Starwarrior247 is a member on and is new to the Ambush Games. His first game was Star Smugglers,
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hosted by Siblings . Starwarrrior247, nicknamed Star, has aslo played in Rise of The Infiltrators, The War on Middle-Earth, The Tale of Omega, The Rising Menace,  Stranded, and Haters of the Jedi III: Rise of the Empire . He will also take part in future games as well. He is planning on hosting his first game sometime in the summer/fall of 2013. The game has little information on it so far, with the title and storyline being the only revealed information. More will be posted as it gets closer to his game Stranded on Trazibar.

Games played/to be playedEdit




Star Smugglers

Siblings Kai Klim Murderer
Rise of The Infiltrators Ivar-Jedi Talia Tate Scum Henchman
The War on Middle-Earth Spider-Wolffe 78 Obi-Wan Kenobi Murderer
The Tale of Omega DarthPotato77 Bossk Loyal Helper
The Rising Menace CadBaneKiller Prenete Foreone Loyal Helper
Stranded Sithkillagal99 Tabo 
Haters of the Jedi III: Rise of the Empire PindaZwerver IG-90 Protector
Rise of the Jedi Knight Ivar-Jedi Cal Amuro Scum Henchman
Servants of Destruction Spider-Wolffe 78 C-3PO
The No No Name Natalie_Crescent Count Dooku Loyal Helper
A Common Enemy Spider-Wolffe 78 Revan


Introduction to StarWars.comEdit

Starwarrrior247 first joined on September 3, 2012. When he joined, it was right before the beginning of Season 5, although he had been watching since Season 3.

Introduction to the Ambush GamesEdit

About a week before Star Smugglers started on October 27, 2012, Star had seen several messages posted on the main guide about the Ambush Games. The messages had been posted by Spider-Wolffe 78 as far as Star can remember. Since the messages had been posted more than once, Star went to the Ambush guide, as the comment instructed, interested. There were two characters left open for Siblings game, and Star chose Kai Klim out of the two.


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