Mark III body

Shockberry is a playable character in The Enemy Within. He is portrayed by Natalie_Crescent . Shockberry is a made up Cyb3r series Combat Droid named SHK-BRY 2987 but nicknamed Shockberry by the other Rebels. He is quipped with an EMP rifle and a shoulder mounted plasma cannon.


Shockberry was a Rebel droid.


After the Imperial attack, Shockberry was in critical condition. Kenovi Ban was able to repair him but not completely. Shockberry's receptors were damged beyond repair and his new ones weren't as good as his original receptors. He also lost an arm which was replaced with a cannon.


Shockberry was destroyed by the Imperial assassin, Macen Tribeal in his recharging station. He tried to fight back but was in a weak state. When the others found him, he was in pieces.

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