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The secret weapon getting informed on his mission by Yoda

Secret weapon


Somewhere before 19 BBY


Somewhere after 19 BBY






Yoda, Captain Hersenloos, Elite snipers, Commander Verader, Master Harrrigg


Pindus Zwervus




The Secret Weapon


Secret weapon

The Secret weapon was the nickname of the person Yoda send to take care of Pindus Zwervus  second haters group. He got four "weapon warriors" under his command and was the most feared republic warrior during the war. He may have revealed he's Jango Fett but his true goals and if he was speaking the truth are still uncertain.
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The Secret weapon watching the spies enter his ship.


Haters of the jedi 2: Order 66Edit


Yoda commanded the Weapon to get some spies to infiltrate Pindus' new jedi haters group. He choose some people that could easily do this. Those people were General Grievous , Cad Bane and Tauntaun

Duel at the StofzuigerEdit

The Secret Weapon and Boba Fett managed to get aboard Kaas Zwervus ' ship, the Stofzuiger . After defeating Pindus in a duel with the help of Jedi master Harrrigg the Weapon reveals he's Boba's father, Jango Fett. This got Boba angry and he attacked the Weapon and managed to cut off his legs. However before Boba could kill him Pindus and his group attacked and both the Weapon and Boba were forced to flee.


The Secret Weapon and his warriors returned to their ship and left the Mandelorian base while Boba told Yoda the Weapon was a traitor.

Helping PindusEdit

The Secret Weapon returned to Mustafar and picked up PZ-15 who was being chased by Captain Hersenloos and Commander Verader. Later he helped help Pindus after Kaas, Boba, Tauntaun and Yoda defeated him and left him to die in lava. The Secret Weapon and PZ watched while the Weapon Warriors build a suit similiar to their own for Pindus. Why he helped Pindus is not yet revealed.

Post-clone warsEdit

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The Secret Weapon stabbing Servus Kone.

After the Clone Wars the Secret Weapon, Pindus, PZ-15 and the weapon warriors spread terror and destruction through the galaxy to let the dissatisfaction of the Republic's citizens grow to turn them against the Jedi.


  • Originally the Secret Weapon was going to be Sev (who was played by Boomer) one of the spies from the first hater of the jedi game. But this was changed before the game even started. When PindaZwerver was thinking of a way the game could end he found someone else to fit the story better. Potato did guess the Secret Weapon was Sev on day 2.
  • The Secret Weapon will return as a main character in PindaZwerver's next game.


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