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"Rise of The Redemption" is a series written and directed Ivar-Jedi. It was announced on June 2, 2013 accompanied by some episode titles later on in production. 

It is co-created by Maverickjedivalen whom Ivar asked personally to help out in the project as a big thanks for all of his support for the Rise Universe. 

Here you can see the entire Episode List for the series and also a scoreboard by the "audience" as Ivar will ask the audience to rate every episode at their personal point of view.


Season 1 (2013-2014) Edit

Rescue MissionEdit

Rescue Mission

Rescue Mission

Nr. Title: Air Date: Production Nr:  Rating: 
1 Rescue Mission October 19, 2013 / Febuary 15, 2014 1.01 8.3
When Jedi Master Fisto goes missing Ravi-Idej and his crew of the starcruiser: "The Redemption" get sent to his last known location. What they don't know is that Fisto is in the hands of the Keels, an enemy of the Nataulons...

Into Silver SpaceEdit

Into Silver Space

Into Silver Space

Nr. Title Air Date:  Production Nr:  Rating: 
2 Into Silver Space Febuary 15, 2014 1.02 8.5
After Kit Fisto reveals to Ravi-Idej and the Redemption Crew that the Keels have a dangerous weapon in their hands our heroes race for the Keel mining facility to stop them once and for all...

The CyborgEdit

The Cyborg

The Cyborg

Nr. Title Air Date: Production Nr: Rating:
3 The Cyborg Febuary 23, 2014 1.03 9.1
When the Cyborg gets kidnapped by Mulions for his advanced technology, Cyborg breaks out and needs to stay out of Mulion hands on board their own ship. Meanwhile Ravi-Idej races to save his friend...




Nr. Title: Air Date: Production Nr: Rating:
4 Manhunt June 22, 2014 1.04 8.3
After discovering the location of Count Dooku Ravi-Idej get tasked on capturing the evil Sith Lord. However Dooku proofs to be a strong adversary and a wild manhunt through the galaxy ensues...

An Endangered EscortEdit

An Endangered Escort

An Endangered Escort

Nr. Title: Air Date: Production Nr: Rating:
5 An Endangered Escort June 22, 2014 1.05 9

After a meeting with the ambassor of Panara, Ravi-Idej and the crew get tasked with protecting the last specimen of an endangered species against enemies of the Panarians. Can they protect it before it goes extinct...



1.06 - Vengeance

Nr. Title: Air Date: Production Nr: Rating:
6 Vengeance August 7, 2014 1.06 8.1
While the Redemption silently floats in space during a Hyper-Drive repair round a Keelian warship attacks and disrupts the peace...


Wiz Bliz


Nr. Title: Air Date: Production Nr: Rating
Wiz-Bliz December 1, 2014 1.07 8.3
A friendship is tested after Darren recieves an old transmission from his father and Ravi is holding an important to tour secure the Redemption Project's future...

A Battle of Equals

1.08 - A Battle of Equals

A Battle of EqualsEdit

Nr. Title: Air Date: Production Nr: Rating:
8 A Battle of Equals December 12 1.08 7.9
After a distress call The Redemption enters the Xordia system where they meet a mysterious man...


1.09 - Firestorm


Nr. Title: Air Date: Production Nr: Rating:
9 Firestorm December 12 1.09 10
The Redemption is covered in a storm of fire while Ravi tries his best to ensure his crew's safety and survival...

The Search For BigshieldEdit

The Search For Bigshield

1.10 The Search For Bigshield

Nr. Title: Air Date: Production Nr: Rating:
10 The Search For Bigshield December 30 1.10 9.9

After having a nightmare Ravi decides to go look for the only remaining Saboteur out there to settle the matter once and for all...


Season 2 (2015-2018) Edit

The Second Season and aired much slower then the previous seasons. Often being delayed and even scrapping the photo stream due to time constraints. It has aired 7 of its 10 episodes so far with the final three planned for release simultaneously.

The Planet of Despair Edit

The Tombs of Old Edit

Vindication of Doom Edit

A Clash of Metals Edit

The Princess of Vanity Edit

Radiation Proclamation Edit

The Ambush Games Edit

Return of Cormellia Edit

The Broken Time Edit

The Wedding of Ravi-Idej Edit

Rise of The Redemption - The Coldest Day (2018) Edit

The Rise of The Redemption Movie will be released after the conclusion of the second season somewhere in 2018. On January 6, 2015 Ivar revealed the movie will be titled: "Rise of The Redemption: The Coldest Day"  

The plot features Ravi and The Redemption crew (...)  


During the writing stage Ivar made 20 seperate episodes to fill 2 Season of Ravi-Idej and the Redemption Crew. Due to some ideas for a 4-5 parter but not a Season 3 Ivar decided to turn these episode into a Movie that ends the show and leads into Rise of The Infiltrators.

A few hours later he also revealed the involvement of Maverickjedivalen in the show to make the project even stronger and more immersive and a crossover with Maverick Marshalls.

Development can either be compared to 'a speeding bullet' or 'a slow moving snail' with many delays and episodes being postponed.