The Blade of Darth Revan
was Spider-Wolffe_78's fifth game and Part VI of The Legacy of Arda(Including The Desperate Quest). It was released on December 4, 2013.


Day 1 - Infiltrated at the Heart:

Day 1 Conclusion:

Day 2 - The Hidden Killer:

Day 2 Conclusion:

Day 3 - Stranded:

Day 3 Midday:

Day 3 Conclusion:

Day 4 - To the Death:

Day 4 Voting:

Day 4 Conclusion:

Day 5 - Infiltrating Loki:

Day 5 Midday:

Day 5 Conclusion:

Conclusion - The Price of Freedom:


After the events of The Desperate Quest, Revan and Eomer reunite to form a militia of men to take back an extremely valuable object from the evil Loki. Before they can do this thorough, a group of traitors including a bloodthirsty killer must first be eliminated.


The playable characters in The Blade of Darth Revan were set up similarly to Stranded and The Nami. Players sent in their characters through Private Messages to Spider, letting him make them into a physical minifigure. All of the characters appeared or will appear in Spider's series The Desperate Quest.

Host CharactersEdit

Playable CharactersEdit



The Blade of Darth Revan is Part 1 of the Legacy of Arda finale. Part 2, which does not yet have a title, will be played summer of 2014.

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