The Scum Leader role in action

The Scum Leader is a scum role used in the Ambush Games. While it's not the most important role, it can influence the game at a great level. The Scum Leader is the leader of the scum and has no night action. But if they're inspected by the inspector they will come up as loyal, not scum. This can sometimes fool the Inspector. Occasionally, the Scum Leader can have a night action. This night action is to protect one of his fellow scum from inspection too.

Scum LeadersEdit

The Scum Leaders so far are:

Anakin Skywalker (Pinda)- Jedi Temple

Tuuk Din (JediPanda/ Echani Warrior)- Hunting the Hunters

Darth Plagueis (Namialus)- Sith Temple

Dall Amuro (PindaZwerver) Rise of the saboteurs

Rex (Kenobi) Guardians of the Republic

Voolvif Monn (Namialus)- The Tale of Omega