Sebastian Shaw XFC

Sebastian Shaw

"We are the children of the atom. Radiation gave birth to mutants. What will kill the humans, will only make us stronger." ―Sebastian Shaw

Sebastian Shaw was a mutant who discovered Erik Lehnsherr's powers as Magneto.



Sabastian Shaw worked as a Nazi doctor during WWII under the alias Dr. Klaus Schimdt. He discovered the ten-year old boy, Erik Lehnhserr had the ability to control metal. He called Lehnsherr into his office, and forced him to move a Nazi coin on his desk. When Lehnsherr could not, Shaw killed his mother. Erik's rage unlocked his powers. Shaw held Lehnsherr unti the war was over and preformed experiments on him.

War on HumanityEdit

Later, Shaw came up with a plan to destroy humanity. The only person who stood in his way was Charles Xaviar, Xaviar was determined to save humans. Xaviar had the power to read, control, an communicate with minds. But


Shaw had a helmet to keep Xaviar out of his head. Erik Lehnsherr joined Xaviar, for the sole purpose of killing Shaw. Xaviar and Lehnsherr eventually found Shaw and fought him. Shaw convinced Lehnhserr that humanity was evil and told him to join him. While Shaw was distrcted, Lehnsherr used his telekinetic powers to take Shaw's helmet. Xaviar then froze Shaw with his power. Lehnsherr then took out the Nazi coin he had kept for all those years, and forced it through Shaw's head. This caused him excruciating injuries. But due to Shaw's mutation, he survived.


For over 100 years, Sebastian Shaw kept a relatively low profile but worked as a petty crook under many names. Due to his in-aging ability, his appearance stayed the same during the time.


Sometime Later, Shaw heard news of his old enemy, Erik Lehnsherr, now known as Gandalf, in Middle-Earth. After Sauron returned for the second tie and began recruiting, Shaw volunteered and was appointed Colonel for his powers. At one point, he encountered Eòmer near the Hornburg while searching for Eòwyn and
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Commander Sebastian Shaw

Frodo Baggins. He executed Peregrin Took and Gregor and then took Baggins and Eòwyn. Eòmer with the help if Samwise Gamgee and Meriadoc Brandybuck tracked Shaw and rescued the two.

Behind the ScenesEdit

-Shaw is one of many villains for Spider's Future Games.

-Curiously, Sabastian Shaw shares the same surname is Natalie Shaw.

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X-Men First Class Clip - My Name Is Sebastian Shaw HD

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