This is an upcoming LEGO series by Starwarrior247. It will relate to the Trazibar Saga story that he has created. Not much has been revealed by Star yet on this series. So far not much has been completed, but Star has been working on ideas for a while now. He plans to release it in 3-6 months.

Description Edit

Most of what the series is about is still unknown. However, the series takes place during a time period in the history of Trazibar known as the "First Rebellion". It will revolve around that event and feature multiple storylines rather than just one like Star's previous series The Ruthless Mercenaries. Another thing posted by Star was that he intends for there to be other themes involved in the series besides medieval fantasy. This series will supposedly be much darker, maturer, and more complex than anything Star has done to date. More information on the plot of this series and other things to do with it will be revealed soon.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit





Supporting Characters Edit




Episodes Edit

Despite no episodes having been completed yet, Star has already announced that he plans for at least 3 seasons. Star also mentioned that he plans to end this series with an enormous movie that is the length of at least 4 normal episodes combined.

Teasers Edit

Teasers for this series will begin soon. Some of the first can be expected before the end of the year.

Trivia Edit

A teaser trailer for this series will be released after the story for Hostages of Trazibar is concluded.

The idea of this series has been in Star's mind for over a year now. It was a concept he had even before The Ruthless Mercenaries.

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