Tauntaun is a playable character in Haters of the jedi II: order 66. He was played by Potato.

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Tauntaun was hired by Boba Fett to spy on Pindus Zwervus. He pretended to be a Jedi Hater to gain the trust of the Haters. He worked along side with Cad Bane and Grievous. They made it through most of the days with ease, but  Bane defected and tried to kill Tauntaun. Tauntaun admitted he was scum in an attempt to bring Bane down with him, hoping Grievous could still win. The Haters voted off Bane, and despite Tauntaun's confession, Grievous was then voted off. Tauntaun then betrayed Rako Hardeen and Asajj Ventress on the last day witht he help of Kaas Zwervus and Boba Fett..


Haters of the Jedi IVEdit

During Haters of the Jedi IV Tauntaun once again joined Pindus Zwervus on a mission, although Pindus wasn't too happy about accepting him into his group.

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