Season 2

The Desperate Quest
, or The Legacy of Arda: Part V is a series to produced, written, and filmed by Spider-Wolffe_78. It takes place between A Common Enemy and The Blade of Darth Revan. The series follows the adventures of Revan, Èomer, Haldír, and Wicket as they desperately try to lead a campaign towards the downfall of Sauron, Loki, and Sebastian Shaw. Spider hopes for there to be at least 15 episodes. Several new characters will be introduced.


The Original TeamEdit


(THE LEADER) The self appointed leader, Revan is full of mystery that he himself does not understand. He is strong and skilled in the force, despite never being trained. Revan was found as a baby in the forests of Mirkwood in Middle-Earth. He was raised by elves, but later left them to become a mercenary for Saruman. Despite not always taking everything seriously and being quite sarcastic, Revan is always brave in the face of death and willing to do whatever is necessary for the good of his men. Revan's weapon is a blue Lightsaber given to him by Voldemort.


(THE BEATER) Second in command to Revan, Éomer was once king of Ròhan, before his armies were defeated. This has left him solitary and hostile. Éomer's faith in good was also shaken by the shocking betrayal of his sister and the death of Aragorn. There is much tension between Éomer and Revan. Éomer holds a deep grudge against Sebastian Shaw, who killed his friend Peregrin Took. Nevertheless, Éomer is the greatest hand-to-hand fighter of the team and an effective soldier. Éomer's weapons include a Rohirrim sword and spear.


(THE THINKER) Oldest and wisest of the team, Haldír was an original creator of the Middle-Earth Alliance, along with Elrond and Darth Sidious. Haldír was a surviving member of the Company of Erik Lehnsherr, and played an instrumental part in defeating Voldemort and Loki at the Second Battle of Helm's Deep. Haldír provides his team with knowledge and advises Revan on difficult decisions. Haldír's weapons include Elvish Sword and Bow.


(THE SNEAKER) The only member not to be from middle-earth, Wicket has had a difficult time fitting in with the others. Wicket holds the advantage of being the smallest and sneakiest of the members, and acts as a scout most of the time. He was also part of Lehnsherr's Comapany, and tried to sacrifice himself to kill Severus Snape. Wicket has a variety of weapons, including Chainsaw, Bow, Blaster, and Sword.

New RecruitsEdit

Cut LawquaneEdit

A former member of the Republic who served under Captain Fives. He hates Eomer due to his actions in the "Clone Raids" of Middle Earth.

Pindus ZwervusEdit

A former janitor on Skytop Station, Pindus is equipped with his toilet plunger and ready to fight for freedom against Sauron. He built the base for Revan with the help of his brother, Kaas.

Kaas ZwervusEdit

Pindus's brother who helps guard the base.

Jace MalcolmEdit

A soldier of the TOR-era who tried to kill HAldir and Wicket. He later formed an alliance with them and joined the rebellion against Sauron.


Legendary Jedi of TOR-era who joined against Sauron.

Mandus MayfareEdit




George WeasleyEdit

Frodo BagginsEdit

Samwise GamgeeEdit

Meriadoc BrandybuckEdit

Whitaker AtlasEdit




Nur FialEdit

Middle-Earth AllianceEdit


After being greatly injured(His actual body), Grievous is awaiting more parts to repair his systems from his second duel with Loki. His condition is very severe, and it is unknown if he will ever be able to recover and join the team.


Nearing one hundred, Aragorn is still fighting but does not interact much with the team. He is leading an army of Gondor elsewhere.


A wise half-elf, Elrond is the official leader of the Middle-Earth Alliance against Sauron. Elrond operates mostly behind the scenes, and works to recruit more free peoples to join his cause.

Mordor ArmiesEdit

Sebastian "The Butcher" ShawEdit

The man who created the alternate timeline. Commander in Sauron's army. Main villain of the saga. Has the power to absorb and distribute energy, making him nearly invincible.

Eek UtunEdit

General of the Army of Sauron. Cares very much about honor and is not merciless like Shaw. A lot of pride, sometimes arrogant.

Yas OtisonEdit

Shaw's second-in-command, former head of ultimate assassin program.

Lux BonteriEdit

A soldier under Commmander Shaw who believes that anyone who goes against Sauron will deserve to die.

Aurra SingEdit

Modern Bounty hunter transported to the past by unknown means.


Orc Captain under Loki.


Ancient wizard who was saved from death by Sebastian Shaw. Rarely appears but is the leader of the Amy of the Eye, and most powerful wizard.


Commander in Sauron's army. Loki is hated by Revan due to critically injuring Grievous. Loki will not appear as a main character in the series due to his looming exploits that will lead up to "The Blade of Darth Revan".



A remnant of Revan's mysterious past. He appears to have been an enemy of Revan's father, and wants to exact his vengeance.

Satele ShanEdit

Shan was a descendant of Darth Revan whom Haldir and Wicket met during their accidental adventure to the past. She was murdered by Aurra Sing.

Gandalf the WhiteEdit

Not what you expect

Darth RevanEdit

Ancient Sith Lord whom Revan believes himself to be.


The Desperate Quest Episode List

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