Poster for Season Two, Part Two

Rule of the Kestrels is a Lego series by Spider-Wolffe_78 to follow The Legacy of Arda Saga. Filming of the first season has been completed as well as all reshoots. The series premiered on January 30, 2015. All of the first season has been released. Season Two is in production.


"After their parents' untimely deaths, 18-year old Adrian Kestrel resorts to a life of crime and murder to support himself and his sister, Eileen. The two siblings hunt for the the people responsible for the deaths of their parents, and hunt people, fight crimelords, and attempt to discover thee truth about their evasive father."

Production Edit

Development of Ideas Edit

The idea for the series was created in May of 2014 as a new a project to follow Epitaph and The Legacy of Arda. Inspiration came from franchises like Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Supernatural, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. A multi-season arc was created, which is meant to be adjustable if more or less seasons prove favorable. Spider decided to have a brother and sister as main characters. This was meant to sort of test the waters for having a female main character on the Ambush Games, where developed women lack in number. The original idea was to have a 10-part season, but this was later changed to twelve parts.

Filming Edit



Main Characters Edit

Adrian Kestrel

Eileen Kestrel

Supporting Characters Edit

Arthur Kestrel

Emily Kestrel

Phineas Webley

Sebastian Stoneman




Daniel Stoneman

Ben Stoneman

Lord Stoneman

Odaerys Finch




Minor Characters Edit

Lia Dillard


Dexter Walker

Matthew Walker

Bert Dillard

Cole Dillard

Cameron Dillard

Sharon Dillard

The Skull Bombers






More to come... ;)

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