Sugi HS-1-


Sugi was a bounty hunter in ' Hunting the Hunters".  She was played by superseaturtle:)

Hunting the HuntersEdit

Sugi was hired by Spudlo Tateroff to complete a mission to assassinate an enemy of the neimoidian Check Moid. Sugi, though, was part of a group of traitors, along with Tuuk Din and Shahan Alama, that wanted to kill the others and take the money from the mission all for themselves. Spudlo noticed this soon and locked down his building and ordered th group to find the traitors. They would do this by voting off one bounty hunter each day until all of the scum were found. 

Sugi lasted until Day 5 until she had been convicted by the others bounty hunters. They chased her through the halls of Spudlo's building and into Spudlo's office. There, Spudlo was waiting for Sugi. He then split her into three pieces with two swords. Sugi was dead.

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