Stuff about spider's timeline.

The War on Middle-EarthEdit

-Parts of the story about Erik Lehnsherr were tampered with by Sauron to prevent knowledge that he was alive, and create hostility against Gandalf.

-Erik Lehnsherr was once a good person, but became filled with hate wanting revenge against Klaus Schmidt(AKA Sebastian Shaw).

-Gandalf and Saruman used the Tesseract to time-travel to when middle-earth existed. The power of the time artifacts had not been splitted completely in that reality, so only one artifact was needed.

-Gandalf managed to find the One Ring and Blade of Darth Revan, but had lost the tesseract and needed to find it for accurate time-travel. This was not explained in order to make it more mysterious.

-Revan is not the same person as Darth Revan, but a force-sensetive child raised by elves. There is a connection between the two though.

-Revan's force-sensetivity was the reason he was picked Saruman as an assassin.

-Wicket, Daesha Tualin, and many other Star Wars characters were tansported to Middle-Earth through a wormhole in space.

-Gandalf leaving Revan to die was his greatest mistake.

The Shadow WarriorsEdit

-Revan teamed up with Voldmoert, his old enemy, in order to get revenge on Gandalf

-Sidious did not kill Savage Oppress in this reality due to forseeing that he would be valuable.

Servants of DestructionEdit

-Shaw created the assassin tournament with the intent of finding a perfect assassin, but he later decided to kill them all after Gandalf was defeated.

-R2-D2 and C-3PO entered the contest with the intent on killing Shaw.

-Jolas Ros was convinced by Yoda to betray Sauron

-The Dark of Morgoth was the most powerful competitior

A Common EnemyEdit

-Shaw's mutation allowed him to survive Magneto's wrath, similar to how Charles Xavier is still alive in "The Wolverine."

-Vaner Shan, the baby that grabs onto Darth Revan's lightsaber blade, is the character Revan.

-The Crystal of Destruction is a device from as Asgard with the power to control machines and travel through time, these abilities were transfered to the One Ring, the Tesseract, and lightsaber of Darth Revan, and the Deathly Hallows. All of these items gained a new protection but the Crystal lost 6/7 of its power, making its time-travel abilities unpredictable. The other items also gained weak time-travel abilities. When any 3 of them are brought together, they can make accurate time-travel.

-Sidious planned to kill Revan after the traitors were found

The Desperate QuestEdit

-Revan was not simply selected by Yoda due to him being a force user. -The flashback showing an elf finding a baby reveals what happened to Vaner after escaping Shaw.

-The orc leader seen in the flashback is the same leader from Eomer's attack on Shaw's residence. 

The Blade of Darth RevanEdit


-This is the only timeline in the ambush games to explain how and why it broke off from the main canon.

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