Stranded on Trazibar is the first game to be hosted by Starwarrior247. It is scheduled to be hosted near the end of the Phase 4 Games. It will include characters mostly from the Star Wars universe, with some made up characters, and some others from The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Marvel. Those are the only themes that are confirmed so far. 


On a mission to retake a once Republic World, called Kathaba, now under Separatist control, Grand Jedi Master Yoda leads a massive attack to retake it. Before they can arrive on Kathaba though, a Separatist ship intercepts them, and they go down. Both ships crash on the planet below, which is known as Trazibar. On the surface, they realize that the engine was sabotaged by someone on the ship. Stuck on the surface of the planet, they meet three dwarves. The leader's name is Thorin, who tells them to follow him to a secret base. Can Yoda and his survivng crew members trust Thorin and his two dwarf companions? Will they be able to find the traitors among them? And most importantly, will they be able to get off the treacherous planet known as Trazibar?


The main villain of SOT prologue


Host CharactersEdit

1. Yoda

2. Thorin Oakenshield

Playable CharactersEdit

1. Obi- Wan Kenobi~Kenobi

2. Anakin Skywalker~Dark

3. Ahsoka Tano~Nam

4. Captain Rex

5. Commander Cody~Fisto

6. Commander Fox

7. Tup~Ivar

8. Fives~Squiggy

9. Fili~Bane

10. Kili~Natalie

11. Jar Jar Binks~Boba

12. Admiral Tarkin~Mav

13. Cad Bane~Bane

14. Bossk~Jawa

 15. Kronos 4D~Pinda

16. Shanham Alama

17. Reik Turman~Jodo?

18. Varg~Potato


  • Coruscant
  • Kathaba (shown only by holograms)
  • Trazibar


The roles will be pretty much the same as previous games.

Loyal Helper

Loyal Protector

Loyal Inspector

Loyal Roleblocker

Scum Leader

Scum Henchman

Scum Janitor


  • There were many roles in this game



  • This will be the first game hosted by Star.
  • A four-part prologue for the sereis was released on August 8, 2013. It consisted of 304 pictures.
  • Stranded on trazibar started September 26, 2013 and ended on ?
  • This was the first game that every player had a nightaction.
  • Star decided to give each day a name like some previous hosts had done but not for awhile.

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