jedi) and told him about his failure to stop the Rebels. Sidious was suprisingly light-hearted about it and had Verd go back to his mountain base. When Verd had left Sidious ordered Darth Vader (Ivar-Jedi) to kill him nonetheless. 

Back at the Rebel Base on Skitor. The Fire Skeleton and Admiral Zybott were doing some research in the computer lab when suddenly un unidentified spacecraft entered system. Zybott ordered it's destruction for it could it be Imperial but Skelly knew better and told them to let the ship land. In the hangar the ship landed and attracted a large crow of people out of 


Ravi's Return.

curiousity. Then the cockpit opened and out came Ravi-idej to much of everyone's suprise. Ravi was immediately swarmed by his old friends and was then again greeted by Skelly who took him with him into the base itself. Ravi told his friend he'd be back to catch up with them since they weren't allowed to leave the group because Skelly opened voting. 


The death of Zorrus Blake.

The voting was over and the majority was reached. Zorrus Blake (CadBaneKiller) one of the co-founders of the Rebel Alliance was to be arrested. Zorrus walked around in the hangar not knowing about his upcoming arrest when he was suddenly surrounded by the Rebel Group and Skelly. They told him he was inspected and they had evidence he was indeed an Imperial Traitor against the Rebel Alliance. Ravi bursted into the scene not believing anything of Zorrus's betrayel but was met with a blow when Zorrus himself revealed it was all true. One of Ravi's most trusted ally's (and his father's) had betrayed them. Skelly then opened fire and Zorrus was shot to death.

That night the Imperial murderer struck again. When Viggor Webb (SWU) decided to stay up late and check some information in the briefing room it was already really late and Webb was tired. He was so tired he decided not to walk the whole back to his room and just decided to sleep in the briefin room. This was fatal though, because the murderer chopped his head off in his sleep. 

Day 3 - Imperial AssaultEdit


The Imperial Shuttle Fleet

The next morning Lord Verd returned to Harlin Krekis at their mountain base. Krekis joked about Verd's survival with Palpatine but was happy to see him nonetheless. Verd told him they should start to execute their plans to form an army and kill the Emperor. Just as Harlin wanted to question his friend a missle exploded the mountain wall where they stood as a large fleet of Imperial Shuttles has arrived at their location. All opened fire and the Mountain started to cave in from within, taking the inside base and the two men inside with them. As Verd and Krekis stood up they watched their base burn and witnessed the betrayel of the Emperor and the Empire first hand. Krekis put on his armour and Verd found a bazooka from his weapon collection and shot it through the hole in the wall that was once solid. 

Verd's burned face

He managed to bring one shuttle down. An Imperial Officer in one of the shuttles ordered Commander Fierce to tell the other shuttles to unleash all they have. As the base was rapidly falling apart Krekis tried to reach Verd but the flames were to high. Verd told Krekis to meet outside and ran without hearing Krekis's shouts of dismay. Outside the ground beneath Verd started to cave in and he slid down the mountainside before being eventually caught by Krekis. Both men were then taken underwater by a falling piece of the base that was now collapsing sliding off the mountain as well. The shuttles flew away after the base was entirely engulfed by the sea. On the beach however Krekis and Verd has survived but Verd's face was greatly burned. He declined the use of a medical bay because he wants Sidious to see what he did when they face him for his betrayel.

Ravi's Base tour

Meanwhile in the Rebel base Ravi is given a proper tour by The Fire Skeleton. Ravi admired how some of the technology and look of the base was based on old Jedi tradition. Later on in the computer lab of the base they met up with Cyborg (Maverickjedivalen) who told Skelly that Lucto was gassed in his cell. Skelly then proceeded to show Ravi the blue-prints of the Death Star he had found so many years ago during Rise of The Infiltrators. He told him that it was Cyborg who discovered a flaw in the station's design and that the Rebellion had managed to destroy it. Then they proceeded into the HyperCrystal Labs where Hypercrystals were being made. Skelly told Ravi that Hyper Crystals are the eqaulifent of Kyber Crystals only less powerful and personal. Since Order 66 they have been trying to recreate the Lightsaber weapon with these crystals but they appear to be difficult, although not impossible, to stabilize. Ravi agreed to help Admiral Zybott in the procedure. 

Amuro, seconds before his death.

After recieving the most votes Cal Amuro (Starwarrior247) was surrounded by Skelly and The Rebels while struting through the hangar. Knowing they would discover his betrayel he snapped and threw a dynamite stick towards the crowd whom all ducked away while Amuro tried to escape with a Snowspeeder. However Darren Ratta (Wiz-man 2.0) (DarthPotato77) simply kicked the stick of dynamite back to Amuro (an ignorance that would later come to haunt him) and it landed on the man's legs in the cockpit that was closing down. The Snowspeeder and Amuro went up in flames and just like his brother only Amuro's top hat remainded. While on the ground The Fire Skeleton told Wiz-Man he was wondering how Ravi is going to react to this. 

At night fall Ravi and Phoenix where talking in the Computer Lab of the Rebel Base, catching on to everything that happened these last 20 years where they did not see each other. However Ravi noticed the time and decided to leave for his quarters. When Cyborg was just about to leave he was attacked once again by the Imperial Murderer. However he showed no fear and managed to avoid the murderer's attacks and kick him with his back onto the computers and raise a blaster to his face. Cyborg tried to end him but the murderer was swift and escaped.

Day 4 - The FaleenEdit


Loc-Ri's arrest

Verd and Krekis had found their secret briefing room still intact beneath all the rumble, rock and debris of what once their Mountain Base. Here they started to discuss on how to execute their plans and kill Sidious for his betrayel. Verd knew they were in need of an army first and Krekis told him about The Faleen Crime Syndicate, the Galaxy's largest crime syndication that is bound by the ancient rule that whomever slays their leader gains his throne and therefore the entire Syndicate. 

Meanwhile at Skitor Ravi and Loc-Ri (Natalie Crescent) were both working on the Hyper-Crystal project. Ravi had already put one of the crystals that he thought was stabilized in one of the Lighsaber hilts. However before he could tell Loc-Ri The Fire Skeleton arrived together with Zybott and Meldor Cruell (Spider-Wolffe 78) and told Ravi that Loc-Ri had gained the most votes and was to be arrested. Loc-Ri didn't agree however and revealed he was Imperial and came prepared for this event. Or so he thought. He had set one of the Hyper-Crystals set to blow but he didn't know it was the one that Ravi put into the lightsaber already. While the rest ran he had a short brawl with Ravi and tried to take his lightsaber away. However he didn't know Ravi was trying to save him and tell that this was the saber with the rigged crystal in it. Ravi ran as Loc-Ri held the saber triumphantly until it started to vibrate heavily and explode, leaving the young man's legs in flames. 


Darren's fall

The fourth night was most devastating however, for the Loyals, Rebellion and Ravi himself. Darren Ratta (Wiz-man 2.0) (DarthPotato77) was in the watchtower of the Rebel hangar shutting the hangar down. As he prepared to go back to his qaurters something landed at his feet. It was another stick of dynamite! He threw the stick away but it exploded mid-air in close range taking the top of the watchtower and Darren with it. Darren fell to his supposed death but was saved by Ravi who used Force-Jump to catch him and land him safely. After shaking Darren's body and shouting at him to wake up and if he could hear him Ravi feared the worst for his life long friend. 

Somewhere in the corner the murderer was watching how his handy work had turned out. 


Darren in the Bata-Tank

Darren was taken to the medical bay and put inside a Bata-Tank to recover although they are not sure if he will. The Fire Skeleton gave Ravi his apologies that he has to endure all of this again. Ravi tells him this is exactly what he has been running for. To cheer his friend up Skelly handed Darren's saber (wich is the first Hyper-Crystal saber ever) to Ravi and told him it is his now. He left but not without giving the advice that Ravi should stop looking back at the past as it will destroy him.

As Ravi ignited Darren's saber he wondered wether he was the right Jedi and if he should rise up to himself. 


Audience with The Faleen

Meanwhile Lord Verd and Harlin Krekis arrive on the planet of the Faleen Crime Syndicate and reqeust an audience with their leaders.  In the throne room the Faleen Leader wondered who Verd and Krekis were who simply stated their true intentions of taking his throne. After being laughed and scolded at Verd threw his lightsaber over the table towards the Faleen Leader on his throne and killed him. Verd quickly took the throne as his own and immediately became the new leader of the Faleen Crime Syndicate dubbing himself "King Verd"

He has his army now. 

Day 5 -  A Commen InterestEdit


Ravi and Cyborg.

The next day Ravi-Idej watches as the debris from the bombing last night gets cleaned up while cradling Darren's lightsaber in his hand. He his soon joined by Cyborg P03-N1X (Maverickjedivalen) who tells him that The Fire Skeleton is very busy together with Zybott. What they are working on he doesn't say but he tells Ravi that Skelly wants the Jedi to start voting today. Ravi is not a fan of it but decides to call upon his Host abilities for the last time. 

On board a Star Destroyer Darth Vader makes contact with his Master Darth Sidious / Emperor Palpatine who tells his apprentice that he is on his way to Daxxus Prime for the yearly inspection of Star Destroyer factories stationed on the planet. 


Sergemont's arrest.

Back in the Rebel Base on Skitor Sergemont Piolis was called before Ravi-Idej due to having recieved the most votes. He was surrounded in a suprise attack and brought to his cell peacefully. Sergemont 'thanked the Jedi' due to having survived his arrest. However Ravi was less pleased with the going of things as he had troubles reliving the arrest situations similiar to his previous adventures that featured the same method. He left the room quickly before breaking down. Some asked what was wrong with him and Cyborg answered by saying: "The past"

SSA40478 (2)

Ravi Force-choking the Imperial Murderer.

When night fell something happened at the Rebel Base on Skitor and the Faleen homeplanet where Verd is. Zybott came rushing in the briefing room where The Fire Skeleton and Ravi were and told them the location of the Emperor has been found. The same thing happens with Verd. At the same time King Verd and The Fire Skeleton decide to head for Daxxus Prime the next morning to stop the Emperor there once and for all. 

A few hours later the unimaginable happened as the murderer tried to kill Cyborg again! Cyborg just stood there in the briefing room, knowing his enemy was around. Once the murderer has lost his patience he leapt forward but was brought down by Ravi-Idej whom Force-jumped onto the scene. Both Ravi and Cyborg has him pinned down but the murderer was more aligable then expected and kicked Cyborg to the ground. However the murderer was no match for a Jedi and Ravi pushed him back after disarming him and started to Force-Choke him out of anger (and pains from the past) Cyborg had Ravi stop and the murderer got away. Cyborg thanked his friend and tried to comfort him. As he left Ravi tried to find help from within by calling his late friend's names. 

Day 6 - Daxxus PrimeEdit


Nalyal before escaping his arrest.

The next morning the Rebels were in a rush and a hurry setting up all their fighters and regrouping with the Rebel Fleet in Orbit above them. The Fire Skeleton told Ravi that he was too unstable to come along on the mission. Ravi quickly agreed and went off. Skelly boarded his X-Wing fighter just like all the other Rebels and they landed on board the mothership of the Rebel Fleet and went into Hyper-Space. 

Inside the cockpit Skelly joined Zybott who had contacted Nalyal Dagget (Scruffy) to come here. And the man did but quickly escaped once he was arrested for recieving the most votes. He ran off shouting that he would prove his loyality. While searching the ship for the runaway Dagget, Ravi-Idej was also shown hidden within the ship's walls. 

That night Connor Malony (Bobafett501) was attacked by the murderer. He avoided the first strike but was beheaded once he tried to call for help via his comlink. The Imperial murderer quickly fled the scene. \


Duban Varr (Skelly) captured by Droids.

Zybott came to Skelly's room onboard the Flagship and asked him why he has been so weary and different in character ever since he mentioned their destination point. The Fire Skeleton explains to Zybott that he was once a human and his real name is Duban Varr. One day many years ago Viceroy Gunray came to his planet and sought to take it over. The king disagreed but Gunray had him killed. As Duban made a stand against the Viceroy's reign he was captured and tortured. The torture was so horrible and intense that Duban's skin started to melt away, yet somehow survived and became a living corpse. As he unleashed his newly found fire powers he escaped the droids and the Viceroy and got treated at Coruscant. He was cast out of his own planet and became known as the Fire Skeleton. This planet is Daxxus Prime. Knowning that both might die tomorrow, Zybott and Skelly shake hands one last time and honor each other for what they've accomplished for the Rebellion.

At the end of the night they reached the planet. Skelly and the Rebel army prepared to go on the surface. As they went they landed on at the ground where the energy beam of the Cruiser Factory hit the ground. As they crossed the field, the last day arrived.  

Day 7 - The Jedi Rises / EndingEdit

SSA40452 (2)

Meldor's betrayel

Quickly and swiftly the Rebel army moved over the barren, dead and grey plains and hid behind large rock formations to keep out of sight from the workers in the factory floating above them. As The Fire Skeleton explained his plan to Cyborg P03-N1X (Maverickjedivalen) Sidious appeared together with Vader and an army of Imperial Stormtroopers and Officers. They were comprimised. As Sidious spoke to Meldor Cruell (Spider-Wolffe 78) he revealed himself to be the Imperial Murderer and shot Jason Flubberslime (PindaZwerver) in the back of the head. Sidious told Skelly he didn't care if his Rebel army shot Meldor and the traitor went trigger crazy in rage of the Sith's betrayel. As he gunned several troopers he was eventually knocked to the ground by Durri Kruger (Newankalt) Meldor lost it and blew himself up into madness. The murderer had murdered the murderer. 

Ravi and Nalyal join Skelly.

Sidious saw his chance and ordered Vader and the Imperial Army to wipe the Rebels out and the battle for Daxxus Prime ensued. Within seconds the battlefield was filled with bodies, blood and death on both sides equally. As Sidious and Vader tried to escape they were followed by Skelly who then in turn dueled Vader for a brief moment before being Force-pushed against the hard, rocky surface of what was once his home planet. As Vader prepared to kill Skelly he was bumped against a hard rock formation (breaking some metal body parts) by a familiar starfighter. It was Ravi-idej, who had come to help in the battle. Skelly apologised to Ravi for not letting him on the mission and Ravi took it. Then he revealed he came with Nalyal Dagget (Scruffy) All three of them charged into battle for one last time. 


King Verd and the Faleen army arrive.

Once again Sidious tried to escape the battlefield but was thrown on the ground by the tremmers of the Cruiser Factory exploding above him and the two armies. He watched in horror how his priced factory fell apart and crashed down upon the innocent souls of the Rebel Alliance and Imperial Army. Then King Verd appeared, wickedly asking Sidious if he enjoyed his and the Faleen's handy work, revealing they were the cause of this sudden explosion. Verd then ordered the Faleen to take on the battlefield as he started an intense duel of hate between him and the Emperor. 

As the battle raged on Cyborg met an Imperial Sniper on the battlefield who revealed himself to be Fierce in the hopes of Cyborg letting him live. However he was shot dead by the metal man as payback for almost killing Ravi 20 years ago. 


Harlin Krekis coming in for the kill.

Sidious and Verd continued to duel their hatred out on each other. As Sidious teased Verd that he is strong with his anger but doesn't have the Force he is pushed on the ground by the now Faleen King. As Sidious stood up his anger had gotten to the max and he began to Force choke Verd and have dead once and for all. But The Fire Skeleton, who was fighting Imperials close by, saw his chance and slammed his weapon into Sidious's face. As Sidious was knocked down Verd fell back on the ground but was weakend greatly by the choking. Harlin Krekis saw his friend and master was in peril and landed at the scenery. Krekis saw Skelly duel the Emperor and aimed for the Rebel Leader's back but was stopped when Ravi attacked him to prevent the death of his friend. Skelly was shot in the leg however. As Krekis broke Ravi's nose he himself was trapped into a chain coming from Nalyal who led the angered Krekis away to save his friends, only to be killed by the angered man minutes later. 

Darren and Sergemont return.

Because Skelly was unable to stand due to the wound in his leg Sidious prepared to cut his skull off but was met with Ravi-idej's saber and Skelly's Fire weapon as Ravi blocked the strike. Sidious was shocked at the sight of a living Jedi and Ravi killed him in the face and sent him flying backwards a couple yards. Vader then helped the Emperor up and together they escaped the battlefield because the Energy Beam that held the Factory upwards has become unstable and is starting to expand and vaporize everything in its path. 

Ravi helped his best friend up and together they limbed across the dead fields and saw Nalyal's body. Soon they met with Susan Bravely (Squiggy) Meanwhile Durri was about to get killed by an Imperial Officer but was rescued by the awakened Darren Ratta (Wiz-man 2.0) (DarthPotato77) who had brought Sergemont Piolis (Darth Bane) along because of his loyality. Darren held up an orange lightsaber that Ravi finished up with a Hyper-Crystal and left in the medical bay for Darren to find as he woke up. The reunion was short lived however as blaster fire began raining them upon the three and Sergemont was quickly hit and died seconds after. Krekis beamed towards them and bumped Durri out of the way as he crashed into Darren. 

Darren Falls

Darren's demise.

The fight between Darren and Krekis quickly took a dramatic turn as Krekis lifted Darren up into the air after the Wiz-Man had disarmed him on the ground. Krekis threw Darren intot he expanding energy beam of the late factory. As Darren died he closed his eyes and smiled, knowing he had played his part and he would never be forgotten. Ravi held a brief eulogy for Darren as everyone watched him go. Then Krekis's jetpack went out of control and he too died in the energy beam. Darren had sabotaged it before he fell. 

As they griefed for Darren Admiral Zybott noticed that the energy beam was expanding and vaporizing everything within its path. He ordered the army to retreat to their ship before it takes them all. However Ravi and Skelly were stopped in their tracks as Verd slammed down besides them. Verd immediately went in for the kill and a tragic duel between him and Ravi ensued. Ravi disarmed Verd of Darren's orange lightsaber wich was in turn picked up by Cyborg who started to duel with Verd now to help Ravi. Verd managed to cut Cyborg's jetpack wich triggered it to explode. Cyborg threw the pack at Verd but he quickly kicked it back. The pack exploded infront of Cyborg as he flew a couple of metres backwards. 


Ravi faces Verd.

In anger Ravi charged at Verd but was disarmed because of this. Ravi and Verd then had one last confrontation about their past as Verd explained why he killed them on Morzux 23 years ago and why he believes the Jedi are evil. As Verd went paranioa on his former friend (by showing him his burned face and telling him what should have been better, in his eyes) Ravi finally stood up and left the past behind him by telling Verd to do the same. Ravi almost got his old best friend back but unfortunately Verd tried to kill Ravi again. Then Cyborg came again and brawled with Verd. Not soon after Darren's orange saber started to shake heavily, signaling the unstable Hyper-Crystal within. Cyborg held him and verd down and said farewell to Ravi and thanked him for giving him a new life. As the saber exploded Cyborg and Verd were both thrown parsecs away. In his dying breath Verd told Ravi he was sorry and Cyborg's head piece was retrieved by Durri who was the last Rebel to leave the planet as they couldn't find Ravi and Skelly. [[Ravi-idej|

Ravi and The Fire Skeleton, moments before their death.

Ravi-idej]] then crawled towards his friend The Fire Skeleton and sat down beside him. They told eachother they knew what was coming but that they weren't afraid anymore. As the energy beam closed in on them Ravi told his friend he finally, after an entire lifetime, felt at peace. Then they shared their final words with eachother as the energy beam began to reach them.  

Back at the Rebellion Zybott held one last speech honoring the fallen heroes of the battle of Daxxus Prime. From now on the Rebels finally gained their unity and would forever use Ravi as a symbol to 'rise' to great things and find everlasting peace once more. 

The End. 


The Winners of the game are Maverick, Squiggy and Newan. 



Rebel ProtectorEdit

Protector (Role)

Description of the Rebel Protector: Your goal is to find all the Imperials and arrest them. The Imperials have a role called Imperial Murderder. The Imperial who has this role can kill players in the night, but you can stop him! You can choose a player you want to protect (you can also protect yourself) and if the Imperial Murderer tries to kill the protected one, it won't work.

This game's Rebel Protector: Maverickjedivalen

Rebel InspectorEdit

Inspector (Role)

Description of the Rebel Inspector: Your goal is to find all the Imperials and arrest them. During the night you can inspect a player by choice and find out his or her's affiliation. You will not know their exact role. Only if they are Rebel or Imperial. This won't always work though, because the Imperial Leader can protect his fellow Imperials from inspection and make them come up as Rebels. 

This game's Rebel Inspector: DarthPotato77

Rebel SuiciderEdit


Description of the Rebel Suicider: You goal is to find all the Imperials and arrest them. The Imperials have a role, The Imperial Murderder, wich allows them to kill people in the night. However, when the Murderer tries to kill you, you will make a sacrifice and kill yourself together with the Murderer.

This game's Suicider: Darth Namialus

Rebel SoldierEdit

Loyal Helper (Role)

Description of the Rebel Soldiers: Your goal is to find all the Imperials and arrest them. You are a regular Rebel Soldier. You have no night role, but you do vote for who you want arrested!

This game's Rebel Soldiers: PindaZwerverScruffy, Newankalt, SWU, bobafett501, Commander-Fisto15, Squiggy


Imperial LeaderEdit

Scum Leader (Role)

Description of the Imperial Leader: You goal is to find all the Rebel Soldiers and eliminate them! The Rebels have a role called The Rebel Inspector. This Role allows them to find out other people's affiliation, but not the roles. You as the Leader can protect one of your fellow Imperials during the night from inspection. You yourself are always protected. 

This Game's Imperial Leader: Natalie Crescent

Imperial MurdererEdit

Murderer (Role)

Description of the Imperial Murderer: Your goal is to find and eliminate all the Rebels! Your role is kill Rebels in the night, without them knowing it was you. The Rebels have a role called the Rebel Protector though, that allows them to protect other Rebels from dying. The Rebel Proctector can even protect him/herself if he/she wants too. If you try to kill a Player that is protected, it won't work, but you won't be revealed as the Murderer.

This Game's Imperial Murderer: Spider-Wolffe 78

Imperial TroopersEdit

Scum Henchman (Role)

Description of the Imperial Troopers: You goal is to find and eliminate all the Rebels! You are a regular Imperial. You have no night action but you do vote for who you want arrested.

This game's Imperial Troopers: Starwarrior247CadBaneKiller


A list of all whom died during this game. 

Character: Player: Role:  Cause of Death:
Lucto Kamani Namialus Loyal Broken gas pipe in cell
Zorrus Blake CBK  Imperial  Shot after admitting his betrayel
Viggor Webb SWU Rebel Soldier Beheaded in his sleep
Cal Amuro Starwarrior Imperial Blew up by dynamite
Loc-Ri Natalie Imperial  Blew up by unstable Hyper-Crystal
Connor Malony Bobafett Loyal Stabbed by the murderer
Jason Flubberslime Pinda Loyal  Shot in the back by Meldor
Meldor Cruell Spider Imperial Murdererd himself
Fierce Ivar-Jedi Imperial Shot through the head by Cyborg
Nalyal Dagget Scruffy Loyal Killed off-screen by Krekis
Sergemont Piolis Bane Loyal Shot unexpectedely by Krekis
Darren Ratta Potato Loyal Fell in the energy beam after sabotaging Krekis
Harlin Krekis Ivar-Jedi Imperial/Faleen/Verd Crashed into the energy beam
Lord Verd/Siem Blackrim Ivar-Jedi Imperial/Faleen King/ Himself Killed by an exploding Hyper-saber from Cyborg
The Fire Skeleton Ivar-Jedi Rebel Alliance Died with Ravi in the energy beam
Ravi-Idej Ivar-Jedi Jedi Order/Rebel Alliance Died with Skelly in the energy beam

Differences Between Infiltrators And Jedi KnightEdit

  • This game features a Subplot that leads into the main plot again, an event not present in Infiltrators
  • The Fire Skeleton is now a host character and not played by Darth Namialus. 
  • It is the first Rise Game to be played on the Ambush Games Forum. 
  • It has much more teasers following up the game.
  • The game is played in a different time period due to the Clone Wars and Order 66 being over.


As usual, this game also will features a fictional Soundtrack Album.

Track: Duration:
1. Rise of The Jedi Knight 11:12
2. The Rebellion 2:24
3. Star Wars Main Titles 5:25
4. The Fire Skeleton 5:21
5. Narration 1:52
6. Verd Confronts The Emperor 2:38
7. Zybott 1:46
8. The Hangar Shootout 5:51
9. The Rebels Have A Meeting 4:34
10. Return To Morzux And An Old Friend 6:29
11. Lucto's Arrest  1:41
12. Protected 1:45
13. Palpatine's Command 2:29
14. Ravi's Return 1:48
15. The Fall of Zorrus Blake 2:34
16. Assault On The Mountain Base 4:52
17. Base Tour 2:03
18. Amuro 2:01
19. Loc-Ri 1:56
20. Taking Out A Wiz-Man 3:27
21. The Faleen Throne Room 4:04
22. Force Choke 3:20
23. A Commen Interest 5:05
24. On Board The Rebel Flagship 5:45
25. The Murderer Revealed 3:49
26. The Battle of Daxxus Prime 12:59
27. Ravi .Vs. Verd 5:01
28. Peace 3:12
29. Ravi's Theme 5:27

The Rebellion Theme:

Iron Man 3 - Main Soundtrack02:24

Iron Man 3 - Main Soundtrack

The Fire Skeleton's Theme: 

Staff Roll - The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker05:27

Staff Roll - The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker

If there was a way Ivar could make trailers for the game using images from the game itself (that's why it's impossible because it's unknown how it will play out) Ivar would have used these musical score's for the trailer(s)

Rise of The Jedi Knight Trailer #1 Music: 

Man Of Steel - Trailer 2 Music (Elegy To The Storm)02:33

Man Of Steel - Trailer 2 Music (Elegy To The Storm)

Rise of The Jedi Knight Trailer #2 Music:

Man Of Steel Trailer 3 Music - "Sent Here For A Reason" (Hans Zimmer) Latest Clear & Full Version03:02

Man Of Steel Trailer 3 Music - "Sent Here For A Reason" (Hans Zimmer) Latest Clear & Full Version

Ravi And Skelly Death Scene Music: 

Doctor Who Series 5 OST- 49 The Life And Death Of Amy Pond (Disc 2)03:13

Doctor Who Series 5 OST- 49 The Life And Death Of Amy Pond (Disc 2)


  • On October 19, 2012 Ivar revealed the title for the game: "Rise of The Jedi Knight"
  • The Game's short name is "Rise III" or "Jedi Knight" and the production code is 4.03
  • Events in the second game will have effect on the story of "Jedi Knight"
  • The Ending is mostly planned out.
  • The Fire Skeleton will once again return in the game. This time as a Host Character. 
  • On December 3, 2012 Ivar decided to host this game before his other planned game "Heroes of The Rebellion" wich takes place in the same Ivar-Canon universe. 
  • It has links to "Heroes of The Rebellion" and "The Empire Game" wich are also games that will be hosted by Ivar-Jedi one day.
  • It will probably be Ivar-Jedi's last game to ever host, leaving the fates for "Heroes of The Rebellion" and "The Empire Game" uncertain. 
  • The first scene was written by Ivar-Jedi while it's predecessor, Rise of The Infiltrator, was still in release. 
  • The Ending was largely written by Ivar-Jedi on January 26, 2013. The Conclusion Date of Infiltrators.
  • An extra part of the Plot was revealed on January 28, 2013
  • On February 3, 2013, it was revealed that "Saboteur" characters Dall Amuro and Crystal Diamond had a brother and a sister and that they would be Playable Characters in this game. 
  • On February 4, 2013 Extra factions that would be part of the game were listed in the Unplayable Characters/Cameo's list. 
  • Diamond's sister was revealed as Meredith Diamond on February 4, 2013
  • Ratta's and Cyborg's new designs for the game were finished on February 4, 2013
  • A fast-paced scene of Verd gathering his new allies was written on February 5, 2013
  • The Game fetaures several nods to the "Maul/Death Watch" Arc from Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 5.
  • Playbe Characters, Sonohara Fi and Meldor Cruell were revealed on February 6, 2013
  • Meldor Cruell was first named Meldor Cry-Ze, but Ivar changed it for unknown reasons.
  • On February 7, 2013 Playable Character Jason Flubberslime was revealed. 
  • Playable Characters 10 to 13 were revealed on February 11, 2013
  • The Settings were revealed on February 11, 2013. Morzux's come back is now official. 
  • Connor Malony was revealed on February 12, 2013
  • Viggor Webb was created by Ivar while watching TV on February 14, 2013
  • It was almost cancelled but Ivar is trying his best to get the final product finished on time.
  • Most character designs were completed on February 27, 2013
  • It was almost postponed and cancelled. 
  • Reservation opened on April 22, 2013 followed by the Official Poster. 
  • The first scene was shot on April 24, 2013. 
  • The first two screenshots were released on the same date.
  • The Prologue, Opening and the start of Day 1 were filmed on May 5, 2013. 
  • 6 more screenshots were made public before the game's official launch.
  • Not all Playable Characters were chosen. 
  • The entire Prologue and Opening were released on May 5, 2013. 
  • The Gameplay and RP officialy started on May 6, 2013. 
  • There is a scene based on Iron Man 3. 
  • Day 2 was first called Imperial Assualt. But that scene was moved to day 3. Day 3 was named Imperial Assault and Day 2 was renamed to Troublesome Rebels. 
  • The Faleen Throne Scene was based on the Black Sun scene from Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5 Epsode 14 Eminence. 
  • The game ended on May 25, 2013. 20 Days after its release. 
  • The Game's story and finale were met with extremely posititive response and praise.
  • Ivar himself thinks this was his best game and likes to keep it that way. 

Ultimate "Rise of The Jedi Knight" GalleryEdit

Just like all the Rise Game you can just sit back here and enjoy all your favorite moments from the game! From Teasers and posters all the way up to the epic finale!

You can also watch them here on Flickr: [[1]]

Game GalleryEdit

  • Prologue - Pic 1
  • Prologue - Pic 2
  • Prologue - Pic 3
  • Prologue - Pic 4
  • Prologue - Pic 5
  • Prologue - Pic 6
  • Prologue - Pic 7
  • Prologue - Pic 8
  • Prologue - Pic 9
  • Prologue - Pic 10
  • Prologue - Pic 11
  • Prologue - Pic 13
  • Opening - Pic 1
  • Opening - Pic 2
  • Opening - Pic 3
  • Opening - Pic 4
  • Opening - Pic 5
  • Opening - Pic 6
  • Opening - Pic 7
  • Opening - Pic 8
  • Opening - Pic 9
  • Opening - Pic 10
  • Opening - Pic 11
  • Opening - Pic 12
  • Opening - Pic 13
  • Opening - Pic 14
  • Opening - Pic 15
  • Opening - Pic 16
  • Opening - Pic 17
  • Opening - Pic 18
  • Opening - Pic 19
  • Opening - Pic 20
  • Opening - Pic 21
  • Opening - Pic 22
  • Opening - Pic 23
  • Opening - Pic 24
  • Opening - Pic 25
  • Opening - Pic 27
  • Opening - Pic 28
  • Opening - Pic 29
  • Opening - Pic 30
  • Opening - Pic 31
  • Opening - Pic 32
  • Opening - Pic 33
  • Opening - Pic 34
  • Opening - Pic 35
  • Opening - Pic 36
  • Opening - Pic 37
  • Opening - Pic 38
  • Opening - Pic 39
  • Opening - Pic 40
  • Opening - Pic 41
  • Opening - Pic 42
  • Opening - Pic 43
  • Opening - Pic 44
  • Opening - Pic 45
  • Opening - Pic 46
  • Opening - Pic 47
  • Opening - Pic 48
  • Opening - Pic 49
  • Opening - Pic 50
  • Opening - Pic 51
  • Opening - Pic 52
  • Opening - Pic 53
  • Opening - Pic 54
  • Opening - Pic 55
  • Opening - Pic 56
  • Opening - Pic 57
  • Opening - Pic 58
  • Opening - Pic 59
  • Opening - Pic 60
  • Opening - Pic 61
  • Opening - Pic 62
  • Opening - Pic 63
  • Opening - Pic 64
  • Opening - Pic 65
  • Opening - Pic 66
  • Opening - Pic 67
  • Opening - Pic 68
  • Opening - Pic 69
  • Opening - Pic 70
  • Opening - Pic 71
  • Opening - Pic 72
  • Opening - Pic 73
  • Opening - Pic 74

Character GalleryEdit

Teaser/Previews Gallery

  • Rise of The Jedi Knight Logo
  • Rise of The Jedi Knight Teaser
  • Rise III Teaser
  • Wiz-Man Teaser
  • Cyborg Teaser
  • Zorrus Teaser
  • Nalyal Teaser
  • Meredith Teaser
  • Meldor Teaser
  • Jason Teaser
  • Sonohara Teaser (Not chosen)
  • Lucto Teaser
  • Sergemont Teaser
  • Susan Teaser
  • Connor Teaser
  • Viggor Teaser
  • Julia Teaser (Not chosen)
  • Loc-Ri Teaser

Models GalleryEdit

  • The Swamp House Model #1
  • The Swamp House Model #2
  • The Swamp House Model #3
  • The Swamp House Model #4
  • The Swamp House Model #5
  • The Swamp House Model #6


At the 2014 Ambush Games Awards "Rise of The Jedi Knight" was awarded "Best Global Game" wich Ivar sees as one of the greatest archievements a storyteller can be granted.

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