Planet Shadow

Planet Shadow

"I've never seen such a dark planet. Surprisingly, the planet isn't storng with the dark side of the Force. However, the dark enery on the planet is very high. Be careful when we're on this planet. Don't loose yourself." 

    -Cy Rezdar 

Shadow is a very mysterious planet. No one really ever visits it. But when people *do* visit it, they never come back. The only people who knew who the inhabitants were was the Republic. The Republic tried to take the planet for unknown reasons. The Republic was about to loose to the natives until they nuked it.Turning the planet from a planet with an abundance of water, flowers, and life, to a black planet with a red aura like ring surrounding it. No one knows how or why, but the planet contains a ton of dark energy. Rumor has it if you so much as step foot on the planet, it'll change you. 

Before the Battle of Shadow Edit

Before the Battle of Shadow, the planet was named Malstar. The planet had lots of visitors. Everyone knew what the species was and what they looked like at time. But after the Battle of Shadow, they were horribly mutated. 

Planet Shadow (when it was called Malstar) before the Battle of Shadow

Gliese 581g by strivera-d320slx

Beachside on gliese 581g by ineedfire-d3c3rvk


After the Battle of ShadowEdit

The planet could barely support life. It barely had an atmosphere. You could barely breathe. But the Shadowians adapted. The Shadowians are the only life that remain on the planet.

صورة كوكب

Malstar (renamed Shadow) after the Battle of Shadow

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