Talia Tate

Talia Tate (Portrayed by Starwarrior247)

Talia Tate is a playable character in the 10th Ambush Game "Rise of The Infiltrators" hosted by Ivar-Jedi. She was portrayed by Starwarrior247


After her home planet got taken over by General Grievous, Talia started a Rebellion against the Droid General controlling her planet. Her rebellion "The Shadow League" drove Grievous away from her planet mostly because of Tate's knowledge and love for huge fire-arms. When the Republic arrived to aid the planet, the Separatist were already driven away. This caught the interest of Ravi-Idej and he inlisted Tate in his newly formed Elite Force.

Rise of The InfiltratorsEdit


  • Her name is an obvious reference to the hit movie "The Dark Knight Rises"
  • Her love for giant weapons came to Ivar during the filming of "The Battle of Liffle" 

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