the planet Mandalore

Stranded is Sithkillagal99's first Ambush Game and is part of the Sisterhood-Canon. The host character is Sithkillagal and the other Host Character is ARC-Trooper Jaster. It began on April 1, 2013 anded on April 12, 2013.


Sithkillagal and ARC Trooper Jaster fly to Coruscant with several Bounty Hunters. Suddenly, they crash land on the planet Mandalore after their ship is damaged by sabotage. Stranded, Sithkilla is forced to have the Bounty Hunters vote each other off in a desperate attempt to find the identity of the Sabotuer.


Shockberry (played by Natalie!):

Chalice Tumbler (Played by Siblings!):

Namialus (Played by Namialus!):

Ivar (played by Ivar!):

Garsus Julang (played by maverick!):

Peregrin (played by Spider!):

Hailer (played by fisto!):

HK-91 (played by Newan!):

Toxin the Hunter (played by SWU), Sithkillagal (Host Character), and Madscet Lodshoz (played by Scruffy):


Game PreviewEdit

Preview: Wattapad Preview


  • The game has an element of Bounty Hunters.
  • It is a game based on Star Wars.
  • It is the first game Sithkillagal99 has made in.

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