Savage Oppress.



Savage Opress is a member of the Sith. He was played in The Sith Temple Game by DarkSideRules13. He will return in Spider's fourth game, hopefully played by Darkside again. Savage is the secondary host of The Rising Menace.


The Sith Temple GameEdit

Savage Opress was a member of the Sith and was one of many loyal sith instructed by Darth Sidious to find the Jedi Traitors. On Day 1, he was manipulated by Voldemort to vote off Erik Lehnsherr. The next day, he grouped with the other sith and voted off Voldemort. His brother, Darth Maul, was cut in half in the night by Galen Marek. After voting off Marek. Oppress and the others attacked Hogwarts to take back the One Ring. They found out that Voldemort, Darth Bane, Maul, and Lehnsherr were all still alive. Erik Lehnsherr attacked and tortured Savage. Before Lehnsherr could kill him, Oppress was saved by Darth Maul. But Maul was killed in the process of decapitating Lehnherr. Savage the used an LAAT/c and Juggernaut tank to tear through the ranks and leave no survivors except the sith. The Sith then escaped with the Ring.


Savage was suspicous of Asajj and Dooku so he force chokes them to see who is the jedi.


The Rising Menace

Savage Oppress attacked the Republic Outpost, slaughtering several clones. Maul and Savage gather up several thugs and scum to join them in the fight against the Republic and Separatists. [To Be Added Until Game]

Secrets of the ForceEdit

2013-10-16 18.39.18

Savage in Secrets of the Force.

Savage Opress will be a playable character in Secrets of the Force. 

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