Slick is a clone trooper traitor. He was a playable character in Haters of the Jedi.


Haters of the JediEdit

Slick was one of many Jedi Haters hired by Pindus Zwervus to attack the Jedi Temple. Pindus found out there were three non-haters of the haters, who were actually spies. The three were Boba Fett, Darth Maul, and Sev. They came up with a plan. Maul and Sev would keep refering to Slick to make it look as if their trying to convert Slick. Fett would point this out and make it appear he's a vey helpful hater when he is indeed as spy. Sev and Maul were killed and Fett turned everyone against Slick. Slick was voted off and killed with a toilet plunger.
Slick fights Cody

Slick fighting Cody