Sebastian Stoneman
Vital statistics
Seasons 1
Alias/Title Jett
Status Alive
Age 22
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Affiliation Himself

The Order of the Stonemans(formerly)

First Appearance Tecumseh
Last appearance Stoned

Sebastian Stoneman is a supporting character in the series Rule of the Kestrels. He is a bounty hunter and the heir to the Order of the Stonemans.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Sebastian was born into the powerful Stoneman family and was taught its ways by his father and bastard brothers, Daniel and Ben. At some point, he left the Order and became a bounty hunter on his own.

Season 1 Edit

Tecumseh Edit

Minor LeaguesEdit

In The LoopEdit




Relationships Edit

Erik Stoneman - Father and Enemy

Daniel Stoneman - Half-Brother and Enemy

Ben Stoneman - Half-Brother and Enemy

Adrian Kestrel - Friend and Hunting Partner

Eileen Kestrel - Friend

Known Murders Edit

-Erik Stoneman

Personality and Traits Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Jett has a medium build. He is shorter than both his brothers but taller than the Kestrels.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Gun Use - Jett is shown to be proficient with a gun and very deadly in a fight.

Hand to Hand Fighting -

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • The name "Jett" is a reference to the user Jett-Kron.
  • Jett was originally going to appear in the finale but was cut.

Appearances Edit

Season 1 Edit

-Tecumseh (cameo)

-Minor Leagues (first identified as Jett)

-In The Loop



-Stoned (first identified as Sebastian Stoneman)

-Cyrus (flashback through the cube)

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