He plays a major role in The Rising Menace.

The Rising MenaceEdit


Saesee Tiin with Commander Writh

Saesee Tiin and Obi-Wan Kenobi are frightened by the news of Maul's actions. They launch a full on force to Isis, starting the Menace War.


Draal Angst, His old padawan.


Saesee Tiin goes on ahead to scout out a landing site for Kenobi's force. Once landed, he is aimlessly confronted by his old padawan, now Maul's personal General. The two talk, and Draal tells of his challenges and his construction of a new weapon of his.

Angst unviels his old lightsaber, while Tiin takes out his two a shoto and his original lightsaber. The two duel each other. After continuous fighting, Draal gets the upper hand and sets the ship upon Tiin's body. Saesee Tiin sheds a small tear after Draal says he cannot kill him.

Saesee Tiin in TCW

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