These are games that Scruffy hopes to host. They follow two continuities. One fits with the main Star Wars timeline, and the other is an alternate universe.

Main TimelineEdit

Loonies and Psychos and Crazies, oh my!Edit

There is a breakout in an Imperial-controlled asylum on a remote planet in the outer rim. The asylum is built on ancient ruins housing six highly powerful relics. The relics are a helmet, a jester hat (don't ask), two highly powerful lightsabers (blue and red), a golden crystal, and a powerful staff. .The staff belongs to the most dangerous inmate: Gandalf/Magneto (Thanks to Spider for the idea). Since there's already a crossover, Joker and Deadpool take over the inmates from Magneto and then hire some to still be loyal to Magneto because they're crazy like that. Add in Batman and Wolverine, Imperial guards, and Boba fett, and there's going to be one crazy game.

The Death Star GameEdit

The Death Star is nearly destroyed in a battle with a rebel ship because of saboteurs, and it's up to Darth Vader to find the Rebel Scum before it's too late. At the end, a non-playable traitor will get away with the plans for the death star and give them to Princess Leia, setting off the events of ANH.

Possible KOTOR/TOR gameEdit

Scruffy made a custom Revan fig, so he was considering making something from this timeline.

Alternate TimelineEdit

This'll take some explaining. This time diverges from the main one on the Invisible Hand during Episode 3. Grievous comes to help Dooku and they escape, meaning Anakin doesn't kill Dooku, not going as close to the dark side. The next difference is when Mace Windu goes to confront Palpatine. He brings Anakin instead of the other three masters. Anakin feels betrayed by Palpatine and allows Windu to kill him. Order 66 is never issued. Yoda, Mace, Obi-Wan, and Anakin bring a squad of Senate Commandos and the 212th Attack Battallion to Mustafar, where Dooku has recruited one of his Acolytes as an apprentice: Darth Octavius. The 212th fights an army of droids stationed there, while the Jedi, the Commandos, and Cody go to confront Dooku, who has killed the other separatist leaders. They encounter Dooku's acolytes. The battle leaves the Commandos and the Acolytes dead. Cody makes sure none of the enemy follows while the Jedi go to confront Dooku and Octavius. Octavius's cybernetic implants make him a formidable foe, and he leads Yoda and Mace Windu on a long chase. Meanwhile, Obi-Wan and Anakin fight Dooku. Obi-Wan is knocked unconscious. Anakin duels Dooku and is knocked into the lava, but is found by some clones. Meanwhile, Dooku and Octavius escape. Using the Emperor's technology, Anakin is turned into a cyborg (Lightside Vader yay!).

Later, Dooku is injured somehow (Maybe in the first game for this timeline) and becomes another cyborg, also Vaderish.

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