Sev was a playable character in the haters of the jedi game. He was played by Boomer and his role was Spy




Haters of the JediEdit

Sev was one of three spies in Pindus Zwerves's group of haters to kill all Jedi. He worked with Maul and Fett to save the Jedi. Maul and Sev decidd to sacrifice themselves so Fett could win. They made it look like they were trying to convert Slick. When Sev was accuse of being a spy, he began swearing at everyone who accused him and even used the F-Word. He was voted off and



Sev was a sniper in Delta squad.

then executed by Pindus.

Behind the ScenesEdit

While playing as Sev, Boomer was close to being kicked out of the game. Had he not died immediately after breaking the rules, he likely would have been.

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