• A young Servus Kone
  • Older Servus Kone
  • Cyborg
Servus Kone was a smuggler in the years after the Clone Wars. Adicted to technology and gadgets. Some say Servus Kone is more machine than man but the truth is he's only 40% machine. He got a gadget for everything and can fix almost every broken droid or starship. He is often hired by Kaas or Boba as smuggler. He's always nice and friendly.  He will be a playable character in Haters of the Jedi III: Rise of the Empire .


Servus Kone's name was made up by PindaZwerver with the help of google translator. Servus is a Latin word for slave and Kone is a Finnish word for machine. Because Servus Kone is obsessed with technology he's actually the slave of   a machine. That's why his name is Servus Kone.

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