The Venator Class Cruiser "The Greenfinch"

The Greenfinch was a Venator Class Jedi Cruiser during the Clone Wars and appeared during the conclusion of the Fifth Game "Rise of the Saboteurs" hosted by Ivar-Jedi.

Rise of The SaboteursEdit

Arrival At MorzuxEdit

The cruiser above the planet of Morzux carrying Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Master Yoda and Commander Cody. Obi-wan and Cody went to pick up the survivors on the surface of the planet, including: Ravi-idej, The Fire Skeleton and Stimpy Bigshield. They returned to the Cruiser after pick up and some events.


Whilst underway back to Coruscant "The Greenfinch" was Sabotaged by Stimpy! Revealing him to be the final Saboteur. The ship was evacuated and the crew escaped in the escape pods. The Cruiser is forever lost.

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