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Droid #1

Droid #1 was build by Zarvous from a damaged battle droid. He was given a newly designed arm because, according to Zarvous, regular battle droid arms didn't move very well. His new arm allows Droid #1 to properly use melee weapons and aim more precise at targets.


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Droid #2

Droid #2 was a expirement of Lord Zarvous. Not much is known about his history or purpose, only Zarvous knows why he was build.


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Droid #3

Droid #3 was build by Lord Zarvous his purpose and history are unknown. But his left arm has been replaced by a gigantic claw made out of battle droid pieces.


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The Skeleton was an expirement of Lord Zarvous. It's unknown what exactly he is, but he looks like a skeleton...

Lyres KulewakkEdit

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A mysterious Jedi with a dark past. Only very few know where he came from.

Doctor Vusius NabikEdit

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An intellegent Duro that has occasionally helped Lord Zarvous.

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