Episodes from The Desperate Quest made by Spider-Wolffe_78.


Season 1: The Desperate QuestEdit

To Kill a Dark LordEdit

Released August 3, 2013

Description: Revan, Eomer, Haldir, Wicket, Grievous, and Eowyn return from the events of A Common Enemy. Yoda appoints Revan to lead Eomer, Haldir, amd Wicket, and the four take off to find Shaw after given a mission by Elrond.

Characters: Revan, Eomer, Haldir, Wicket, Elrond, Grievous, Eowyn, Yoda 

Secret MissionEdit

Released August 7, 2013

Description: Revan battles a mysterious bounty hunter. Meanwhile Eomer, Wicket, and Haldir try to sneak into the quarters of Sebastian Shaw.

Characters: Revan, Eomer, Haldir, Wicket, Haradian, Elrond, Bofur, Rodian Scretary, Eek Utun, Loki

Loyals and ScumEdit

Released August 10, 2013

Description: Eomer, Haldir, and Wicket fall into a trap, and find themelves in a car chase to escpae from orcs. After they save Revan and return to Middle-Earth, Haldir finds a treacherous plot that goes deep into Middle-Earth leadership.

Characters: Revan, Eomer, Haldir, Wicket, Haradian, Elrond, Bofur, Gorkill

The Lost ChildEdit

Released August 15, 2013

Description: In a flashback episode, the origins of Revan are explained. Revan is revealed to have been raised by elves and found that he had the force.

Characters: Revan, Milawn

Test in TimeEdit

Released August 31, 2013

Description: Elrond, Revan, Eomer, Haldir, and Wicket meet Pindus and Kaas Zwervus and discover the new base they built. Revan comes up with an idea to recruit from the far west of Middle-earth. In the night, Wicket and Haldir accidentally travel to the old republic and meet Gnost-Dural and Jace Malcolm.

Characters: Revan, Eomer, Wicket, Haldir, Elrond, Pindus Zwervus, Kaas Zwervus, Jace Malcolm, Gnost-Dural

The Way OutEdit

Released September 10, 2013

Description: Wicket and Haldir team up with the Jedi to get back to the present.

Characters: Haldir, Wicket, Satele Shan, Jace Malcolm, Gnost Dural, Aurra Sing

Council of ElrondEdit

Released September 13, 2013

Description: Elrond reveals the truth about the relics. Meanwhile, Lux Bonteri joins Commander Shaw.

Characters: Revan, Eomer, Elrond, Wicket, Haldir, Aragorn, Cut Lawquane, Pindus Zwervus, Kaas Zwervus, Jace Malcolm, Gnost-Dural, Sebastian Shaw, Yas Otison, Gorkill, Lux Bonteri

All Those WillingEdit

Released Septembaer 25, 2013

Description: Revan, Eomer, and Cut Laqwane recuit men for their rebellion.

Characters: Revan, Eomer, Cut Lawquane, Harley, Mandus Mayfare, Ahon, George Weasley, Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Meriadoc Brandybuck, Zatt, Nur Fial, Ted Sandyman, Whitaker Atlas, Dwalin, Rarbar, Gamling, Thor, Sebastian Shaw, Eek Utun

Closing InEdit

Released September 29, 2013

Description: With reinforced numbers, the rebellion takes several squadsof the enemy. But they find an even greater enemy within themselves.

Characters: Revan, Eomer, Cut Lawquane, Harley, Mandus Mayfare, Ahon, George Weasley, Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Meriadoc Brandybuck, Zatt, Nur Fial, Whitaker Atlas, Rarbar, Gamling, Thor

Haradian Strikes BackEdit

Released October 5, 2013

Description: A small part of the team is ambushed by an old enemy after sabotaging an enemy supply ship.

Characters: Revan, Harley, Cut Lawquane, Whitaker Atlas, Rarbar. Haradian, Eek Utun, Sebastian Shaw

Wicket IIEdit

Released October 8, 2013

Description: Haldir and Aragorn attempt to recruit the Death Watch to join their cause.

Characters: Haldir, Aragorn, Wicket, Pindus Zwervus, Kaas Zwervus, Gnost-Dural, Jace Malcolm, Chan Ordo

Testing WicketEdit

Released October 14, 2013

Description: Wicket clones himself as a replacment. But the clone is much more aggressive than Wicket.

Characters: Wicket, Haldir, Wicket II, Pindus Zwervus, Gnost-Dural, Aragorn, Kaas Zwervus, Eowyn, Sebastian Shaw, Lindir, Eek Utun

Dark WicketEdit

Released October 20, 2013

Evil DroidsEdit

Released October 26, 2013

Revan's DefeatEdit

Released October 28, 2013

General Eek UtunEdit

Released October 29, 2013

Season 2: As Darkness FallsEdit

Safe from HarmEdit

Into WhitenessEdit

Return to HogwartsEdit

Duel at MordorEdit

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